Book Review: Lori Foster’s Run the Risk

Posted June 10, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lori Foster’s Run the Risk

Run the Risk


Lori Foster

romantic suspense that was published by Harlequin HQN on September 25, 2012 and has 379 pages.

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First in the Love Undercover romantic suspense series revolving around a few uncorrupt cops and some of their targets. The couple focus is on Detective Logan Riske and Pepper Yates and based in Warfield, Ohio.

My Take

The introduction to this storyline was a nice switch. It’s certainly different having your main female protagonist so far undercover — and “ugly” — that you’d never recognize her! Foster was very sly about describing Pepper’s initial appearance, forcing us to work for that image. An odd one with even odder requirements when she falls into bed with Logan.

I like how Foster set this up with Pepper getting antsy about experiencing life again, and while I appreciated Rowdy’s protective feelings for his sister, I did not appreciate his hypocrisy…ahem…!

Ooh, I like Rowdy’s practicality in setting this all up. What kind of life is it though to have to think, live like this? Then Foster gives Pepper’s escape a twist, one I didn’t see coming, one that finds Pepper roaring into action.

Okay, I can see how using public transport to get outta town could be an issue, but how would running in a car be a problem? It would have been safer, and he’d have the same opportunities anywhere else. Then there’s the distrust of Reese…where did that come from?

I do like Alice: “Sometimes it’s better when they’re dead.”

Ahhh, I knew there was a reason I hated reading books out of order! This one explains why Rowdy felt the need to break into Reese’s apartment in Bare It All, 2.

Oh, man, that last tense scene in the book… I gotta go with Rowdy on this…Reese must have a turnstile on his apartment door, LOL.

Yeah, this was an enjoyable read. Humor, tension, drama, sex…and all in just the right proportions to keep things interesting without my wanting to hide under the covers!

The Story

A close, personal friend is murdered, and Logan Riske is determined to take his killer down. He’ll use anyone to reach his goal.

The Characters

Sue Meeks/Pepper Yates is the sister of their missing witness, Rowdy Yates. A man who’s worked the fringes of crime and now enforces a strict lifestyle on his sister. In spite of their parents, they grew up as responsible people. Because of their parents, they grew up relying only upon each other.

Logan Stark/Detective Logan Riske and his friend, Detective Reese Baredon, are determined to bring a local crime kingpin, Andrew Morton, down. Only they have to do it in a hostile environment—their own precinct is filled with corrupt cops.

Dash Riske is Logan’s younger brother. Between them, they’ve inherited a lot of money from their family. Dash chose construction instead of the boardroom, much as Logan prefers serving in law enforcement.

Jack Carmin was a politician, a city commissioner, and Logan’s best friend. Alice is Reese’s extremely focused neighbor, one who has never hit on him. Cash is Reese’s new dog for whom he badly needs a dogsitter. Lieutenant Margaret Pearson is Logan and Reese’s boss; she claims she’s determined to root out the corruption in her precinct.

Avery Mullins is a waitress with morals in a lousy bar who has attracted Rowdy’s attention.

The Cover and Title

The cover makes me think of a guy kicking back at his local bar, relaxed, checking something, or someone, out. It’s the shoulder holster and the open shirt that bares a nice six-pack that tips me off that maybe there’s more to him.

The title plays off the male protagonist’s last name and challenges him — the need to Run the Risk.