Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Blood of the Demon

Posted January 7, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Blood of the Demon

Blood of the Demon


Diana Rowland

urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by Bantam on February 23, 2010 and has 369 pages.

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Second in the Kara Gillian urban fantasy series about a demon summoner who happens to be a detective in Beaulac, Louisiana.

My Take

It’s a nightmare of deaths, seemingly unrelated, but once that thread is found…it just keeps unraveling.

I am enjoying this series in spite of the too-easy adjustments Rowland makes and some of Kara’s stupid actions. And that’s saying something! One of Kara’s inanities is her fear of telling Ryan how she feels. What? Is she twelve? It’s just annoying. Then there’s all this knowledge Kara supposedly has about demons and how does she treat such an incredibly powerful Demon Lord?? Duh… We finally do get confirmation of what Ryzkhal wants from Kara. A no-brainer, really.

Hmmm, it’s interesting how nastily all the demons react when they encounter Ryan. I did love Jill’s introduction to Kara’s world. A little too easy, but definitely fun. It’s cute too how happy exposure to the human world can make demons. Popcorn, anyone? Her experience with the river has fascinating possibilities.

That was just too easy. What?? Is Rowland tired already of importuning Kara?

Karma can be such a bitch…

The Story

It’s not unusual for a cop to commit suicide, but Kara sees where his essence has been eaten. Then like dominoes, people he knows end up dead, each with their essence more forcibly removed each time.

Tessa is still in her coma and can’t help Kara discover what type of magic — or demon — eats someone’s essence. Worse, Tessa has warded her library to exclude Kara! The wards include Tessa’s summoning room, and makes it difficult to get Kehlirik in to help her gain access. Too bad Kara is such a novice with demons.

Although, she does get an interesting wake-up call at the restaurant! As do we!

The Characters

Kara Gillian is a demon summoner and a police detective in Beaulac PD’s homicide division. Her Aunt Tessa Pazhel is in an essence coma after events in Mark of the Demon.

Special Agent Ryan Kristoff is with an arcane division of the FBI and knows about Kara’s abilities. His partner is Special Agent Zack Garner, a.k.a., Surfer Dude. They’ve been temporarily transferred to the area with a special request about Kara. Lord Rhyzkahl is a Demon Lord, well above a twelfth-level demon. One never summons such a powerful being. Unless they’re Kara Gillian.

Cory Crawford is a sergeant now. Detective Brian Roth doesn’t have any more problems. Jill Faciane is a crime scene technician and Kara’s best friend. Allen Demma is a cop who won’t rise any further in the department. Scott Glassman is happy as a street cop. Not so happy about Brian or his wife. Dr. Jonathan Lanza is the medical examiner and Carl is his assistant. One with a huge secret. Huge. Detective Pellini is getting Kara’s most recent two cases; seems there’s some envy in the department. Detective Boudreaux is another of Kara’s NOT-fans. Captain Barry Weiss is a pit bull of a man and annoyed by her poor behavior. Turnham has been promoted to chief to replace Eddie Morse. Judge Laurent is so not a fan of Judge Roth. And somebody’s gonna lose their job! Detective Fourcade is with Mandeville PD whom Kara just can’t wait to piss off. I understand her frustration, but jeez, what an idiot she is.

Parish Councilman Davis Sharp is a prominent restaurateur whose restaurant is where you go to see and be seen. Elena Sharp is his very angry wife. Carol Roth is Brian’s busy, busy, busy wife. Judge Harris Roth is pulling strings to control the investigation. Rachel Roth is his second wife and a hotshot attorney who does a lot of pro bono work. The Galloways are a wronged couple. Hilery Raimer is a retired cop who enjoys fishing. Ron Burnside was going to run against Judge Roth until a surgery went wrong.

A twelfth-level demon, a reyza, Kehlirik, owes Kara a favor and wants to honor one who is in favor with Lord Rhyzkahl. Seems our perspective on demons has been skewed and they’re simply very powerful aliens. Very selfish, self-serving demons so be careful how you word a contract with one. Zhergalet is a faas and renowned for his skill with wards.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a deep, dark brown with a nude Kara in profile from the elbow up, a man’s hand touching her just below the shoulder. Tone-on-tone runes are superimposed on top of the lower half of the cover and on the moon in the upper right.

The title is about the bond that must be agreed upon with the Blood of the Demon.