Jacqueline Jules, The Hardest Word

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The Hardest Word: A Yom Kippur StoryThe Hardest Word: A Yom Kippur Story by Jacqueline Jules
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This is a sweet exploration of words as the Ziz tries to fulfill the task which God gave him. To find the hardest word…I’m sorry.

My Take
I have to confess, I thought the word was going to be “no”, but Jules definitely has the hardest phrase for just about anyone to utter. My only complaint is that I wish Jules had made it a bit more emotional for the Ziz to actually tell the children he was sorry. I think it would have had a greater impact on her target audience, cause them to think more.

This would be a great “interactive” story with several kids participating as the Ziz brings back the different words and the kids and storyteller could discuss why they thought it was a hard word.

Absolutely glorious pictures in this book. You can’t help but feel good as you read it!

The Story
The Ziz is a great, big, beautiful bird who loves children and people, but he’s a bit of a klutz and doesn’t always think. After his latest calamity, the Ziz asks God what he can possibly do to fix it. Again. So God sets the Ziz on a monumental task. He must find the hardest word and bring it to God.

The Cover
It’s a big, bright rainbow of a cover with the Ziz striding across a mountain. You can’t help but fall in love just looking at this great big Ziz of a bird!

It’s true, and more accurately, it’s a phrase that is The Hardest Word.

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