Book Review: Katie Lane’s Make Mine a Bad Boy

Posted June 17, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Katie Lane’s Make Mine a Bad Boy

Make Mine a Bad Boy


Katie Lane

contemporary romance that was published by Forever on June 1, 2011 and has 328 pages.

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Second in the Deep in the Heart of Texas romance series revolving around the people and history of Bramble, Texas. The couple focus is on Hope Scroggs and Colt Lomax.

My Take

It’s inventive, comic, and oddly romantic, although the writing in this one takes a dip. It’s like Lane is still working on her writing chops. Of course, it could be simply my disappointment with the character she created in Hope Scroggs. Sure, she’s believable as the girl who tries to fulfill everyone’s expectations, but that she seriously thought Slate was hers?? No. Nope, I ain’t buying that one.

Nor did Lane develop the Hope-Colt affair as well as it could have been. Instead it was silly twists in more of a herk and a jerk than a smooth revelation.I did like how well Lane hid Colt’s success, though.

It was obvious when Colt showed up at the reception what would happen, and it was still funny!

Yeah, that bit about Faith and her obsession with hygiene doesn’t really work for me either. It feels more like Lane was hunting for something, some weakness for Faith, and the disinfectant OCD seemed like a good idea. I went along with it in Going Cowboy Crazy, 1, but…maybe it just feels more false in this story??

It is cute that Lane uses the truth of the queen of a small town heading to Hollywood to make it big. What’s not so cute is how stupid Lane makes the people.

It’s cute, fun, and quirky…go for it.

The Story

Oh, no! He was supposed to be hers! Instead Slate Calhoun is marrying some damned Yankee. And Hope is fuming, a state that only gets ramped up when Colt Lomax appears.

It’s failure with a capital “F” and coming on top of her time in Hollywood, well, it’s a bad combination of emotions for a deposed Hope. Not that Colt is faring much better when confronted by both a town that hates him and a sister who won’t let him go.

When word gets out that “our” Hope is knocked up, the suitors come out in droves. With courtin’ gifts: boxes of candy, flowers…and a baby pig,

The Characters

Hope “Hog” Scroggs is the darling of Bramble, Texas, who made the town proud. Jenna Jay and Tessa are her younger sisters. Jenna and Burl Scroggs are the very happy parents. Happy to have Hope back from Hollywood, happy to have Faith back as part of the family. Little Pumpkin Seed is the baby’s nickname.

Colt Lomax is the town bad boy who left. What no one knows is how successful he’s become. Shirlene, Colt’s little sister and Hope’s best friend, is married to Lyle Dalton, the town’s major (and only) big employer at Dalton Oil. I do love Shirlene. She’s out-loud and proud and very comfortable with herself.

Slate Calhoun was Hope’s best friend through high school and the school’s talented quarterback. He’s marrying Faith Alridge, Hope’s long-lost twin (see Going Cowboy Crazy). Tyler “T-bone” Jones (he’s married to Missy Leigh) has taken over the garage from his dad, Tinker, the man who saved Colt’s life from falling apart. Travis Mossman is the man to whom Colt is delivering the new bike; he’s also the behind-the-scenes savior in more ways than one. Sissy is Travis’ wife, and his grandkids, Lily and Danny, are visiting.

Jesse James claims he’s the owner of the Harley Knucklehead motorcycle. Ryan Seever is Hope’s agent out in Hollywood.

Bramble’s townsfolk include:
Harley Sutter is the mayor. Josephine runs the town café and makes a mean wedding cake with raspberry filling; Rachel Dean; Darla is having an “affair” with that glue gun, I swear!; Twyla is seeing Kenny Gene; Ms. Murphy is the librarian; Bud Mueller plays a mean fiddle; Bear is Rachel’s cousin and a bounty hunter — he brings home the baby daddy, he thinks; Sheriff Sam Winslow will jail anyone for Shirl; and, Rossie.

Jimmy “Bucky” Higgins is the new doctor, and a former classmate of Hope’s.

The Cover and Title

It looks like it was cold wherever the cover image was shot — he’s got goosebumps on that very lightly furred — and naked — chest. He’s leaning up against something, one be-jeaned leg angled forward and a hand resting on his upper thigh, a big silver buckle on his belt. The background looks like a sunrise with pinks fading into a deep blue over an undulating plain.

The title is what Hope finally realizes she wants, so Make Mine a Bad Boy.