Book Review: Anne Bishop’s Stranded

Posted November 24, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews, Young Adult readers

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Anne Bishop’s Stranded



Anne Bishop, Anthony Francis, James Alan Gardner

anthology, science fiction that was published by Bell Bridge Books on August 24, 2012 and has 210 pages.

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An anthology of three short stories for young adults revolving around a theme of being stranded.

The Stories

James Alan Gardner‘s “A Host of Leeches” is an odd mix of science fiction, paranoia, and the cartoonish. I definitely could see a Saturday morning cartoon based on this, although the audience is more likely to be conspiracy theorists.

Alyssa is the lucky one, the one experimented upon in a secret space station where plague victims were sent. She’s also the unlucky one as she seems to be the only living being in the entire complex. Until she can find Balla, her Dolphin aut. Then it’s two against the, well, world?

Good point. People thinking up all the bad things they’d do to others and automatically assuming that’s what their enemies are planning to do to them. Doesn’t say much about us. Or them.

This story feels as though it could be a prequel for a series. I want to give it a “3” because it’s just too juvenile in how Gardner writes the story, but it rates a “4” for its ingenuity. Which means a “3.5” in the ratings.

Anne Bishop‘s “A Strand in the Web” is a sad look at what our future could be if we don’t pay attention and care for the environment in which we currently live.

“It also showed that there was no room for ego in the work we were choosing to do.” I also like Bishop’s message that we are only one strand in the web of our world.

This is definitely a “5”, and I’d love to read future stories about this new effort at building a world. Bishop delivers her environmental message consistently and well. I did love the obvious connection between the comment on ego and Dermi and Fallah’s stupid reasons. Bishop wrote a great story without being condescending or cartoonish.

Anthony Francis‘ “Stranded” is a gender-divided Lord of the Flies with teenaged idiots. Ego- and hormone-driven nitwits who finally have to work together or die.

They and Serendipity Saint George collide when their ship crashes, and she’s just claimed the moon where they crashed. The crew is still fighting amongst themselves and Serendipity has her knowledge of history and the success/failure rate of human colonies, centuries of centaur philosophy and her grandmother’s training.

Francis certainly has an imagination and he’s certainly creative which rates it a “4”; however, I give it a “3” because I think he handled it clumsily at the start nor does he deliver his message very well. So, another “3.5”.

The Title

The title is the theme for these three stories: Stranded, whether its in fear, absolution, or a desire to prove oneself.