A Memory of Light Teaser Sign-Up

Posted November 21, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

Tour Dates and Times

Brandon Sanderson has posted the current details for his A Memory of Light–>with Brandon Sanderson” target=”_blank”>blog tour for full blog post for more in-depth details.

If you plan to attend one of Sanderson’s book tour events and have him sign a book for you, he is asking, and in some cases, warning fans to purchase the book from the bookstore where he is appearing. His full blog post states some excellent reasons for this, so if you’re startin’ to whine…go read it!

He does include a variety of ways in which you can get a book signed and/or personalized. He also includes tip-offs about some of the events.

Straight from TOR.com’s announcement:

Sign Up Now For Memories of Light: Daily Previews of A Memory of Light!

To celebrate the impending release of A Memory of Light, the final volume of Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time series, Tor.com will be releasing daily previews of the final volume in sentences, phrases, words and chapter titles, beginning on November 26th. The previews are available by email only, so if you would like to receive them, head over here and