Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s Whisper No Lies

Posted June 30, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s Whisper No Lies

Whisper No Lies


Cindy Gerard

romantic suspense in a paperback edition that was published by Pocket Star on December 30, 2008 and has 335 pages.

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Third in the Black Ops, Inc. romantic suspense series revolving around the BOIs, a mercenary troupe working way undercover for Uncle Sam. The couple focus is on Johnny Duane Reed and Crystal Debrowski.

Cindy Gerard includes information on learning more about human trafficking and the over 800,000 annual victims it claims at or through the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888-373-7888.

My Take

Ooof, there’s so much action and tension in this story…I almost needed a hot pack for my stressed-out muscles!

Gerard goes all out with her depiction of Yao Long, and unfortunately, it’s not that hard to believe that scum like him exists. What’s hard is the attitude the BOIs cop about helping to rescue Yao’s captives. Yeah, I get that they have to be realistic…and it’s damned scary to realize how true to life that attitude must be in the real world. Thankfully, we get the fictional one..!

It’s both sad and funny about Johnny’s mental state in Whisper No Lies. Typical male, he’s terrified of falling in love. It’s why he’s afraid that’s so very sad. I swear…licenses to have children!! Crystal, of course, has her own avoidance issues — Abbie calls it the Debrowski Dodge. I wish Gerard had spent a bit more time making this “dodge” more believable.

Oh, too cute — “Tinkerbell in Terminator mode”! So cute — and lethal — that the BOIs on this op would welcome her aboard.

The Story

Okay, so working casino security is not the same as being on the LVPD, at least Crystal is able to work where she can help people. Unfortunately, with her figure and beauty, Crystal is also at the mercy of clientele who believe that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. At least that’s what she thought when she’s propositioned by Yao Long.

The only thing staying in Vegas is the continuing sabotage that keeps showing up on Crystal’s shift. Nor does any of Crystal’s training do her much good when she’s attacked. It’s only the conversation Crystal had with the Langs and Reed about whom she suspects of the damage that will help Crystal escape. Escape her prison, but she refuses to leave Jakarta until her fellow captive is rescued.

And it gets very bad…from being touted as “mercenaries who attacked his business and killed his ‘innocent’ employees” to terrorists, the BOIs and Crystal are hunted throughout Jakarta by Yao’s men, the police, and the army.

The Characters

Crystal Debrowski is Abbie’s best friend, and she’s just been promoted at work to Gaming Manager where she works casino security at the Bali Hai.

Johnny Duane Reed is one of the BOIs, an operative for Black Ops, Inc., and becoming very obsessed with one Crystal Debrowski.

Black Ops, Inc. is…
…BOIs for short, and they work off the books for the U.S. government. Abbie Hughes Lang is pregnant and married to Sam Lang and living just outside Las Vegas on Sam’s family ranch with his father and little Tina, Sam’s sister’s orphan daughter (Take No Prisoners). Other BOIs include Raphael Mendoza; Luke Colter, a.k.a., Doc Holliday; Wyatt “Papa Bear” Savage; Mean Joe Green; and, their CO, Nathan Black.

Cavanaugh is a CIA contact Savage knows in Jakarta who “talks” a fellow ex-pat, Windle, into helping the fugitives. Anna and Bob Tompkins are the surviving parents of one of the soldiers the BOIs knew before they quit the military. They have adopted the BOIs in their son Bryan’s place. Lucky for them as Anna is an attorney with the U.S. Attorney General’s office.

Yao Long is one of Crystal’s admirers. Unfortunately, he’s one who will not take “no” for an answer. And when you consider that he’s considered a major player in the white slave business… Wong Li is Yao’s assistant. Amazingly, he has a conscience, but it’s superseded by his loyalty to Mr. Yao. Dina Stornello and Mary Connors are some of Yao’s slaves.

The Cover and Title

Oooh, pretty light green cover. Oooooohhhh, ever prettier hunk under that transparent green. All those muscles with that close black beard and mustache…

I can’t even come up with a guess as to why this title.