Book Review: Christine Feehan’s Dark Storm

Posted November 25, 2012 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Christine Feehan’s Dark Storm

Dark Storm


Christine Feehan

paranormal romance that was published by Berkley on October 2, 2012 and has 370 pages.

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Other books by this author which I have reviewed include Dark Predator, Savage Nature, Spirit Bound, Darkest at Dawn, Samurai Game, Leopard's Prey, Air Bound, Hot Blooded, Viper Game, Power Game, Earth Bound, Spider Game, "Dark Crime"

Twentieth in the Dark Saga paranormal romance series. The couple focus is on Riley and Dax. If you’re interested, there is a chronological listing of the Dark Saga books on my website.

My Take

Feehan’s done a switch up. It was getting a bit boring with the same
ol’, same ol’, and Dark Storm is still essentially the same storyline except this time the good guy and the bad guy are trapped inside a volcano. For the past 500 years thanks to the female descendants of the original lifemate. And we now have a dragon entering the pantheon.

Why is it that crucial information, education, is never passed on until the last minute? Mom’s been bringing Riley to this mountain to perform her ritual. Forcing her to learn the words. But does she bother to mention why? Noooo.

What’s the deal with Miguel? Why does he feel he failed the mother? Sure, I can understand that he failed a client, but why the emphasis on mother? And what’s the deal with letting someone like Mitro run around anyway? Since Carpathians know how vicious and brutal a turned-Carpathian is, shouldn’t they have taken active measures against him before things got worse??? We never find out about the two Dax found by the stream.

Sooo, all the principal characters get a last name except Dax? Then there’s Riley accepting the lifemate bond with Dax so easily. Part of me can accept it and another part feels Feehan cheated. The ending was too abrupt, too easy.

I was actually impressed how Feehan explained away in the dribbles of information she let fall as to the others accepting what Riley could do. I also enjoyed the battle between Dax and the Old One. Much more interesting and realistic than a simple acceptance.

Feehan has given this series a new interest for her readers to follow with the unique powers Riley has and the discovery that has Jubal and Gary jubiliant and Dax perplexed. I’ll also be curious to see how the dragon meld plays out.

The Story

It’s a journey they’re late starting. One that could have dire consequences, and Annabel is failing. Her connection to Mother Earth is not helping her to beat off the attacks and the volcano is getting ready to blow. An event that cannot occur.

But the bond holding Dax and Mitro prisoner has been weakening over the years, and Mitro’s influence is spreading throughout the jungle. Dominating the thoughts of anything alive.

The Characters

Riley Parker has a gift for language and now teaches them. Annabel is Riley’s mother, a child of the Cloud People with a Gift for nature, one she inherited from her ancestor, Arabijela. Her husband has just died and the couples of her line don’t survive long without their lifemate.

Danutdaxton “Dax“, a.k.a., the Judge, is Carpathian, and with Arbejila’s help, he trapped Mitro inside the volcano. Along with himself. It’s been 500 years and…he’s evolved. Just as Mitro Daratrazanoff has. Mitro is a psychopath. Has been from the beginning. The Old One is a red fire dragon, ready to aid Dax in his fight with Mitro.

Their companions upriver include:
Gary Jansen is a well-muscled lab rat and as capable in the outdoors as his companion, Jubal Sanders, as they hunt specific plants. Jubal has a sister, Gabrielle, who is very involved with plants as well. The mining engineers are Don Weston, a disgusting, chauvinistic jerk; Mack Shelton; and, Ben Charger, quiet, blending. Dr. Henry Patton is an archeologist and his two grad students are Todd Dillon and Marty Shepherd.

Pedro, Capa, Raul, Miguel, Alejandro, and Hector are the guides and porters on this trip into the jungle.

The De La Cruz brothers get a mention (Dark Predator) and we briefly encounter Juliette and Riordan (Hot Blooded: Dark Hunger or Darkest at Dawn, an anthology with both Dark Hunger and Dark Secret) and a pregnant Jasmine Sangria, a jaguar shifter. Solange is Juliette’s cousin and bound to Dominic, a Dragonseeker (see Dark Peril). Jubal is carrying a torch for Jasmine. Arabejila’s parents, Katalina (she was pregnant with Arabejila’s sister) was mated to Dax’s best friend, were savagely murdered in front of Arabijela before Mitro tried to kill her as well. Mitro had already gone vampire when he bonded with Arabijela. He wanted to hurt her.

Dr. Silva is Jasmine’s doctor. Petra works for the doctor.

The Cover and Title

A volcano, a flower that may prove life-creating, a red dragon, and Dax are almost hidden behind the gorgeous, intricately carved, and gilded border for the cover.

The title is accurate enough, for it is a Dark Storm that bursts into this story.