Lisa Sabin-Wilson, WordPress for Dummies

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WordPress for DummiesWordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson
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A self-help manual explaining the use of and

My Take
Sabin-Wilson did a nice job of separating out the .com and the .org versions and she provided various lists of the best plugins, great free templates, and sites to explore for their use of various WordPress features.

I was less than excited with her explanation of changing up the WordPress templates. I suspect it will become clearer as I play with the bits and pieces. Considering this is a Dummies book, I would have expected better coverage of how the PHP works and what one should avoid changing. I certainly would have appreciated learning what I should change to make it more accurate for a particular site.

The Cover
The typical Dummies cover of yellow and black. I can’t get excited about the image of the laptop displaying seven positions of it closing/opening…

The title is accurate…especially for me! WordPress for Dummies.

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