Upcoming Publications that I Missed for April 2013

Posted April 15, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Reading Books, Upcoming Publications

The blog has changed its appearance; I was getting fed up with the constricted width for the important stuff, so I chose a two-column layout. It may well change over the next few weeks as I try things out. But the content will always remain the same!

Admittedly, I’m only telling you about upcoming publications from series and authors I’ve already read. Fortunately, I’ve read a lot!

The below are those which I learned about after the monthly notice of upcomings. It also includes backlist titles—previously published books that are being digitized and re-released as eBooks. I’ll note those as “re-issues”.

Release Date! Author Series Title Avail. As/Thru
Apr 30, 2013 Eric Metaxas Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness Full-length non-fiction
Apr 9, 2013 Brandon Sanderson Wheel of Time, 14 A Memory of Light Full-length eBook released (separate from the hard copy)
Fantasy – Children
Apr 9, 2013 Paul Gallico The Abandoned Full-length novel re-released
Apr 3, 2012 Erin Hunter Warriors: Omen of the Stars Last Hope Full-length novel
Fantasy – YA
Apr 2, 2013 Marissa Burt Storybound, 2 Story’s End Full-length novel
Apr 4, 2013 Juliet Marillier Prickle Moon Collection of her best short stories
11 previously published stories and five new ones. Included are:
“Twixt Firelight and Water” (Sevenwaters, xx.5)
“In Coed Celyddon”
Apr 2, 2013 Thomas E. Sniegoski & Christopher Golden (renamed) Magic Zero Quartet, 1
Originally known as Outcast
Magic Zero Full-length novel
Apr 2, 2013 Thomas E. Sniegoski & Christopher Golden (renamed) Magic Zero Quartet, 2
Originally known as Outcast
Dragon Secrets Full-length novel
Apr 2, 2013 Jennie Shortridge Love Water Memory Full-length novel; read my review
Fiction – Historical
Apr 30, 2013 Jeffrey Archer Clifton Chronicles, 3 Best Kept Secret Full-length novel
Apr 1, 2013 Blake Crouch Letty Dobesh, 2 Sunset Key 144-page novel
Apr 1, 2013 Ellen Datlow Hauntings Short stories
Neil Gaiman’s “Closing Time”
Joyce Carol Oates’ “Haunted”
Peter Straub’s “Hunger: An Introduction”
George R. R. Martin’s “Remembering Melody”
Apr 22, 2013 Jack Kilborn (a.k.a., J.A. Konrath) Afraid, 4 Haunted House Full-length Kindle
Horror – YA
Apr 9, 2013 Darren Shan Zom-B, 3 Zom-B City 160-page eBook
Apr 30, 2013 Donna Kauffman Cupcake Club, 4 Honey Pie Full-length novel
Apr 30, 2013 Alice Kimberly (writing as Cleo Coyle) Haunted Bookshop, 6 Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller Full-length novel
Apr 30, 2013 Katherine Hall Page Faith Fairchild, 21 Body in the Piazza Full-length eBook
Mystery – Historical
Oct 11, 2012 Diana Gabaldon Short stories A Trail of Fire
“Lord John and the Plague of Zombies” (Lord John, 3.5)
“In The Space Between” (Outlander, 8.5)
“In The Custom of the Army” (Lord John, 2.75)
“In A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” (Outlander, 8.6)
Apr 15, 2013 Diana Gabaldon Lord John Grey, 3.5 A Plague of Zombies Standalone eBook with the 94-page short story (originally came out in 2011 in the Down These Strange Streets anthology and in the A Trail of Fire anthology.
Dec 26, 2012
Kindle: Apr 8, 2013
Diana Gabaldon Lord John Grey Lord John: The 4-Book Bundle Four short stories in a 1327-page eBook (man, that’s a good reason right there to use an eReader!)
Lord John and the Private Matter (1)
Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade (2)
Lord John and the Hand of Devils (anthology):

  • “Lord John and the Hellfire Club” (0.5)
  • “Lord John and the Succubus” (1.5)
  • “Lord John and the Haunted Soldier” (2.6)

The Scottish Prisoner (3)

(Somewhere, I read that the price may go down on this, so you may want to check with Amazon for a bit…)

