Book Review: Laura Griffin’s Twisted

Posted June 20, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Laura Griffin’s Twisted



Laura Griffin

romantic suspense that was published by Pocket Star on April 17, 2012 and has 404 pages.

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Fifth in the Tracers romantic suspense series revolving around law enforcement and forensic experts at the police department in San Marcos, Texas and the nearby Delphi Center. The couple focus is on Detective Allison Doyle and Special Agent Mark Wolfe of the FBI.

My Take

Whoa, if ever there was a story for big girls not talking to strangers…this is it. We really do need to find a safe balance between the politeness we’re taught and the rudeness that will keep us safe. Reading of Jordan’s ordeal, what lead up to it, it’s easy to see myself in her position. And that just scares the crap out of me!

Griffin gives the romantic angle a fun twist. Allison is the aggressor here and it’s Mark who has all the squirmy questions. Worry about messing up Allison’s future in the department. His desperate need to solve the world’s problems.

We get to touch base with Kelsey and her SEAL and Mira and Ric’s plans.

The Story

Okay, so it’s embarrassing to be caught out like that. Allison can only hope that her fellow cops don’t hold it against her. But Detective Doyle is tenacious and she ain’t gonna back down for anyone. Not if there’s something she can do to protect. It’s her memory and that tenaciousness that starts to bring up more connections. Enough to bring Wolfe in.

Allison likes the way Mark thinks and she latches onto him. Working the case. Working Wolfe. Learning from him. And Wolfe is looking back, considering, but protective. Pushing her away. Back to the case. And Wolfe finds evidence that’s been overlooked.

Now they’re on deadline. He kills every November 19th and it’s counting down…

The Characters

Detective Allison Doyle is stubborn with a mind that keeps hold of the details. She’s also got quite an appetite. For food. For learning. For not paying attention.

Special Agent Mark Wolfe of the FBI is a profiler and he has no life outside of his work. Divorced, he spends his days and nights searching, tracing, analyzing. This case. It’s one he’s been working for over ten years now, ever since he mistakenly made a promise. And for all his knowledge, he’s screwing up. Rob Doretti is the deputy director at the Bureau.

Ric Santos is a detective and partnered up with Jonah Macon who’s still with Sophie. Sean Byrne is yet another detective and a bit of an ass. Lieutenant Reynolds is her very territorial superior officer.

Characters who work at the Delphi Center, the temple to all things forensic, include Dr. Kelsey Quinn, their bone girl who seems to be having relationship troubles with her Navy SEAL; Mia is red hot on DNA and engaged to Ric; Ben Lawson is the assistant director of Cyber Crimes hunting for digital footprints; and, Roland works trace.

Jordan Wheatley was one of the victims. A lucky one for she survived although she’s not too sure about that assessment. Ethan Wheatley is her protective, frustrated husband. Maximus is her new guard dog. Stephanie Snow is another victim and the police like her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Bender, for it. Lauren Reichs is another target. Then there’s the Moss brothers. Brilliant. Ruthless.

The Cover and Title

The cover background is the deep blues and purples of the forest with Detective Doyle silhouetted in the light of the sunrise.

The title truly reflects the antagonist — he’s Twisted.