Book Review: Mark Del Franco’s Undone Deeds

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Book Review: Mark Del Franco’s Undone Deeds

Undone Deeds

on January 31, 2012 and has 336 pages.

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Sixth and…wah…last in the Connor Grey series. I can see where Del Franco has left the possibility of Connor coming back…that or I’m incredibly optimistic!

My Take

Whoa…several surprises in this one! I certainly never saw most of them coming! I do wish Del Franco had been more forthcoming about the truth behind Convergence! I think Briallen was in on at least two of the secrets.

It’s odd that Connor is on the run from the police, the Teuts, and the Celts and yet he’s walking around unbothered. Although, Ceridwen is helping Connor out.

Ooh, romance! With an unexpected couple! Too funny! I love Connor’s reaction to waking up with Meryl about to plunge a dagger in his head: “Did I leave the seat up again?” Then there’s Joe’s comment when war breaks out: “They grow up so fast, don’t they? First they’re waving their spears around, then they’re figuring out how to use them.”

I loved and was angry with this one. There is so much new information flying at us as Del Franco tidies this series up and there are so many questions left unanswered for my mind. I suspect it’s mostly because I don’t want the series to end and I’m making up all sorts of scenarios for how Del Franco can resurrect it with one of the possibilities I noted. It might also be because v Franco has left so much up in the air. Ah well…

I’ve enjoyed this series very much. Admittedly, I couldn’t get excited after reading the first one, but the ladies in one of my Goodreads groups really liked it, so I persevered. And I’m so happy I did. Connor’s character had a lot of growth to endure and I enjoyed watching his evolution. It was interesting that Del Franco had planned his series so far out ahead with the revelations that explained so much of various events throughout the series. Del Franco included a lot of sadness in this series…I’m thinking of the Murdocks, let alone Ceridwen’s, oh heck, everyone’s betrayal by Maeve. I absolutely adored Joe and his perspective on life. Too bad more of us don’t have it!

An interesting exploration of the evils of politics and power. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Eorla. She’d be good for the world.

I think another part of me is sad that all these tidy-ups occurred in the last book and I didn’t get to enjoy the end results for long.

The Story

The Boston Guildhouse is gone thanks to Donor Elfenkonig and Connor doesn’t hesitate to reveal the truth that the powers-that-be would prefer stayed hidden. The stakes are high in this and there are a variety of attacks. Manus’ home is invaded. Callin ends up in ICU which inadvertently reveals a stark fact, sending Connor into a loop of misery.

One which only gets worse when he’s kidnapped and the plans for his eventual death are laid out.

The Characters

Connor Grey is a disabled druid on the run from human and fey law who is finding more power within himself thanks to the dark mass merging with the faith stone that lodged itself inside him in Uncertain Allies. Joe Stinkwort is a flit, a twelve-inch fairy, who is attached to Connor. Callin Grey is his older brother, once known as Shadow. His parents, Thomas and Regula Grey, are banished from the Seelie Court by Maeve. Seems Connor’s rebellions are affecting more than just himself.

Meryl Dian is a druidess, the chief archivist for the Guild, and Connor’s lover. The Clure is the head of the Cluries clan and Callin’s friend. Dylan macBain was Connor’s partner back in his New York days. In Unfallen Dead, Dylan came up to Boston. And died. Well, dead enough so he could go undercover.

Detective Leo Murdock of the Boston PD has recently learned that he and his siblings are half-Druid and half-human. It’s a difficult fact to accept, to try to reconcile with his Catholic faith. His brothers, Gerry and Kevin, are openly hostile to Connor and not happy about recent events, although they are definitely exploring their fey heritage. Unhappy enough that they’ll try to kill Connor. Faith is a sister and not as hostile.

Eorla Kruge Elvendottir leads what the fey are now calling the Unseelie Court and she’s considering seeking the Teutonic fey crown but she’ll need someone to head up the court in Boston. Rand is her bodyguard/driver. Bergin Vize is the ecoterrorist elf whom Connor fought the day he lost his powers. Brokke and Donor Elfenkonig, the Elven King, both died in Uncertain Allies. Baron Aldred Core is the guise Donor wore as Elven ambassador to Boston so he could be hands-on with his plans. Bastian Frye was the elf king’s chief advisor and assassin; now, he’s trying to run the Consortium and pretend the king isn’t dead.

Guildmaster Manus ap Eagan is still in a coma and Ryan macGoren is the Acting Guildmaster. Very bad for Connor since Ryan doesn’t want the truth coming out. Tibbet is a brownie and she’s been with Manus forever. She’s also a close friend of Connor’s. Keeva macNeve returns from Tara and she’s had her baby, a son. Nigel Martin is a powerful Druid trapped in Briallen’s attic after he attacked Meryl. Briallen verch Gwyll ab Gwyll is a very powerful druidess and Connor’s friend. Ceridwen is a Dead underQueen pulling together a kingdom in Boston.

Janey Likesmith is a Dark elf, of the Dokkheim clan, who works in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. She’s the only fey employee and they dump all the supernatural bodies on her. Gillen Yor is the chief of staff at Avalon Memorial Hospital. He’s caring for Manus and Connor has some ideas about the stone bowl. Virgil is a small gargoyle who speaks to Connor. We finally meet Melusine Blanc, the representative of the Solitaries who usually avoids any meetings. And she is quite happy with Eorla taking up the leadership role for her people. Alfen was one of Vize’s followers before he was executed. Belgor is an elf with a supply shop for the occult in the Weird, but is really a pawn shop. He’s been a snitch for Connor frequently. Turns out he can shapeshift as well and is quite happy to pay his debt to Connor.

Shay is a human helping Connor and he delivers the stone bowl for Manus. Uno, the hellhound, is still around protecting him. Heydan runs Yggy’s so he can Watch.

High Queen Maeve leads the Celtic fey from Tara and intends to rule all the fey, not just the Celts. The Celts have their Guildhouses scattered throughout the world acting as embassies and law enforcement agencies who intervene in magical crimes. Supposedly. Brion Mal leads the High Queen’s Fianna, “the greatest fighting force in the world” which serves the Seelie Court. Not the Queen. The Consortium is the Teutonic fey’s equivalent of a Guildhouse. The fey are trapped in our world. Ever since Convergence when something happened in Faerie and parts of Faerie merged with our world and can’t get back. The Tangle is even worse than the Weird and is headquarters for Ceridwen.

The Cover and Title

The cover is yellows and browns with a stormy sky filled with lightning aimed at Boston Common which became charged with energy after the battle in Unfallen Dead. The city of Boston is in the background and Connor is striding towards us in a black sleeveless T, a black, collared leather vest and jeans. He’s intent and, oddly enough, he seems happy.

I suspect the title refers to the events which led up to Convergence and resulted in these Undone Deeds. What I’m hoping is that it’s a possibility for the future and that Connor Grey will return for all the Undone Deeds I’m imagining…!