Book Review: Thomas E. Sniegoski’s Leviathan

Posted January 5, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews, Young Adult readers

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Thomas E. Sniegoski’s Leviathan



Thomas E. Sniegoski

urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Simon Pulse on July 1, 2003 and has 272 pages.

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Second in The Fallen urban fantasy series for young adults and revolves around Aaron Corbet, a newly awakened Nephilim, who is desperate to find his little brother, and about to arrive in Blithe, Maine.

My Take

And Aaron is still refusing to learn about his power or use it. Even when it would save Gabriel’s life. Does he need to have the earth blow up before he gets the picture??? Does he have to be staked and tortured? Just how does he expect to rescue Stevie if he doesn’t learn to use his abilities?? Duh… I have no sympathy for what he’s suffering. Idiot.

Okay, this story sets the basis for what the series will cover. It’s really Verchiel’s fault for “abandoning his holy mission and becoming obsessed with preventing the prophecy” about Aaron from becoming reality. That Verchiel will blame Aaron for “making” him obsess and “allowing the forces of chaos to take root in the world”.

Hee-hee, Aaron is seducing Camael with french fries, the next step is changing his mind about music!

I am not enjoying this. However, I so desperately want to be in on Verchiel’s punishment, that I plan to keep reading…

The Story

Aaron, Gabe, and Camael are on the road, heading for northwest. Something is drawing him. And Aaron is determined that it must be where the Powers have taken Stevie.

Good thing there’s a vet in Blithe, for Gabe needs all the help he can get. Since he can’t get it from Aaron. But there’s something wrong in Blithe, and it will take a powerful Nephilim to free the imprisoned archangels and the town, for monsters are appearing everywhere.

The Characters

It’s true, Aaron Corbet is the answer to the prophecy, that he will save the Fallen. One day he awoke and could understand the languages of all living creatures on earth. He saved Gabriel, his dog, when he was struck by a car. Camael once led a Choir of angels, an army of Powers. Now, he’s a former Power, who has turned from Verchiel’s path, appalled by the violence and death. He will protect Aaron with his life.

Kevin Wessell is the missing Blithe vet; his ex-fiancée, Katie McGovern, another vet, is holding down the fort until he can be found. Mrs. Provost is the landlady who gives Aaron a room while Gabe’s wound heals. Chief of Police Dexter is one of those small town cops with a heavy hand.

Vilma Santiago is a very popular girl in Aaron’s old school who recently transferred in from Brazil who was in love with Aaron. Sad that Aaron left, Vilma is suffering from nightmares, depression, and a loss of appetite. Beatrice and Tina are her best friends.

Verchiel, the leader of the Powers, is a nutjob who believes he is fulfilling God’s will, but God refuses to speak to him. He despises humans, referring to them as monkeys, animals. He will destroy anyone a Nephilim has come in contact with. Whole towns if he wishes. He’s a psychotic whom I’d love to torture slowly. Kraus is a human healer who kowtows to Verchiel until Verchiel heals his blindness, and he finally begins to truly see. Idiot.

Stevie Stanley is the autistic, natural son who was taken from Aaron’s foster parents by Verchiel to be transformed into a Hound. Archons Jaldabaoth, Oraios, Jao, Sabaoth, Katspiel, Domiel, and Erathaol are the “angels” who torture Stevie into changing. And I want them to burn in Hell. A sweet, little boy desperately struggling to remember his brother. Now, Malak will be used to hunt down his brother.

Mufgar is the chieftain of the Deheboryn Orisha clan which serves the Powers as hunter trackers, slaves. Created by the Fallen in an attempt to create life, their skill lies in manipulating the elements. Creating tunnels within the earth. Shokad is the shaman for the clan and he is against Mufgar’s plans. He has dreamt of a world in which the Powers are destroyed by the Nephilim.

Leviathan is Legion. He is all and he seduces everyone into his grasp with their own dreams of what might have been. The Archangel Gabriel has been one of its prisoners; he says that Aaron has his father’s eyes.

Nephilim are the rare children born of angels and human women (who usually die in childbirth). The Powers are secret police, God’s storm troopers, and their job is to destroy what they believe is offensive to the Creator. Only, they’ve gone overboard. Archons are Powers who have mastered angelic magick.

Lucifer Morningstar was repenting in a Serbian monastery when Verchiel found him.

The Cover and Title

The cover is gruesomely accurate as Aaron crouches to battle the beast, the enemy, Leviathan. A monster with his own plans for world domination.