Book Review: Keri Arthur’s Darkness Devours

Posted September 6, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Keri Arthur’s Darkness Devours

Darkness Devours


Keri Arthur

urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Penguin on June 26, 2012 and has 375 pages.

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Third in the Dark Angels urban fantasy series that follows Arthur’s Riley Jones, Guardian series. The underlying theme in Dank Angels is of young Risa Jones hunting down a supernatural key that could close the gates between life and death.

My Take

What a bunch of hypocrites! I’d just like to nuke the Vampire Council! By what right does the Vampire Council choose Risa’s life or death?

Oooh, boy, then there’s all that tension between Risa and Jak!

It’s odd that the Riley Jenson, Guardian series was better — homier. I felt more connected to Riley. This series incorporates a younger “family member” with the same number of housemates—basically a follow-on series and yet it’s not making the same connections for me. It doesn’t have the depth of sense of involvement. It’s too one-dimensional. Riley had a greater variety of interests into which we were immersed whereas Risa is shallower, only dipping a toe in here and there.

Azriel finally makes some moves and he and Risa sleep together, but it’s lacking a tension. It’s more just going through the motions. Lucian, on the other hand, is pushing and getting very demanding.

Oops, the Raziq are just getting nasty! They’re also upping the stakes tremendously!

Off the blood-whores when it’s not economically feasible…? Oh, yeah, that will cement the vampires in well with Risa. NOT.

Well, that was a pretty dumb move Risa made at Jerry’s apartment, although it certainly streamlined the meet-up.

The Story

Lucky for Risa that Azriel is watching her back and keeping her invisible watcher in sight, for Ania demons are on the attack and the Vampire Council demands she find the killer murdering murderous vampires.

It was a thoughtless, grief-stricken moment when Risa agreed to work for Hunter, for the Vampire Council intends to use this problem of their own making, one they have no intention of stopping, to, hopefully, test Risa to her death.

The Characters

Risa Jones is half-werewolf and half-Aedh and the stubborn daughter of the murdered Dia Jones, a renowned psychic. Risa carries a Dušan, a tattoo-looking spirit guardian to protect her on the gray fields as well as Amaya, her lively demon-forged sword. Ilianna is a horseshifter while Tao is a werewolf who has recently acquired a fire elemental aspect. He’s still in a coma at Brindle (see Darkness Rising). They’re Risa’s housemates and business partners in the restaurant they started up, RYT. Miri is Ilianna’s partner. Riley Jenson is her aunt (Riley Jenson, Guardian). Quinn is Riley’s vampire lover and an Aedh.

Jak Talbott seduced Risa into love just to get a story. Now she needs his help to find the third man.

Azriel is a Reaper assigned to help and protect Risa until she finds the keys. Valdis is his demon-forged sword. Lucian is Risa’s fallen Aedh lover. She trusts him. No one else does. Mike is the trio’s accountant and Beatrice is his secretary. He’ll do what he can to help Risa, including a pair of tickets to a very prestigious charity ball.

The Director of Other Races is…
…a law enforcement organization intended to control the supernatural. Uncle Rhoan is second-in-command. He’s slowly coming to realize he must accept Risa’s activities. Harris is an agent.

The High Vampire Council rules…
…the vampires. Madeline Hunt is a vampire telepath, in charge of the Directorate of Other Races and a ranking member of the Vampire Council. Cazadors are the Vampire Council’s assassins, and Madeline has them shadowing Risa.

Dark Earth is…
…an underground vampire club run by Brett Marshall who owes allegiance to Madeline. A very, very dangerous place for a non-vampire to be after dark. A good testing ground for the unscrupulous. Odale is one of three vampire councilors at the Dark Room.

Stane Neale is Tao’s cousin and a computer whiz with the latest in technology. Adeline Greenfield is a magic practitioner with a reputation for protection spells.

John Nadler is the remaining businessman of the consortium that had been intimidating people into selling (Darkness Rising) out. Think of him as the invisible man. Jacinta Nadler is the stripper ex-wife. She may have been an opportunist, but she sure paid for it. Frank Logan is Nadler’s lawyer and the only person to have seen him in ages. James Blake is the photographer who shot Jacinta and John’s wedding. Between the three, Risa hopes to use them.

Reapers guide souls and the Aedh are beings of energy who can take the form of flesh and blood. Mijai are dark angels, angels who step out of line as Azriel did when he avenged ten other Reapers. His punishment is to follow Risa. Ania are troublemaking demons. Raziq are a secret group of Aedh priests (Risa’s father, Hieu, is one). They developed the keys, but her father stole and hid them. Now Hieu is forcing Risa to collect them. Razen are their human slaves. The Brindle is the witches’ headquarters.

The Cover and Title

It’s a dark cover of blues and grays. Nighttime with Risa poised in a crouch on a rooftop, her wings?? spread behind her. I didn’t know she had wings…

The title is true as a Darkness Devours those vicious vampires who brutally murder blood-addicted women past their prime.