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Twin Of Fire (Chandler Twins, #1)Twin Of Fire by Jude Deveraux
Series: Taggert, 2
            Twins, 2
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Second in the Taggert as well as in the Twin series. It provides Blair’s perspective on events in Twin of Ice in 1892 in Chandler, Colorado.

My Take
I had wondered what Deveraux could possibly say that wouldn’t be just too repetitive and I was surprised. It almost felt like a different story as it focused so much on Blair and Lee. All kinds of stuff we learn about Lee that I would NEVER have expected! We learn some interesting things about their dad as well.

An interesting lesson in paying attention to people and basing a relationship on interests instead of expectations. It’s certainly interesting to read Lee’s side of the switch between sisters. Lots of revelations and introspection in this story. Most of the story focuses strictly on Lee and Blair with very little interaction with the characters we met in Twin of Ice.

What’s the deal with the mother? How has she sat there with her sewing all these years and not interceded for Blair?? She’s either obtuse or a doormat. Although, she does understand Blair’s need to become a doctor. The obtuseness seems to be genetic because I can’t believe Blair was so stupid as to believe Frankie all that time. Then Blair’s idea to demonstrate to Lee how awful it would be if Blair truly were a housewife was fairly stupid. Not man could fail to see through this “lesson”.

I enjoyed the cases that Lee took Blair on. A curious look at people’s thoughts on healing. As well as their typical thoughts on women doctors…

The Story
Blair reluctantly took Houston’s place at a dinner as Houston’s fiancé’s partner. Only, everything went wrong. And now Blair is being forced to marry Dr. Lee Westfield. A man who doesn’t consider her a doctor. In spite of all her training. Nothing and no one will force Blair to give up her dream.

Nor will she be forced into marrying Lee! That is, until Blair’s own fiancé arrives in town and Lee has no compunction as to how dirty he’ll play to win her.

The Characters
Blair Chandler is Houston‘s twin, but her opposite in temperament and patience. She’s been training for years back east, specifically in Philadelphia, to be a doctor. Yes, a woman doctor. Her uncle is Dr. Henry Thomas Blair and he and his wife, Aunt Flo, have been very supportive of her aims. Alan Hunter is her fiancé. Duncan Gates is her stepfather and excessively (and roaringly) conscious of a woman’s place. One her mother, Opal, happily embraces.

Dr. Leander Westfield has some very hidden depths and passions and has been on Houston’s horizon since she was six-years-old. And she has been determined to marry him. Reedis his dad and had some odd inconsistencies. Nina is his impetuous sister.

Kane Taggert is the man who usurped Lee’s place with Houston. He’s wonderfully supportive in this story. Mary Catherine is the telephone operator in town; talk to her to learn anything you need to know about people in town. Rafe Taggert is hooking up with Pamela Fenton.

Françoise, a.k.a., Frankie, is the woman who mistakenly kidnaps Blair. We never did find out why she wanted to hurt Taggert. LeGault is a gambler who teams up with Françoise to get back at Westfield.

The Cover
The cover is a textured red with a framed oval picture settled between the author’s name and the title. The frame is ornate with its curlicues, but is red-on-red on a red background so the image it frames really stands out. A single peak mountain in the background with a creek-ribboned plain in front provide the background for Blair in her medical “uniform” with her doctor’s bag and three horses grazing behind her.

The title is perfect for Blair is the Twin of Fire.

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