Book Review: Cat Adams’ Demon Song

Posted July 10, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

by Kathy Davie

Demon Song (Blood Singer, #3)Demon Song by Cat Adams
Series: Blood Singer, 3
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Third in the Blood Singer urban fantasy series about a full-human bodyguard-turned-vampire/siren/human.

My Take
Oh, I cannot believe that Emma actually said that! Especially after the events in Siren Song! W. T. F!

It’s just too cute—and thank god for friends—how Dawna and friends keep an eye on Celia’s food intake. The romantic action also heats up in Demon Song. With Creede, Bruno, and Gaetano. With some very interesting graphic displays! Certainly none I’ve ever come across…*chuckling as I think about it*.

I do like that Celia doesn’t just roll over for the Landinghams. She makes them understand just what they did to her.

It’s odd in some ways, this was a very smooth story, but as I look back…wow…there is so much that happens! The problems Celia’s mother has in prison. Kevin’s imprisonment. The truth about what’s going on at the zoo. The fun at the vineyard and the spa although the personal demon invasion there was pretty scary! Taking down a drug lord. Trying to figure out Bruno and Creede. Then there’s the interactions with Adriana and the queen followed by the Murphys and Fulbright. Just in the nick of time there! The “minor” vampire problems. Running about finding those artifacts with the back history on the sirens and the last time calamity hit…! Phew…I’m exhausted.

Then there’s the sacrifice.

The Story
It’s John Jones’ invitation to rescue Kevin that opens up the situation at the California State Paranormal Treatment Facility, a.k.a., the zoo. Thank god for Vicki’s help and ability to assure Alex! The police also have a two-sided offer to make—or is it demand?—of Celia. And poor Alex is stuck in the middle.

In the meantime, Celia is getting too cocky and when she find La Cocina y Cantina closed when it should be open she gets Barbara to explain the problem. Well, four vampires ain’t no big…she thinks. Until their sire floats down…and comes with some nasty reinforcement! It’s a nasty wake-up call. What Edgar wants from Celia could well excite some pretty intense reactions.

Celia does have some good karma built up when twelve-year-old Maria shows up needing help. Sent by Ron of all people. Young Maria holds the key into the FBI’s heart…or at least SA Rizzoli’s! Celia will need all the goodwill she can get when the demand goes out for mages, warrior priests, AC card holders, and leave is canceled for the National Guard and police agencies.

You know, Celia, she won’t want to be left out of the fun. And it’s a good thing for Alex that she is on site. It’s also a good opportunity to try out the TBBs John made as hell comes crashing through.

The Characters
Celia Graves is part vampire, part siren, and still human while working as a suddenly very much in-demand personal security consultant—all those celebs just gotta have the latest must-have. Ivy is her ghostly sister who is protecting their mother from the other inmates. Her mother, Lana Graves, and Gran have made some radical changes.

Dawna Long is the receptionist/secretary for Celia’s building which she shares with Ronald, a real jerk of a lawyer, and Bubba, a bond bondsman who is not as happy to see Celia these days. Could be that loss… Dawna is still traumatized by events in Blood Song and Dr. Talbert believes that Celia can help. David and Inez were the caretakers at Vickie’s estate with Celia in the estate’s guesthouse; Vicki’s will has created some changes here.

Dorothy “Dottie” Simmons is a hypnotist who works part-time work for Celia and company helping out Dawna. Celia has hired Shawn Beall to locate Mick Murphy, the surprise beneficiary.

Vicki Cooper is a dead clairvoyant who is still around helping Celia. Detective Heather Alexander, a police detective, was her girlfriend. Cassandra Meadows and Jason Cooper are Vicki’s parents, movie stars both. Cassandra hates Celia with a passion and is contesting Vicki’s will.

John Creede is a powerful mage who is rebuilding Miller and Creede after events in Siren Song and is very interested in Celia. Seems he’s also been playing in the vineyards with Pam and Sam Darby. Andrew is Creede’s personal assistant and down with getting John and Celia together.

Bruno DeLuca is a mage on the East Coast and really screwed up his relationship with Celia. He does make an offer to find someone to train Okalani and her gift for teleporting groups. His brother is Father Matteo DeLuca, a militant priest determined to end all types of demons except Celia. Both will always come when she calls. Christopher Gaetano is a medic with Kevin’s current company and I reckon he’s got nothin’ to be ashamed of…LOL.

Of the siren side of the family:
High Queen Lopaka is Celia’s aunt and Celia is of the Pacific royal line. Princess Adriana Kalino is a siren whose gift is clairvoyance and is newly engaged. Okalani‘s power comes in very handy although her mother Laka is very protective. Helen Baker‘s mother, Pili, has her own role to play.

Gerry takes a hit after his persecution of Celia. Seems that boy just doesn’t learn his lesson. Edgar is a master vampire who swings from one side to the other. Whatever will benefit him the most. Only one thing has been protecting Celia from him.

Professor Warren Landingham specializes in all things paranormal, teaches at a local university, and is deeply involved in a new, very important project involving his son Kevin and his girlfriend Amy. Emma Landingham is the only one of the Landinghams that Celia will speak to anymore after events in Siren Song. John Jones has some kind of power and used to work with Kevin at the CIA. He’s moved on to…something else. Anna works in the metaphysics section at the campus library.

La Cocina y Cantina was Vicki, Celia, Emma, and Dawna’s favorite hangout. Barbara and Pablo own it and Juan is their oldest son. They still welcome Celia and have been trying out different concoctions for her.

Professor Aaron Sloan has in-depth knowledge about demonology. Dr. Jeff Scott is no longer in charge of Birchwoods. His position has been taken over by Dr. Gwen Talbert, Celia’s original therapist. Dr. Ann Hubbard is still Celia’s therapist. Jesse Garcia is a truthteller at Birchwoods.

Special Agent Rizzoli is with the FBI and appears to want Encarcion very badly.

Mick Murphy and his family don’t think they want Vicki’s bequest although they do discover the purpose of it. Molly is his wife and they have two daughters, Beverly and Julie, living in Fool’s Rush, Arkansas where they live a quiet, average life. Nathan Fulbright has a connection to the Murphys and holds the hope of
the world in his lands.

The Cover
The cover is the darkest dark again with more of Celia’s three-quarter profile showing. Glowing. Orange and red eyes. Two cute little fangs peeking from either side of her glossy lips.

It’s a Demon Song all right, multiple demons wanting their way through to our world.