Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s Over the Line

Posted May 18, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Cindy Gerard’s Over the Line

Over the Line


Cindy Gerard

romantic suspense in a paperback edition that was published by St. Martin Paperbacks on May 30, 2006 and has 325 pages.

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Fourth in The Bodyguards romantic suspense series revolving around the Garrett family and their friends. The couple focus in this story is on Jason “Plowboy” Wilson and Sweet Baby Jane.

My Take

I had a hard time reconciling this Plowboy with the one we briefly met in To the Edge, 1. They just don’t seem to be the same person.

Both of the primary characters seem over the top if you accept the stereotype of soldier-boy from Iowa and rock star, but going deeper, you find a young man scarred by his past who has learned from it and a woman determined not to follow in her mother’s path.

Other than that bit of darkness, it was a fun, light read. Jason is so intent on proving himself and trying to stay away from the rock star who just keeps impressing him more and more while she’s slowly becoming more and more intrigued with “Iowa”, fantasizing about easing some of her tensions.

In between, Gerard keeps us hopping and guessing, throwing more possibilities into the mix while she leads us by the nose. It’s a sweet combination of wealth and down-to-earth realism with this pragmatic rock star, caught up in unreal situations.

The Story

Jason takes cap in hand to hire on with E.D.E.N. and gets a job guarding Sweet Baby Jane, a superstar rock star who’s being used by too many and is being stalked by a predator who thinks he’s what she needs.

Only, Janey thinks Plowboy’s the one who needs a babysitter.

The Characters

Sweet Baby Jane, a.k.a., Janey Perkins, has worked hard to be where she is — the pinnacle of success as a rock star. It doesn’t mean it’s gotten easier. Alice Perkins is the mother who only loves her Jim Beam. Fiona is Janey’s housekeeper in Malibu.

Jason “Plowboy” Wilson is in bad shape. Tossed out of the Rangers for an on-the-job injury, rejected by police academies and Sara, he’s on a downward spiral until he remembers his old squad leader, No-man Garrett. Jeremy is the brother who died. Jason got his young-looking genes from his hot dad, Bruce.

Members of the band/entourage include:
Max Cogan is Jane’s business manager, trying to cut back. Derek McCoy is the pretty-boy drummer who thinks he’s all that and doesn’t understand no. Bryant, the Australian guitar player, has a full suit of tattoos. Cam Logan plays keyboard and keeps to himself. Avery Blanchard plays rhythm guitar; Eric Holmes is on synthesizer; JoJo Starbuck plays bass; and, Lakesha Jones is a backup singer. Chris Ramsey is a freelance videographer making an MTV documentary; she’s not above creating some drama for a better film. (Quincy Taylor is Chris’ longtime lover and an independent movie producer who is just as venal as she is.) Jack Swingle is the record producer who first saw Janey’s talent. Neal Sanders is a friend from school and her amusement park days. John Cummings is her pilot.

The Garretts make up E.D.E.N. Securities, Inc. founded by their father, Wes: Nolan is the youngest, a former Ranger married to Jillian (To the Edge; they have a son, Conner Wesley Garrett); his twin, Eve, married Mac (To The Limit, 2); Dallas is the middle brother, a former Marine and former Force Recon, obsessing over Amy Walker‘s whereabouts (To the Brink, 3); and, Ethan is the oldest and getting remarried to Darcy Prescott after events in To the Brink. Susan is their mom.

Officer Rodman is the policeman from Tupelo, Mississippi, in charge of the hit-and-run case. Herb Meyers is a bookie without a heart. Mr. Haley is the chatty bank manager.

Edwin Grimm is being released from prison. Alex Marshall is an assassin; he figures the money will tidy up his conscience. Reverend Samuel Black likes to show up at Janey’s gigs and protest her music, her performance, and her costumes; Tonya is his deluded wife. Kevin Larson was a mistake.

Kathy Wallace, Candice Richards, Lana Frederickson, and Tammy Smith all have something in common.

The Cover and Title

The cover is an interpretation of a flight scene in Over the Line with Jason and Jane on the run from a killer.

The title reflects Jason’s worries about stepping Over the Line.