Book Review: Mira Grant’s Blackout

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Book Review: Mira Grant’s Blackout


on May 22, 2012 and has 512 pages.

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Third and last (wahhh) in the Newsflesh Trilogy urban horror series about a news crew of bloggers fighting to tell the truth in an apocalyptic world.

In 2013, Blackout was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel and in 2012 for the Goodreads Choice for Best Horror.

My Take

I do not know how Georgia managed to not rip out Dr. Thomas’ throat. WHAT an asshole! I do love Georgia forcing Thomas to be decent at least in one thing.

Interesting how Grant has Subject 7c know that she is and is not Georgia Mason.

The blog and email excerpts that pop up throughout provide a nice interruption.

Aw, man, that one email from Alisa about all the chaperones being gone and the soldiers leaving…leaving the kids behind! What kind of people are these?

Nice comment from Maggie: “…money can’t buy. People who love you, a job you’re good at, a sense of personal respect…”

I’m curious…why are all those blog posts UNpublished? What happened when Maggie’s parents showed up? What happened to Dr. Abbey and her lab? What happened when Maggie told her parents the truth?

The Story

Georgia is alive and the CDC is running tests on her. Endless tests. Refusing to provide her with anything. A haircut, books, news, information. Privacy. Shaun.

Treated like a dangerous prisoner until one of the orderlies gives her slim hope with a helping of dismay. The truth about Subject-7c is rather terrifying, but then when we learn that for the plan to work, 8b is more…pliable…

To accomplish Alisa’s rescue and trap those skeeters, the team has to split up. They need new ID and Becks and Shaun need his parents help with a hidden route to Florida. A forlorn hope as the Masons are only concerned with their ratings and Becks and Shaun barely escape.

It’s that need for IDs that puts our intrepid group back together and in the right place to completely re-group. But it seems the betrayals just keep on coming.

The question is, why do they need a more pliable Georgia…

The Characters

Georgia Mason is, was, a Newsie. All she was ever interested in was blogging the truth and it got her killed. Now she’s back and she remembers Shaun’s gun barrel in the back of her neck.

Shaun Mason was an Irwin. Never happier than getting out in the field and poking a zombie with a stick. Both expected Shaun to die first. Viewers logged on to watch Shaun’s antics, but left impressed by Georgia’s reporting. Together they built their blog site, After the End Times, into a formidable news source. Now he’s immune to Kellis-Amberlee and talking with the Georgia in his head.

Alaric Kwong is the new tech guy and he’ll never replace Buffy. His sister Alisa is trapped down in Florida. Rebecca “Becks” Atherton is their Irwin, taking Shaun’s place. She makes her play for him. Mahir Gowda is a Newsie who got promoted to fill George’s slot and now he’s in Oregon with the crew. Magadalene “Maggie” Grace Garcia is the Fictional with the fabulously wealthy parents. It’s her money that enables them all to hole up in the incredibly fabulous Agora resort. Thank god because they have good jammers and beyond first class medical care.

Dr. Shannon Abbey is a mad-scientist virologist who packs up and moves her lab rather frequently. You’re only paranoid if they aren’t out to get you and the CDC has been gunning for her and her research into the Kellis-Amberlee virus cure for some time. Dr. Joseph Shoji is director of the Kauai Institute of Virology in Hawaii and undercover for the EIC as well as being a friend and frequent correspondent with Dr. Abbey. Dr. Gregory Lake and Dr. Shaw, a.k.a., Danika Michelle Kimberley, are with the EIS and they intend to break Georgia out.

Professor Michael and Stacy Mason are Georgia and Shaun’s adoptive parents. More interested in getting their ratings back up than protecting their children.
Dr. Matthew Thomas is with the CDC and the doctor Georgia sees when she first wakes.

The Monkey is renowned for his fake IDs. The Fox is his nutso-whacko security while the Cat is definitely not on his side.
Rick Cousins is the vice president of the United States and was once on the After the End Times crew. He has his own double cross in mind. Peter Ryman is the President of the United States. He’s between his own rock and a hard place vis-a-vis the CDC. Steve is still with the Secret Service, protecting the vice president.

The Cover and Title

The cover is consistent with others in the series with its brick wall painted white and graffiti — a danger symbol for electricity. Hmmmm, “blackout”…”electricity”… It’s actually rather clean compared to the previous two.

The title is what the powers-that-be want, a Blackout on the truth.