Book Review: Christine Feehan’s Samurai Game

Posted August 3, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Christine Feehan’s Samurai Game

Samurai Game


Christine Feehan

paranormal romance that was published by Jove on July 3, 2012 and has 389 pages.

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Tenth in the GhostWalker paranormal romance action series. The couple focus is on Sam Johnson and Azami Yoshiie.

My Take

Oh man, the summary on the back of the book sure dances around. Yes, all these events are in the book, but they’re so minor…I had to really think about them.

Feehan gets you worked up immediately with three short, nasty scenarios which leave you questioning and curious. Then she ratchets up the tension with the meeting between Sam and Azami and her brothers. I do love that Sam accepts Azami as a warrior who can hold her own. And then some!

Oh, I love the sound of Sam’s house and what Azami does with the stream that runs near it. It’s so romantic…sigh…

Dang, telepathy is so very handy in a tight spot! And Feehan just doesn’t back down from those.

Sam’s acceptance of his feelings and initial expectations of Azami are so brave. His acceptance of her as a warrior in spite of his need to protect her. His desire to conform to her country’s customs.

Interesting treatment of Azami’s fears, how Feehan uses them to provide the back history for her. It does get a bit tedious after awhile even though the telling of it also makes you want to take up a gun and shoot the bastard. Wait’ll you read the list (and description) of the weapons Azami wears…!

Then on the other side of the Azami-coin, you will clap and cheer Azami on as she “tidies up” all sorts of problems. This is one woman you definitely want on your side.

All the usual fears a parent has in raising a child — only this one is much too advanced for his nine months. I don’t even want to imagine Daniel as a teenager!

Loose thread: What about Daniels’ invisible friend??

Loved the tale of the reluctant Frenchman. An excellent technique to engage the reader, show Azami what the team is like, and give us a bit of light relief in a very tense story. The romance building had its own …ahem…relief.

Sam is skating a thin line between his honor and loyalty to the team and the woman with whom he has fallen in love. And the truth about General Rainier comes out…oh, man…

The Story

Azami has her own goal and pursues it with a single-minded fervor. A young victim of Peter Whitney, she will destroy him and anyone furthering his work. If that includes his daughter, so be it.

When Sam Johnson meets Azami at the GhostWalkers’ mountain compound, he is immediately wary of this tiny, delicate woman. One who quickly becomes a fellow warrior in his battles to come.

The Characters

Sam “Knight” Johnson is a former Ranger and now a GhostWalker skilled in hand-to-hand combat, a genius, a sniper, possesses multiple science degrees, and speaks a number of languages. And targeted by Whitney. He’s also the foster son of General Theodore Rainier (he is in command of the GhostWalkers) and his wife, Delia.

Azami “Thorn” Yoshiie is one of three orphans adopted by Mamoru Yoshiie. He has raised these children in the samurai code and each is an extraordinary warrior. Daiki and Eiji Yoshiie are her brothers. Together they run Samurai Telecommunications, the most advanced satellite manufacturer in the world. Only Azami has the psychic abilities of a GhostWalker.

Dr. Lily Whitney-Miller is not her father’s daughter. She works constantly to thwart her father and fix the traumatic damage he creates. She is married to Captain Ryland Miller, the GhostWalker commander. Together, they have a highly intelligent, very curious son, Daniel, nine-months-old.

The other GhostWalkers on the mountain include Jack Norton (he and Briony have twin sons now — Jeremiah and Noah); Nicholas “Nico” Trevane is their best sniper and he functions as an anchor (married to Dahlia); Kadan “Bishop” Montague (married to Tansy) functions as a team anchor and shield with the additional skills of self-camouflage, enhancing the others’ gifts, and the ability to cling to any surface; Tucker Addison; Kyle; Ian McGillicuddy is assigned to guard Azami at HQ; Rose and Kane have a child; Ken Norton‘s wife, Mari, is pregnant with twins; Flame‘s cancer is in remission and she’s married to Raoul “Gator” Fontenot; Jonas “Smoke” Harper can fold into small spaces, see through buildings, is an expert with knives (he grew up in a circus), and can disappear into anything; Tom “Shark” Delaney; and, Saber Calhoun can stop a heart with a touch and she’s married to Jesse.

Violet Freeman has done a one-eighty about Whitney. She killed the husband she loved and is now running for his senatorial seat. The GhostWalkers are wondering if she’s been paired to Whitney! Eeeek.

Sheila Benet is Melanie’s friend, a woman who is even nastier than Sheila!, and the go-between for Whitney to whomever he wants to subvert. A woman without conscience, she will do whatever is necessary. Dr. Peter Whitney will lie about anything, destroy anyone. He’s also brilliant, a billionaire, somewhat psychic, and an egomaniacal doctor gleefully pursuing the “improvement” of men and women in a way that would put Dr. Mengele and his ilk to shame.

Ezekiel Ekabela is a rebel in the Congo and still controls a very particular diamond mine. His brother, General Eudes Ekalbea, was shot by a GhostWalker. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Chapman and Melanie Freesha are in Rainer’s office. Duncan Forbes is the CIA agent the team meets in the Congo.

The Cover and Title

The cover is gorgeous with the naked and phoenix-tattooed back of Azami towards us, her beautiful head turned in profile, as she holds her classic pose of seductress and warrior. Her katana partly pulled from its sheath. just to be sure we understand that the female is important in this installment, white flowers (camellias??) adorn the title.

Not a Samurai Game so much as the honor and loyalty of the samurai code.