Book Review: Gini Koch’s Alien Tango

Posted March 6, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Gini Koch’s Alien Tango

Alien Tango


Gini Koch

romance, science fiction in Paperback edition that was published by DAW Books on December 7, 2010 and has 428 pages.

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Second in the Katherine “Kitty” Katt science fiction-romance revolving around Kitty, a former marketing manager, now in charge of a unit of Top Gun pilots.

My Take

Another funny story with some big issues; romantic issues with the past and the present and the parents on both sides who are against what Kitty and Jeff have.

Koch has really done a lovely job of creating this alien world with their same issues and she slowly dribbles out the truth about why earth’s A-Cs are here. Sad that prejudice and bigotry are rampant throughout the universe. As are family issues, sigh. Poor Jeff. Lucky for him, Kitty’s on his side.

For such a bright woman, Kitty is amazingly dense, but then she turns around and comes up with the greatest lies when the gang emerges from various men’s toilets around the world that will crack you up. I find myself wishing I could be as creative as Kitty when she’s on the…hmmm, “fly” just doesn’t seem the right word here…

Oh, oh, oh, wait’ll you read the bit about the “camouflage” Jeff carries to the plane…pee beforehand…

You’ll appreciate Jerry and Joe’s action more once you read about it. Just know that when Jerry says “I love working for you”, he really, really means it, LOL.

Ooh, boy, several kinds of stalkers after Kitty in this one: the A-C sent mad by Club 51 and the ‘gator.

“Then there’s:
‘Is that Karl Smith? Because, somehow, I’d expected him to look different. You know, like he was a man.'”

Oh man, it’s gonna be a tag-team fight tonight between Kitty Katt and Jeff’s family. The one insisting that all married couples sleep separately!

Whoa…! Bitch, much? I cannot believe Jeff’s mother. I wanted to smack her! Pissed because they’re late for dinner. National security problems? Pish-tosh.

The Story

It’s a fight. Jeff wants to go to Kitty’s high school reunion; Kitty doesn’t. But that’s the easy part. The A-Cs and Kitty are being set up by their own.

The Characters

Katherine Katt is the new head of the Airborne Division; Lieutenant William Cox, Captain Jerry Tucker, and Lieutenant Chip Walker and Hughes are her pilots. And Jerry is a good teacher. Of course, Kat does need her tunes to really function well.

Mom, a.k.a., Mrs. Rambo, a.k.a., Angela Katt, actually is a consultant, for counterterrorism and the head of the Presidential Terrorism Control Unit (PTCU) while Dad, a.k.a., Sol Katt, is a cryptologist for NASA’s ET Division. Both keep trying to turn her off Jeff. Dudley is their Great Dane, Dotty is the Dalmation, Duke is their black Lab, and Duchess is their very useful pit bull. Sugarfoot, Candy, and Kane are the cats. Uncle Mort is a very protective U.S. Marine, a Major General Mortimer Katt, in fact.

Kevin Lewis is an operative in PTCU, Angela’s second-in-command, and absolutely gorgeous. Keep it down, ladies. He’s also happily married.

Chuckie Reynolds is her best male friend and a conspiracy theorist. Seems he’s been hiding some secrets too. Despised in high school, now he’s a multimillionaire and gorgeous. Caroline was her sorority roommate in college, about to go to work for a senator.

The Centaurion Division includes:
Commander Jeff Martini is an empath, a very powerful one from another planet, who is madly, jealously in love with Kitty. Christopher White is an imageer, Jeff’s cousin, and work partner. Richard White is Chris’ father and the Sovereign Pontifex with a mostly symbolic role. Paul Gower is the Head of Recruitment and involved with James Reader, a human who was a male model for Calvin Klein. Tim is finally in. The women from Alpha Centauri are the big thinkers: scientists, doctors, etc. Claudia and Lorraine are good examples — Claudia is dating Randy; Lorraine is with Joe — two of Kitty’s flyboys.

Canaveral Ops
Karl Smith is head of the base and doesn’t want the A-Cs and their team at the base. Fred Turco is head of security; Alfred Martini is Jeff’s dad and in command of alien security. There are three astronauts in quarantine: Michael is one of Paul’s three brothers; Daniel Chee; and, Brian Dwyer, Kitty’s old boyfriend from high school. Serene is an A-C and Alfred’s assistant. She’s really good with miniaturization and explosives.

The vicious Martini family includes:
Stephanie is 15, and anti-Kitty. Lucinda is Jeff’s mother; Sylvia, Elizabeth, Constance, Lauren, and Marianne are Jeff’s sisters. Barbara is Doreen‘s mother, you know, Jeffrey’s intended. Except, Irving is her boyfriend. Kimberly is 3 and she’s all in favor of Kitty.

Alicia is the hapless stewardess fending off complaints. Shannon O’Rourke is a most suspicious passenger. Leventhal Reidis a dirty politician whom Mom despises.

Club 51
Howard Taft is the leader. Casey Jones, a.k.a., Maureen, is the head of this chapter.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a collage of events from the story: the snappin’ ‘gator, Kitty’s red Keds, tumbling vehicles, and rocketships form the background for Jeff to race a rocket-launcher-laden Kitty to safety while she keeps a lookout for the bad guys.

The title is that happy place where Jeff takes Kitty via the Alien Tango.

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    • Yeah, this is a great series when you just want a good laugh and parodies human aspects of life. I do enjoy Kitty’s reliance upon her tunes when she goes to war, although the intensity of the first book’s musical uses aren’t as much in following installments.