Book Review: Jamie Mason’s Three Graves Full

Posted February 13, 2013 by Kathy Davie in

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Book Review: Jamie Mason’s Three Graves Full

Three Graves Full

in Hardcover edition on February 12, 2013 and has 307 pages.

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A thriller with more twists in and out of the dark than the Takabisha rollercoaster.

My Take

Mason certainly pulled me in and then spit me back out. The twists and turns from the original worry of discovery to the truth of Jason’s life. The truth of Leah’s feelings. The identities and whys of Jason’s body.

It’s an amazingly simple story. Well, three simple stories which Mason weaves together until they meet one night and the most terrifying night of Keystone Kops ensues, ramping up my anxiety and heart rate. I simply couldn’t read fast enough to find out what happens next!

The police are clean, sharp, and the type you want out there. Everyone else? They’re like nothing you’d expect with more truth than you want.

What a weasel?!! Why not just move? I mean, duh. Why does he put up with this?

Well, I’m just happy the baddies didn’t get a chance to reproduce.

Why did Boyd and Leah keep calling Harris “Phil”??

The Story

One man with too many bodies; one woman without one.

She’s grateful for the easy out; he’s still content.

The Characters

Jason Getty buried a man in his backyard; Patty is the wife who intended to leave him, but died before she got round to it. Gary Harris is Getty’s body. A man who taunted and bullied, setting Jason up.

Leah Tamblin discovers the difference between knowing and not-knowing when it comes to her missing fiancé, Reid Reynolds. Dean is his pot-smoking brother; Sheila is his mother — a built-in family.

Katielynn Montgomery was just Reid’s type. Boyd Montgomery appears to be dead; his twin, Bart, is scuzzy but really good with dogs.

Detective Tim Bayard investigates the first skeleton found. Lyle Mosby is the Carter County lead crime-scene investigator; Valerie is his assistant. Ford Watts is a fellow detective; Maggie is his wife while Tessa is a volunteer dog who adores meat loaf.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a ground view of a naked tree against a vividly orange sky. Considering the subject matter, it could well be a classy (and spooky) metaphor for Halloween and the ensuring Fright Night!

The title is what it’s all about — Three Graves Full.