Book Review: Jaci Burton’s Taking a Shot

Posted May 19, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Jaci Burton’s Taking a Shot

Taking a Shot


Jaci Burton

contemporary romance that was published by Berkley HEAT on March 6, 2012 and has 309 pages.

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Third in the Play-by-Play sports romance series revolving around the Riley family. The couple focus is on Jenna Riley and Ty Anderson.

My Take

Oh, this was so sweet. And, all I can say is…thank god for Ty in Jenna’s life! It’s a damn good thing he loves her after the fear she expresses!

Burton had a nice bit of tension on with lots of family support. And Ty, oh that Ty! Jenna is so determined not to date an athlete or anyone involved in sports…so Ty helps her out. He keeps sending potential dates her way, planning that they won’t be as exciting or arousing as himself. Then when he discovers her big secret…ohhh, to have that kind of support is so amazing.

I can’t believe that Ty had the patience to wait Jenna out. And he was so unbelievably sweet in wanting her to pursue her musical dreams! Beautiful.

The sex was sort of stuck on. It’s hard to have a romance these days without it and the really big scene seemed more manufactured than real. Even the appreciation Ty had for Jenna’s uninhibited enjoyment wasn’t as important as his pursuit.

Their visit with Ty’s parents was definitely insightful. I loved how Jenna got into his mother’s interests and encouraged her. I especially loved how she got Ty to see his mother’s point of view.

The Story

Jenna Riley refuses to date any guy in sports so naturally she ends up with Tyler Anderson. Who, in his turn, forces Jenna to face up to her musical dreams.

Tyler Anderson just won’t take ‘no’ for an answer — hey, ya gotta be assertive if you’re gonna be an winner in any arena. He and his St. Louis Ice hockey buddies have made Riley’s their home away from home and while Jenna doesn’t mind the increased profit it means, she does not like his increased pressure on her. She does not need his help behind the bar. She does not need him to walk her to her car. She certainly doesn’t need those mind-melting kisses of his!

But the whole family is not about to help her out. Oh, no…besides inviting him home for Sunday dinner, Tara has the nerve to invite him to their wedding!

As for Ty. He can’t resist the challenge that Jenna presents and he goes after her with everything he’s got. Only, it turns into a whole lot more than he expected.

The Characters

Jenna Riley is the little sister of a sports-crazed family. Hey, when your brothers are both major, national players… Since their dad’s heart attack, Jenna has been in charge at Riley’s, the sports bar the family runs in St. Louis. It’s too much sports and Jenna has no intention of falling for another man who is into sports.

Tyler Anderson is a gentleman, compassionate in his personal life and damned aggressive in his professional life. The kind of guy most of us ladies dream of. He’s perfect for Jenna since he wants nothing to do with love. Or marriage. He’s seen what it does to people. Victor and Eddie Wolkowski are his buddies on and off the ice. Louise is his mother who finally seems to have moved on from the divorce; Sean and Gloria are his father and stepmother. And not what you’re expecting.

Elizabeth is Ty’s sports agent and she is engaged to Gavin Riley (Changing the Game). Mick Riley is getting married to Tara and about to adopt Nathan as his own (Perfect Play). Jimmy and Kathleen Riley are their parents.

The Cover and Title

The cover should have had somebody check out “Ty’s” naked torso — it looks like those lovely muscles are crackling into ancient bits. Don’t look closely or it spoils the intent of a hot guy in low-slung, unbuttoned jeans with roughly used skates slung over his shoulder, twisting to look back at something or someone.

It’s true enough, both Ty and Jenna are Taking a Shot at love.