Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Secrets of the Demon

Posted January 9, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Secrets of the Demon

Secrets of the Demon


Diana Rowland

urban fantasy in Paperback edition that was published by DAW Books on January 4, 2011 and has 310 pages.

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Third in the Kara Gillian urban fantasy-police procedural series.

My Take

As much fun as it’s been watching Kara squirm around not telling anyone about her abilities, it’s a relief when she does bring more people in on the secret. It’s rather endearing how the demons she works with are so interested in the human joys.

Rowland is a treat to read as she reveals secrets — most in a slow tease and some with a flash bang — and entices us with yet more to be unveiled. Her cast of characters run the gamut — even within themselves! From sweet to evil. Others are unexpectedly welcoming. While still others are true to our initial impression. I would never have expected Crawford to react as he does. That trick with the mayor was a treat!

Okay, I can understand that Kara would think that Ryan is no longer interested in her, but when he’s practically hitting her over the head with his interest…I don’t see how she can miss it. For a detective, she’s pretty dim and uncurious.

An interesting look inside the recording industry, but a confusing one on the banking in and outs.

It’s another great read from Rowland and I can’t wait to dive into Sins of the Demon.

The Story

There is some question as to whether the threat of a demon eating a local singer’s soul is true or simply a publicity stunt. But then people related to the singer’s business are dying mysteriously. Even more bizarre, something demon-like is tracking Kara, chasing her, trying to summon her. Events have escalated enough that Crawford is pressing her for information.

Powerful people are insisting she back off. And all sorts of secrets are leaking out. Zack. Marco Knight. Jill. Even Ryan has secrets he didn’t know.

The Characters

Detective Kara Gillian works for the Beaulac PD by day and is a demon summoner by night. An ability she utilizes to solve her cases. She has yet to tell her aunt of her discovery of how to store power. Aunt Tessa is also a summoner, Kara’s teacher. Carl is a morgue tech, a null, and Tessa’s boyfriend.

Special Agent Ryan Kristoff knows of her abilities and has requested her presence on his task force on an as-and-when basis. For some reason, the demons hate him, calling him kiraknikahl, oathbreaker. Special Agent Zachary Garner is his partner and he also knows what she can do. Detective Marco Knight is with the NOPD and makes up the fourth member of their undercover operation. Seems he has his own secrets and divines others.

Jill Faciane is CSI and still willing to be Kara’s friend even when she found out about Kara’s more covert abilities in Blood of the Demon. Turns out she almost went to the Olympics as a gymnast. Detectives Boudreaux and Pellini are still jerks, always giving Kara a bad time, which she hands right back at them. Chief Robert Turnham is getting pressure from Ben Moran to let the incident with his niece go; Mayor Fussell also tries to put the arm on her. Sergeant Cory Crawford is very supportive of Kara. Doctor Jonathan Lanza is the forensic pathologist. Brad is the computer forensics expert. Scott Glassman is a great street cop; and, Tracy Gordon is his officer trainee.

Lida Moran is an up-and-coming singer for a Goth band. Michael is her brother and the keyboardist in the band. An accident when they were young caused brain damage in Michael and Lida is very protective of him. Trey Westin is the bass player, Lida’s boyfriend, and he recently graduated with a degree in finance. Roger Peeler is the drummer, their tech guy, and a personal trainer. Adam Taylor is their manager with some outstanding warrants. Ben Moran is Lida and Michael’s uncle and a local businessman. Victor Kerry is a financial planner with a keen interest in working out. Seems Adam Taylor owes him quite a bit. Nikki is a friend of Lida’s.

Lord Rhyzkahl is a Demon Lord with whom Kara has had to make a bargain to save Ryan’s life. Seems there’s envy in DemonLands… Skalz is a zhurn, a tenth-level demon Kara has summoned as a contingency backup. He wishes to make a particular bargain with Kara, as her guardian. Eilahn is a syraza that Rhyzkahl wants Kara to summon. She will join the task force as a foreign agent.

The Cover and Title

The cover is Kara looking very elvish as she moves in, her gun clasped in both hands, hunting the beast which is directly behind her and way bigger than life.

I think the title is more about the demon culture than any specific demon, and there certainly are lots of Secrets of the Demon world being revealed here.