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How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #1)How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
Series: Naked Werewolf, 1
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First in the Naked Werewolf paranormal romance series set in Alaska and revolving around a pack of werewolves in and around Grundy, Alaska. The action here takes place at the Blue Glacier Saloon with the couple focus on Cooper Graham and Mo Duvall-Wenstein.

My Take
Harper is too funny. Between her assessment of hippie parents’ childraising and the comment about “I don’t know if thought is really part of the ‘this is going to be so cool’ planning process” attributed to men…

Caution: Do not read where others will be distracted by your laughter.

At least Mo is aware of her weaknesses…when she recognizes that Cooper is an asshole. Which means she’ll definitely be sleeping with him. It’s a silly dance of attraction and avoidance. Cooper/Mo wants nothing to do with her/him, yet, each is too attracted to the other. Cooper constantly finds himself loping by her house while Mo’s radar instantly finds him anywhere.

Mo’s first encounters with Coop’s family are pretty funny as well. I never considered bonding through application of a fire extinguisher to the head… There’s also the internal debate Mo experiences with her secret knowledge about werewolves. The attacks on people versus telling someone in authority about the pack. It’s a fine line for Mo to walk.

Huh? Who knew that Mo leaving could be the best thing for Ash and Saffron…?

The Story
Mo hasn’t even had a chance to sign her lease and Mr. Gogan is matchmaking. Hey, it’s the back of beyond in Alaska where there are more men than women. Then her inclusion into the community is assured when Buzz goes typical male and attempts to demonstrate the sharpness of his new knives.

Yup, Evie is gonna need a short-order cook for a bit and that stint at the Taste-E Grill is coming in handy. It’s especially wonderful for Mo because she’s finally being defined by her work behind the grill and not by her association with her parents.

It’s not all gravy, though, especially the night that Mo is attacked by a long-haul trucker. But Mo refuses to let this make a difference. In fact, Evie takes Mo to heart and embraces a few changes that Buzz may not be too happy about. Cooper isn’t too happy about Mo’s rejections either. Hey, why would Mo want to kiss someone who keeps letting her know how much he dislikes her?!

But then Cooper shows up on her doorstep with a bear trap clamped around his ankle…and it all spills out. Yet more spills, ratcheting up the tension, when people in and around Grundy start being attacked by a wolf. A wolf that Cooper thinks may be him.

The Characters
Moonflower Freedom Refreshing Breeze Joplin “Mo” Duvall-Wenstein is escaping her parents by moving as far as she possibly can. She can’t take the intrusiveness into her life and she wants to escape theirs. Her mother Lynn Duvall, now known as Saffron, and her father George Wenstein, now known as Ash, were the original hippies. And still are. Who else would spend $100 to ship “cookies, antimeat propaganda, and laxatives? Kara Reynolds is her best friend.

Evie DuChamp runs the Blue Glacier with her husband Buzz who is the cook. Lynette is their skank of a waitress—“Ten Seconds from Naked”. Pete helps Buzz in the kitchen.

Cooper Graham is a professional field guide and extremely impolite. Yup, he’s downright rude! Especially to his clients—he sees himself as a conservationist. He’s also incredibly gorgeous. And a werewolf—with issues. Samson is a cousin and Maggie is his hateful sister who serves as second in the pack to Eli, another cousin. Dr. Moder is the pack doctor. Pops (Noah Graham) is Cooper’s grandfather. Gracie Graham is Cooper and Maggie’s mother. You’ll like her.

Nate Gogan is an attorney in Grundy, Alaska; his wife is Gertie. Susan Quinn is fascinated by all things Dolly Parton and Western; she also runs the post office. Oscar is her dachshund. Darby Carmichael is one of the few women and she works as a checker at Hannigan’s Grocery. She’s offering “undying friendship if Mo will take Leonard Tremblay off her back”. Alan Dahling is a U.S. Forestry ranger. Abner and Walt are customers at the café.

Trooper Brent is another jerk. John Teague is a long-haul trucker with a longer rap sheet. Jonas led the attacking pack.

The Cover
The cover is cartoonish and a melange of events within the story. Mo’s hair is flying and she’s struck a cocky pose in her slightly flared jeans, a orange scoop neck top, and her very practical hiking boots. It’s Dante in his cuffed blue jeans showing off those hairy…and I mean hairy…feet and wearing a red-black-gray plaid flannel shirt and that sexy five-o’clock shadow.

Oh yeah, Mo definitely gets in a dither over How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf.

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