Angela Knight, Secrets, Vol. 6, May 26 4

Posted June 13, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

Four romances in this anthology.

Series: Love’s Prisoner (Wyndham Werewolf, 1)
            A Candidate for the Kiss (Vampires, 6)

The Stories
Sandy Fraser’s Flint’s Fuse finds Flint kidnapping his boss’ daughter, Dana Madison, to keep her out of trouble while Madison finishes up a major business deal. A month of pure torture for both. For different reasons.

This was cute, but too clichéd to really catch my interest. Fraser had Dana doing a too-abrupt one-eighty on her feelings toward Flint much too easily. There was no build-up, no finesse.

MaryJanice Davidson’s Love’s Prisoner finds Michael Wyndham trapped in an elevator with Jeannie Lawrence on the cusp of the full moon. And she smells too good to ignore.

Clever and cute especially with Michael’s complete openness with Jeannie and his pack. Too funny.

Alice Gaines’ The Education of Miss Felicity Wells is quite the Victorian erotic adventure as Miss Felicity Wells seeks a sexual education in pleasing her future husband from Boston’s most notorious hedonist, Dr. Marcus Slade.

I did enjoy Gaines’ history “lesson” with the very emancipated Miss Wells. A unique twist on “sex = love”.

Angela Knight’s A Candidate for the Kiss has a unique approach with a somewhat clichéd ending which finds the secret government agency Archer works for requiring that Archer tap Dana Ivory to serve them instead of the The Adamsburg Weekly Tribune. Not what Dana was expecting when she hid out in the treehouse to eavesdrop on the plotters.

The Cover
The cover finds a suspicious, blonde beauty in some kind of top glaring out at us while a short-haired, possibly naked, blond is hovering over her shoulder.

Secrets, Vol. 6 is simply volume six of a series of romantic anthologies under the Secrets name.