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RunRun by Blake Crouch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An incredibly horrific tale of an apocalyptic run for escape.

My Take
Someone stuck the epilogue on the front. And then I want someone explain to me why a lawyer would be in a Guard unit… Be sure to read the excerpt on the back of the book, because the final reason to run is not obvious in the book.

It’s interesting to watch Jack and Dee’s marriage repair itself on this desperate journey even as their children mature from squabbling brats to a more practical support. Suddenly, his depression and her issues no longer seem that important in the light of survival.

Oh, please…get a grip, Dee. Why does she expect Jack to have a plan for a situation like this?? Yeah, yeah, I get that she’s terrified…but, what a bitch! At least she’s a doctor. That medical training is incredibly useful. I did appreciate her comments about Jack’s current medical plan, that it “doesn’t cover sterilizations”.

This is terrifying enough to make me consider bullet-proofing my truck! The militia camp certainly had a Lord of the Flies feel to it!

Gimme a break, why would Jack be so stupid as to go up to them?? Has he not been paying attention…!?? This was a gratuitous, easy out Crouch uses and gets a point taken away as far as I’m concerned…

Naw, naw, naw, Crouch is getting lazy again. Why on earth would Jack hang around when the city is obviously about to be invaded? He’s smart. The only excuse is that Crouch didn’t want to expend thought processes on how to hook Jack back up with his family. Yes, it makes for a great reunion, but the stupidity of his hanging around through all this really short circuited it.

The Story
It’s while Dee is in bed with Kiernan that the chaos boils over. And, oh brother, does it boil over when Kiernan tells Dee he loves her and throws her across the room.

We’re suddenly in the Colcloughs’ home as Jack is frantically packing gear and trying to get his kids to get it together. That they’re leaving their home. NOW. While they still can. The entire journey will be one of terror, gunfire, torture, and confrontation. Even as they learn to respect each other again.

There’s a rumor that safety can be found in Canada. Yeah, well the Colcloughs are in Albuquerque. It’ll be a long horrifying trip evading the marauding militias without losing their humanity.

The Characters
Dee Colclough, a medical doctor, is having an affair with Kiernan, a lawyer and member of a Guard unit (which doesn’t make sense to me), getting ready to leave her husband Jack Colclough, a philosophy professor. Naomi and Cole are their children.

Ed Abernathy is a National Park Service ranger in the wrong place at the right time for Dee and the kids. Mathias is the leader of this militia group. Donald Massey is, for some reason, a survivor although we don’t know why.

The Cover
The cover is just plain creepy with its primary colors and blood-spattered vehicle slipping and sliding down a track through the woods. It’s after you read the story that you realize just how incredibly horrible this cover is as it summarizes the entire story from beginning to end.

The title is way too accurate. Everyone is on the Run in this one.

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