Book Review: Nicole Peeler’s Tempest’s Legacy

Posted July 28, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Nicole Peeler’s Tempest’s Legacy

Tempest's Legacy


Nicole Peeler

urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Orbit on January 1, 2011 and has 347 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Tempest Rising, Tracking the Tempest, Tempest's Fury, Eye of the Tempest, Tempest Reborn, Jinn and Juice

Third in the Jane True urban fantasy series that revolves around a half-selkie, half-human and her protective friends in the town of Rockbill, Maine.

My Take

It’s more serious than the previous two installments and its endings and beginnings are both bad and good, respectively. It’s growth for Jane and Julian. Jane discovers her uniqueness while Julian discovers a place that will suit him better.

It’s also a time of introspection for Jane as she thinks about her mother and considers her relationship with Ryu as well as what she wants from Anyan. Emotional issues certainly aren’t restricted to humans! Even very old beings can be shy and worried.

Hey, I’m with Jane. I don’t see how Ryu and Anyan can keep protesting that Jarl couldn’t be involved. I get that they need tangible proof, but…jeez, go out and get it! I just don’t get how the king and queen can keep believing anything Phaedra says and nothing that Ryu says. This makes no sense. Nor does it make any sense that Ryu and Anyan don’t protect their first witness better. I mean, hullo!! They know what Phaedra’s like. And, yeah, Julian and Jane are irresponsible in their “brilliant” Team Halfling plan, but I understand why they push it.

Jane gets to go on her first mission and it just cracked me up to read her impression of it. I completely understand what she means when she says that time either slowed way down or sped way up depending upon what was happening. Her comments on what she “can actually remember of the raid” were too, too funny. And I suspect it’s more than I would remember!

I love that Anyan believes Jane about what happened in the ice cream parlor in spite of it being completely outside any of his experiences.

The Story

It’s a bad start with the news that Anyan has for Jane and, yeah, Jane “shot the messenger”. Too embarrassed to break down in front of Anyan, Jane swims to Iris where she collapses in tears until Ryu shows up and takes her off to care for her. A turn that does him no good when Jane realizes what he knows.

The news is such that Jane insists — and shows Ryu and Anyan — that she can contribute to their hunt and will be going as well. Whether it’s with them or trailing behind.

The Characters

Jane True is half-selkie and half-human and shy and cheeky all at once. Working at her friends’ bookstore, she supports herself and her dad who had to retire from fishing on disability due to his heart. Her mother was a selkie and disappeared when Jane was young and her dad is still waiting for her to return. In the meantime, Jane has been bullied her entire life by her schoolmates and some of the townspeople. Those who haven’t bullied or teased have turned out to be Supernaturals. People who have been trying to look out for Jane. She has, however, been learning about her selkie-half as well as how to use her powers.

Ryu is a baobhan sith, the local investigator for the Supes in Boston, and Jane’s current boyfriend. He’s loyal to the Alfar king and queen. She’s still angry with him, however, after events in Tracking the Tempest. His team includes Camille, a baobhan sith as well and his second-in-command; Julian, a half-baobhan sith whose power is energizing the power of others; Daoud is a djinn who can find anything in his pants (ewwww); and, Caleb is a pants-eschewing satyr who heals. Isolde is a baobhan sith and chief investigator for Rhode Island where the renegade kappa’s trail led. Her second-in-command is Ezekiel, an ifrit — a scary remembrance of events in Tracking.

Anyan Barghest is an artist and a hellhound. He’s been protecting Jane almost from the day she was born and Jane has a major crush on him. He has some major contacts in the Borderlands and is loyal to those he loves. Iris Succubus operates a high-end dress shop and loves to dress Jane up. Griselda and Tracy are the couple who own the local bookstore, Read It and Weep. Tracy’s pregnant! Nell is the gnome in whose territory Jane lives and she is working hard with Jane teaching her how to use her magic defensively. Trill is a kelpie and helps Nell teach Jane.

In the Borderlands, the team investigating the labs includes three absolutely gorgeous women: Emuishere “Moo-Cow“, an Alfar halfing; Capitola “Cappie“, and Shar. Carl is Cappie’s father and a pureblood Alfar. He has stopped using his powers, preferring to age alongside his human wife. Terk is a very horny, six-armed brownie. There’s certainly a lot of “um, Jane” when Terk is around! Grimauld, the “Grim”, is the force in the Borderlands who permits NO interference.

Jarl is the spymaster for King Orin of the Alfar. And his brother. Phaedra is a powerful Alfar in Jarl’s employ. Her team consists of Graeme, a vicious incubus rapist; Kaya and Kaori are harpies; and, Fugwat is a spriggan, easily distracted by shiny things. The Healer is a goblin, as tall as a man with a human face and features. He’s in charge of these labs and their atrocities. Dr. Avery Goblin has developed the injection; his father, Winston, got him into all this. Queen Morrigan is the Alfar to whom Ryu has pledged his primary loyalty and he’s in the Borderlands on her behalf. Spying.

Blondie is an Original. And seems to be on Jane’s side.

The Cover and Title

The cover retains the organic border, this time it’s a green on green with long waving hand-like fronds surrounding a cartoon image of Jane wearing the half-helmet with a skull and crossbones on its front, her jeans, Converses, and a hoodie as she clings to Anyan in his flaming helmet, jeans, motorcycle boots and leather jacket as they ride off into what looks like a snowy, nightlit landscape on the back of his Indian motorcycle. Above the trailing scroll that showcases the title, there is what appears to be a motorcycle medallion with a wolf’s head; the flame enshrouded, a shiny plaque at the base of the graphic displays the author’s name. There is one cloud in this sky that looks like a face…I’m wondering…could it be the Original?

The title. I’m beginning to think that Jane is the Tempest. I’m probably wrong, but in this story, Jane has learned a great deal about her powers, and it is a legacy from her mother…