Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Touch of the Demon

Posted January 31, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Diana Rowland’s Touch of the Demon

Touch of the Demon


Diana Rowland

urban fantasy that was published by DAW Books on December 31, 2012 and has 440 pages.

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Fifth in the Kara Gillian urban fantasy/police procedural series about a demon summoner/cop who has been taken to the Demonlands.

My Take

Whoaaaa. Rowland has let loose on a number of background issues — including what Ryan did — as well as providing Kara a lot of thoughts, issues, and problems to chew on. I mean, who knew that Szerain was an artist? Or how little she knows about the foundations of magic.

Rowland was amazing on this one, providing a slew of twists and turns, keeping me on tenterhooks throughout. It does reinforce the concept of communication. While it would have screwed up the story, an open exchange would have saved a lot of grief.

Another type of communication I appreciated was Rowland’s attention to detail on Mzatal’s and Kara’s speech and thought patterns. It’s tough to write two separate styles, and this was very well done. It definitely conveyed two completely different people.

I did start to wonder why Kara was so accepting of everything. She never questions what Rhyzkahl is up to. And she’s a cop. She should know better. Annnnd, she just takes up in the same place with another demon. WTF?

Oh, yeah, a very informative installment.

Providing she lives.

The Story

This story takes up exactly where Sins of the Demon left off. With a demonic lord collaring Kara.

It’s pain and imprisonment for Kara as she attempts to make sense of what she’s learning. And none of it’s good as the battlelines are drawn in the wind.

The Characters

Kara Gillian is a police detective on the Beaulac PD. When she’s on earth. Off-duty, she’s a demon summoner. Now, she’s simply a prisoner. Eilahn is a younger syraza demon whose shell died; she was Kara’s bodyguard on earth.

Special Agent Ryan Kristoff is actually a demon lord, Szerain, who was exiled and bound for his actions. Zack, a.k.a., Zakaar, is also a demon, an Elder syraza, Rhyzkahl’s ptarl, and he’s guarding Ryan. Turek, a savik demon with information, is essence-sworn to Szerain.

Mzatal is the oldest demon lord. Gestamar, “one of the more popular high-level demons”, and Safar are reyza demons. Elinor is a summoner who laid waste the demon world. Idris Palatino is the human summoner who brought Kara over. Ilana is an Elder syraza, Mzatal’s ptarl. Lazul is a tentacled mehnta, a guardian of the Grove. Jekki and Faruk are faas, a mated pair, and very handy with any household needs. Helori is an Elder syraza.

There are a total of eleven demon lords, qaztahl. Besides Rhyzkahl, Szerain, and Mzatal, there are also Jesral, who seems to be really good buddies with Rhyzkahl; Amkir is a major jerk; Kadir is a sadistic bastard (Sehkeril is his reyza; the one who helped the Symbol Man); Vahl (Michelle Clelland, also from Mark of the Demon is with him now); Seretis and Rayst have Michael Moran from Secrets of the Demon with them; Elofir seems to be a calm lord; and, Vrizaar.

Rhyzkahl is the demon lord with whom Kara has been keeping company as well as summoning to earth once a month. Olihy is one of his syrazas. Kehlirik is the twelfth-level reyza demon who owes Kara. Obviously, just not enough.

Katashi is the summoner from whom Tara learned the craft. Tsueno is one of Katashi’s students.

The Ekiri were the “race that once lived among us [the demons] and taught much of the mastery of the arcane”.

The Cover and Title

Eeek! Those red demon eyes on Kara are a little scary on the cover. It’s a brown tiled floor a’tilt with the purple horizon and a deep, deep blue-clad Kara kneeling on the floor, pointing her gleaming Blade into the floor, the magic lighting it up as well as marking runes on her chest and arm, more magic trailing off into the ether — it’s the battle at the end, all cleaned up.

The title is all about the Touch of the Demon. With hard, soft, cruel, and kind touches.