Book Review: Kim Harrison’s Ever After

Posted March 6, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from my own shelves in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Kim Harrison’s Ever After

Ever After


Kim Harrison

It is part of the The Hollows #11 series and is a urban fantasy in Hardcover edition that was published by Voyager on January 22, 2013 and has 435 pages.

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Eleventh in The Hollows urban fantasy revolving around Rachel Morgan and set in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 2014, Ever After was nominated for the Audie Award for Paranormal, and in 2013 for the Goodreads Choice Award for Paranormal Fantasy.

My Take

Whoa, Rachel goes from belligerent to diplomatic at the drop of a hat. it’s pretty obvious that she’s having a change of heart about Trent, and now I have to wait for the next one to see how things go, now that Trent may be getting back together with Ellasbeth.

It’s tricks and twists and turns. Some I see coming and most I don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused in a Hollows story before. The only thing I’m not confused about is Nick. I want that bugger dead!

Besides the confusion, I found this installment to be a much softer story when it comes to Rachel and Trent. Of course it all depends on how Harrison chooses to end this, but the kiss-me/don’t-touch-me between the two could use a lot more finesse. It’s more as if Harrison intends to have them end up with each other, but she wants to continue teasing us until the last minute and isn’t too bothered about spending any time developing this. At least not as per the manner in which Harrison has treated their relationship up to A Perfect Blood, 10. It’s certainly leaving me frustrated anyway!

WTF? Rachel keeps talking about filing papers and never does. Why not? She never learns. She’s always leaping into the fray almost before it forms and has no sense of strategy. She never tries to learn what the ramifications may be.

I do love Jenks’ influence on Bis when he does his little song and wiggles his hips à la Jenks!

It’s a bad situation, but it does provide Rachel with a living example of the types of decisions Trent has had to make for years about peoples’ lives.

Ooh, I do love Rachel’s argument! It’s so perfect…!

The Story

It’s another trick on Quen’s part, his wanting Rachel to “help out”. And Rachel is damned if she’ll fall for it again. Only, fate gets in the way when Rosewood Syndrome babies are being kidnapped. Then Ku’Sox steps in and kidnaps those near and dear to Rachel while the I.S. tries to blame it all on her.

Then her ley line goes from bad to worse with the ever-after leaking worse than ever. The best way to fix? Kill Rachel.

The Characters

Turns out Rachel Morgan is a day-walking demon, and no one knows what to do with her. That’s what Rosewood Syndrome is all about, a genetic problem in all witches that some don’t have to suffer as did Rachel. Ivy Tamwood, a living vampire, is in Flagstaff helping ex-detective Matthew Glenn — he was too angry to work for the FIB after finding out that HAPA had infiltrated — and Daryl (she’s a nymph) with their move (A Perfect Blood). I think it’s also an opportunity to see if they can make it as a threesome. Jenks is a pixy and he owns the church they all live in.

Bis is a very young gargoyle whom the demon-gargoyles are teaching how to read the lines, so he can teach Rachel how to ride them. Glissando is Bis’ friend, hoping to be his life mate; she and the other gargoyles think Bis is the world breaker and Rachel is the sword with which he will break it. Etude is Bis’ father. Treble is Al’s gargoyle.

Belle is the wingless fairy (see Black Magic Sanction, 8) living at the church and babysitting Jenks’ kids. She’s doing a good job of taking care of Jenks as well. Rex is Jenks’ cat that Belle rides. The pixy kids in the church include Jumoke, the only black-haired pixy in the lot and Jrixibell.

Trent Kalamack is a known elf now, with only eight fingers, and out of politics, but he’s happy now that he has his daughter Lucy with him (Into the Woods: Million Dollar Baby, 9.5). Quen Hanson is an elf and Trent’s head of security. He’s with Ceridwen and they have a child, Ray. Rachel is godmother to both girls. Ellasbeth Withon is the elf who was to have been Trent’s bride, uniting two elf houses. Tulpa is Trent’s familiar and the horse he’s had since summer camp.

Algaliarept “Big Al” is the demon who is supposed to be teaching Rachel, only he’s too busy ducking the other demons. Dali is a reasonable demon, at least compared to what a nutcase Newt, the only other female demon, is. Gordian Nathaniel Pierce is a former boyfriend of Rachel’s resurrected from his grave, and now a witch trapped as Newt’s familiar.

Barbie and Susan work at the art museum where the elf artifacts exhibit is being set up. Marcie is arranging the displays.

Felix/Ohem is an undead vampire who uses Nina, a young vampire and I.S. operative, as his walking/talking puppet. Only he’s inside her too much, too often. And Ivy is encouraging her to rebel. Rynn Cormel is Ivy’s master vampire; he will only protect them if Rachel works to salvage their souls. And his patience is wearing out.

Nick Sparagamos is a scumbag human and thief out for anything he can get and he doesn’t care whom he tramples. Jax is one of Jenks’ sons and in league with Nick. Now he’s hooked up with Ku’Sox Sha-Ku’ru, a.k.a., Ku’Sox, the psychotic super demon.

Inderland Security is the supernatural legal authority — an offshoot of the original FBI and local police forces — in this new version of Earth after the Turn. And one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. Humans Against Paranormals Association (HAPA) is an extremist hate group that hates magic and supernaturals and that has infiltrated law enforcement on both sides.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a range of reds and flashes of yellow as Rachel stands in the red-tinged ever-after wearing her mother’s white linen bellbottoms and vest as she prepares for battle, tapping a line.

The title refers to the dwindling Ever After, the realm of demons which may see the end of them — and Rachel.