Book Review: Alyssa Day’s Heart of Atlantis

Posted January 31, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Alyssa Day’s Heart of Atlantis

Heart of Atlantis


Alyssa Day

mythic fantasy, romance in Paperback edition that was published by Berkley on December 4, 2012 and has 307 pages.

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Eighth and last (thank god) in the Warriors of Poseidon mythic fantasy romance series. The couple focus is on Alaric and Quinn.

In 2012, Heart of Atlantis won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Paranormal Romance.

My Take

What melodramatic claptrap! With a dose of metaphysical Keystone Kops and an over-the-top villain. The entire premise for Alaric and Quinn not hooking up is so thin; and, even if it were true, what’s a few more days after all the time they’ve already waited. Then there’s Alaric suddenly deciding — when Atlantis is about to rise up from the ocean floor and end the series — that he wants to have a tantrum and not play anymore.

Give. Me. A. Break. Yeah, I get that the guy has been giving Atlantis and Poseidon his all for thousands of years. Now that there are a few weeks, maybe, left before the end, he suddenly decides to quit?? *Dang, where is that bucket…?* At least give me a reasonable premise for Alaric suddenly going mad destroyer.

Hmmm, seems the powers-that-be in Atlantis have been holding back on Alaric.

I do like that Quinn refuses to be pushed into a backseat. And it is funny how people are reacting to Alaric actually smiling. Then there’s the new portal and his “You have need”.

They all know Anubisa is out for their blood, and they haven’t prepared for this??

The Story

The prologue reminds us of events in Vampire in Atlantis.

The tourmaline, Poseidon’s Pride, has been found. The last jewel that belongs in the Trident that will allow Atlantis to rise to the surface once again. Of such strength that only a god or the high priest of Atlantis can contain its power.

The same high priest who wants nothing more to do with Atlantis, its people or its god.

If the rest can’t fix this, Atlantis is doomed.

The Characters

Quinn Dawson is the rebel leader pushing the battle against the vampires as well as battling her love for Alaric. She’s also Riley’s sister. Jack Shepherd has returned from death in his tiger form; his humanity lost.

Alaric is the warrior high priest of Atlantis, condemned to a lifetime of celibacy. And in love with Quinn. Nereus was a high priest of Atlantis; his loss spurred the lies. Myrken is one of the priests.

The Seven include the King’s Vengeance “Ven” and Erin is a powerful gem-singer witch; Lord Justice (half-Atlantean and half-Nereid is Ven and Conlan’s half-brother) and Dr. Keely McDermott (she reads objects) have adopted Eleni as their own; Alexios with his part goddess-huntress Grace, who happens to be pregnant; Brennan‘s curse has been broken and he’s with Tiernan Butler, a reporter just happens to have the gift of truth-telling (Huh, a journalist who tells the truth. Now you know it’s the end of days…LOL); Christophe and Lady Fiona Campbell; Denal is with Lady Maeve Fairsby in the Summer Lands; and, the infrequent Bastien with his park ranger-kitty Kat Fiero. Prince Conlan and Princess Riley have a baby boy, Prince Aidan, a.k.a., His Royal Drooliness. Serai is an 11,000-year-old princess of Atlantis as well as a shifter who had been in stasis for millennia. She recently reunited in Vampire in Atlantis with the lover her family had spurned, the vampire, Daniel, who is himself now marked as a warrior of Poseidon.

Archelaus has “retired as mentor to the Atlantean warrior training academy” to a cave inside of Mount Fuji. Gailea is the spirit of the portal who has taken up residence in Noriko‘s cancer-ridden body. Poseidon is the sea god the Atlanteans worship. Danny is the new portal spirit. Ethan is a panther alpha and hooked up with Marie, first maiden of the Nereid Temple.

Ptolemy Reborn claims to be the true king of Atlantis. But he’s one with a reverse concept of noblesse oblige. Faust is a young flame-starter, a son of Ares, caught up in more than he wants. Westbury is one of the men guarding Quinn.

Anubisa is a vampire goddess returned from Chaos.

The Cover and Title

The golden cover is…interesting. The tiger is either Jack or Serai with Alaric. And, ooh, baby, I have never envisioned a priest with those sort of muscles.

The title is a nice herald to the end of this series with it referring to a number of possibilities as to the Heart of Atlantis — Alaric himself, Atlantis itself, its people…