Book Review: Nicole Peeler’s Tracking the Tempest

Posted May 8, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Nicole Peeler’s Tracking the Tempest

Tracking the Tempest


Nicole Peeler

urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Orbit on July 1, 2010 and has 350 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Tempest Rising, Tempest's Legacy, Tempest's Fury, Eye of the Tempest, Tempest Reborn, Jinn and Juice

Second in the Jane True comic urban fantasy series set in Rockabill, Maine, and takes place four months after Tempest Rising, 1.

My Take

Well, it was cute. Not as much fun as the first in this series, Tempest Rising, though. In the first story, Peeler struck out in a new direction with such promise and in Tracking the Tempest, that promise is faltering as it falls into cliché.

Too cute and too clever on Amy’s part. I did enjoy her quick response to Iris’ order of “hot man”! Peeler certainly has her fun poking at Boston drivers! I loved her Spaceballs references, too! Then there’s the sexual, sensual?, scenarios Jane dreams up…aluminum siding and bouncy castles??

I wasn’t impressed with Ryu and company’s response to the Phaedra team. I thought it was pretty wimpy, especially since Ryu was still supposed to be in charge. And Ryu and co were simply too oblivious to what Phaedra’s presence meant. Even I caught it and I’m usually pretty clueless… If her team is simply supposed to be support, why is Ryu rolling over for her? As for Ryu’s investigative skills? Hah…he certainly is close-minded. And that’s not the only area in which he can’t think beyond his own desires…not lookin’ good…

The Story

Jane gets to try her burgeoning magic skills in hot combat and gets incentive to practice more! It’s one really, really angry, fiery half-breed who escaped an experimental lab wreaking vengeance on all who tormented him. And it’s just the start of the rifts that begin to divide Ryu and Jane as he gets too protective, too caveman, too demanding…with an uneasy alliance teetering between Ryu and Anyan.

This time, the more they run, the further behind they get.

The Characters

Jane True is half-human, half-selkie and in desperate need of mastering her magic what with all the bad guys after her!

Residents in and around Rockabill include…
Trill is a kelpie and companion to Nell the gnome charged with teaching and protecting Jane. Anyan Barghest is half-man (all 6-foot-plus of his biker bad-boy self) and half-barghest (a very large black dog). All of them have been protecting Jane her entire life; she simply didn’t know. Anyan seems to have a particular interest in her safety…mm-hmmm… He also thinks that White Castle’s Sliders are “little pellets of greasy love” so maybe this requires a grain of salt. Miss Carol is related to Nell…and a real pistol in society.

Tracy owns the bookshop in Rockabill where Jane works. Her life partner is Grizelda Montague and they’re good friends with Jane although Grizzie has a penchant for erotic toys and she loves to share the wealth. Iris is a succubus who runs the most chi-chi clothing store in the area. She and Jane have become very good friends. Amy is a nahual waitress in Rockabill. Linda Allen is a nasty woman who was a nasty child when she and Jane were in school together.

Boston-based Ryu T. Tootie [what can I say, Ryu lost a bet] is a baobhan sith and a detective for the supernaturals. He’s also very good at distracting Jane from her tasks, any tasks. It’s those hands, his mouth, his…sigh…

His team includes Daoud, a djinn with the most amazing things in his pants; Camille is a baobhan sith and Julian is her half-human son with a recharge power; Caleb is a satyr with an incredible gift for healing — good thing! (Although, Jane is having some issues with Caleb’s pant-lessness); and, Stefan is their “police chief”.

I do like how Jane describes Jarl as a “closet Hitler”. Unfortunately, he has the ear of King Orin of the Alfar as their spymaster. One of Jarl’s teams consists of Phaedra, a nasty, evil Alfar; Kaya and Kaori, a pair of harpies; Graeme, an incubus with a preference for his partner’s intense pain; and, Fugwat, a spriggan. Nyx seems to be Jarl’s opposite number with Queen Morrigan‘s favor. Capitola is a contact of Anyan’s from the Borderlands. She’s using a brownie [never imagined a brownie lookin’ like this!] as a messenger. A seemingly quite horny brownie.

Conleth is half-ifrit with fire power. LOTS of it. And it’s damned hard to fault his use of it! Dr. Silver is the ousted director of the facility that had imprisoned Conleth. Dr. Brenda Donovan was his liaison with the previous investors, but got too ambitious. Felicia Wethersby and Edie Thompson are part of the chain.

The Cover and Title

I almost feel as though I’m reading a graphic novel when I look at the cover with its comic qualities! And I do enjoy the complexity of the Jane True covers…

At first glance, Jane appears to be entwined in the strands of turquoise seaweed as it writhes around her while the border, this time, is an embroidered sheer black-on-black of scallops and curves with scrolls as metaphor for the ocean’s waves. Three red roses and a long thorny stem provide the base and a reflection of Ryu. It’s a bit of a conflict with the orange, red, and yellow flames licking behind Jane which is continued into a flaming heart directly above her. A heart that is pierced by a curvaceous dagger…a perfect metaphor for the villain of the piece. An elaborate scroll provides a clear background for the title while the winged demons in the upper corners…well…I guess it’s fair. As for Jane herself…ooh-la-la…Jane is getting sexy with her polished nails, black skintight clothes, knee-high boots, and the asymmetrical lime green belt slung across her hips.

The title reflects the issue in this story as both sides are Tracking the Tempest.