Jan 17, 2013 Susanna Gregory Thomas Chaloner, 8 Death in St James’s Park Full-length novel
Apr 23, 2013 Sophie Kinsella Wedding Night Full-length novel
Apr 16, 2013 Nora Roberts Untamed Full-length eBook; re-issue
Apr 2, 2013 Nora Roberts Donovan’s Legacy (four titles, published between 1992 and 1999) Full-length eBook collection; re-issue
Apr 23, 2013 Nora Roberts The O’Hurleys (four titles, published between 1988 and 1990) Full-length eBook collection; re-issue
Apr 2, 2013 Nora Roberts Cordina’s Royal Family (four titles, published between 1986 and 2002) Full-length eBook collection; re-issue
Apr 2, 2013 Nora Roberts Night Tales (five titles, published between 1990 and 2000) Full-length eBook collection; re-issue
Apr 16, 2013 Nora Roberts Sullivan’s Woman Full-length eBook; re-issue
Apr 16, 2013 Nora Roberts Less of a Stranger Full-length eBook; re-issue
Apr 16, 2013 Nora Roberts Her Mother’s Keeper Full-length eBook; re-issue
Apr 30, 2013 Nora Roberts Change of Heart Two short stories: “Best Laid Plans” and “From This”
Apr 1, 2013 Nora Roberts Picture Perfect Two short stories: “The Art Of Deception” and “Sullivan’s Woman”
Romance – Erotica
Mar 28, 2013 Janelle Denison Marriage Diaries, 2 Seduction 65-page eBook
Apr 1, 2013 Virna DePaul Special Investigations Group, 3 Shades of Passion Full-length eBook
Apr 8, 2013 Shoshanna Evers Enslaved Trilogy, 1 Enslaved Full-length eBook; read my review
Apr 1, 2013 Rachel Haimowitz The Flesh Cartel: Fragmentation, 6 Brotherhood 93-page eBook
Apr 8, 2013 Lorelei James Rough Riders, 14.5 Short Rides Two novellas and a short story in eBook format
“King of Hearts” (also found in Guns and Roses)
“Rough Road”
“All Knocked Up”
Apr 22, 2013 Lisa Renee Jones Inside Out, 1.3 Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Volume 3, aka His Submissive 40-page eNovella; optioned to Starz for TV
Apr 8, 2013 Lisa Renee Jones Tall, Dark & Deadly, 3.3 Beneath the Secrets, Part 3 Kindle, 409KB
Jan 1, 2013 Josh Lanyon Winter Kill eBook
Apr 16, 2013 Christina Lauren Beautiful Bastard, 2 Beautiful Stranger Full-length Kindle; hard copy releases May 28, 2013??
Apr 30, 2013 Lisa Marie Rice SEAL, xx Fatal Heat and Two Dangerous Novellas Three short stories: “Fatal Heat”, “Hot Secrets”, and “Reckless Night”
Romance – Historical
Apr 30, 2013 Mary Balogh Waite A Counterfeit Betrothal (2) & The Notorious Rake (3) Two-story eBook; re-issue
Apr 2, 2013 Hannah Howell Wherlocke, 5 If He’s Tempted Full-length novel
Apr 30, 2013 Cathy Maxwell Chattan Curse, 3 Devil’s Heart Full-length novel
Romance – Paranormal
Apr 30, 2013 Kevin J. Anderson Dan Shamble, Zombie PI, 3 Hair Raising Full-length novel
Apr 30, 2013 Amanda Ashley As Twilight Falls Full-length novel
Apr 16, 2013 Jennifer Ashley Unbound Shifters, 4.6 Lone Wolf 178-page Kindle
Apr 2, 2013 Donna Grant Dark Warriors, 5 (1st half) Midnight’s Kiss, Part 1 eBook, 185 pages for $0.99
This is just weird. Grant has Midnight’s Kiss (Dark Warriors, 5) coming out in a 384-page paperback June 4, 2013 for $7.19 ($7.59, Kindle edition). These eBooks released in April, are the same book in four parts:
Midnight’s Kiss, Part 2 is released Apr 9, 2013 in a 151-page eBook for $1.99
Midnight’s Kiss, Part 3 is released Apr 16, 2013 in a 93-page eBook for $1.99
Midnight’s Kiss, Part 4 is released Apr 23, 2013 in a 139-page eBook for $1.99
That’s a total of $6.96 for the four different parts of what I’m THINKING is the whole that will be released June 4. I haven’t been able to verify this thought, so don’t hold me to it. I do have to confess, I was feeling suspicious that the parts would cost more than the whole. There certainly are more pages than are in the whole, so…I dunno…just lettin’ y’all know.
Mar 26, 2013 Alexandra Ivy Guardians of Eternity, 9.5 Levet Kindle short story
Apr 4, 2013 Jennifer L. Armentrout Covenant, 4 Apollyon Full-length novel
Romance – Suspense
Apr 9, 2013 Elizabeth Lowell Dangerous Refuge Full-length novel
Apr 19, 2013 Brandon Sanderson Firstborn & Defending Elysium Two short stories in hardcover; previously only available online: Firstborn is a 74-page Kindle, first published Dec 2008 while Defending Elysium, an eBook also published in 2008.
Sci-Fi – Fantasy
Apr 2, 2013 David Drake & Tony Daniel Raj Whitehall: The General, 9 Heretic Full-length novel
Sci-Fi – Fantasy – YA
Apr 23, 2013 Michael Reaves, Neil Gaiman, Mallory Reaves Interworld, 2 Silver Dream Full-length novel
Apr 16, 2013 Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, and Sarah Rees Brennan The Bane Chronicles, 1 What Really Happened in Peru 40-page eBook; Part of a 10-installment short-story, e-serialization. Read an interview with the authors.
Apr 9, 2013 Mary Higgins Clark Mary Higgins Clark eBook Sampler 200-page eBook of 10 excerpts which include what inspired Clark and some original teasers. Sounds to me like you buy this if you have some money you don’t know what to do with…
Urban Fantasy – YA
Apr 30, 2013 Charles de Lint Wildlings, 2 Over My Head Full-length novel
Apr 2, 2013 Cornelia Funke MirrorWorld, 2 Fearless Full-length novel
Apr 2, 2013 Ridley Pearson Kingdom Keepers, 6 Dark Passage Full-length novel
Apr 16, 2013 Angie Sage Septimus Heap, 7 Fyre Full-length book
Apr 4, 2013 Lili St. Crow Tales of Beauty & Madness, 1 Nameless Full-length Kindle