Book Review: Shelly Thacker’s “Ten Shades of Sexy”

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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Shelly Thacker’s “Ten Shades of Sexy”

"Ten Shades of Sexy"

It is part of the , , , , , series and is a in eBook edition on July 13, 2012 and has 147 pages.

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His Forbidden Touch (Stolen Brides, 2)
After the Fire (Hidden Cove, 1)
Just Perfect (Perfect, 2)
Lips That Touch Mine (Grayson Brothers, 3)
Justin (Tales of the Shareem, 7)
Hidden Crimes (Hidden, 3)

This was actually disappointing. I hadn’t realized it was very short excerpts from ten different erotic romances.

My Take

I believe, however, that the stated idea for this “novel” of excerpts is to provide the hottest bits from those novels. Like I said, the ostensible excuse provided. It’s really just an enticement to get you to buy the actual novel/short story.

I don’t recommend this book. Either buy the individual novels outright or borrow the actual stories from the library to see if you would like it. There just isn’t enough in these to persuade me into buying more than a few.

The Excerpts

Shelly Thacker‘s “His Forbidden Touch” is an historical romance from the 14th century and pays no attention to mores of the time. This was a real turn-off for me.

Then there’s the dorky inconsistencies: “fur had parted just enough to reveal the soft curves of her breasts, their rosy peaks taut.” Okay, points for knowing the difference between “taut” and “taught”, but if only her breasts’ soft curves are visible, how can he possibly see those rosy peaks? And there are just too many of these idiocies.

Kathryn Shay‘s “After the Fire” is a contemporary romance about a pair of firefighters whose past romantic experiences have left them shellshocked. They have a child together, they live together, but they have made pact to not sleep together.

The little bit available to read was so melodramatic, although the sex scene was good. But it doesn’t entice me into wanting to read more.

Patricia Ryan‘s “Heaven’s Fire” is a twelfth-century romance with conflict over a teaching priest’s attraction to a persecuted young woman in Oxford.

If it fell into my lap, I’d read it.

Julie Ortolon‘s “Just Perfect” is a contemporary romance about a doctor attracted to her ski instructor/head of Search and Rescue while she’s on vacation. It’s an interesting twist as both are attracted to each other and it’s the man who slips up and confesses to love, although he does retrieve his position quickly.

It appears to include some rope bondage. I’d pick this one up. No, not because of the ropes. I like the twist.

Patricia McLinn‘s “The Games” is a contemporary romance between a biathlete and a hockey player. Ehhh.

Julianne MacLean‘s “Taken by the Cowboy” time-travel romance is kind of cute with Jessica Delaney unexpectedly taken back in time where she tangles with an Old West sheriff, Truman Wade.

This one’s going on my check it out further list because it’s about time travel. What can I say, I’m a sci-fi geek.

Wendy Lindstrom‘s “Lips That Touch Mine” is an historical romance also set in the Old West and presents a romantic conflict between a saloon owner and a woman on a temperance campaign. Only, she wants to know more about this vice she’s against.

I did find Grayson’s explanation of why a man goes out to a saloon quite believable, that when he’s at home, he’s thinking of all the undone chores and the family members or neighbors he should be helping whereas, at the pub, none of that is niggling away at him.

Allyson JamesJustin” is a paranormal romance about male sex slaves. It is an interesting twist in that the women are the dominant gender. And, hey, it’s Allyson James!

Emma Holly‘s “Hidden Crimes” is a paranormal romance from her Hidden paranormal romance series. I’ve already started reading this series and am enjoying it very much.

Lori Devoti‘s “Trust Me” is a vampire romance in which a dhamphir is hunting down the last member of a female vampire’s bloodline. She’s been feeding off her bloodline to increase her power and Henry Bisson intends to trap her and kill her in revenge.

Sounds interesting.

The Cover and Title

I can’t get excited about the underwear the girl is wearing, although that is all she’s wearing…other than the boxer-wearing guy she’s wrapped her legs around!

The title is to the point, for there are Ten Shades of Sexy in the ten excerpts.