Book Review: Lora Leigh’s Wicked Pleasure

Posted August 21, 2013 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lora Leigh’s Wicked Pleasure

Wicked Pleasure


Lora Leigh

erotica, romance that was published by St. Martin's Griffin on May 13, 2008 and has 354 pages.

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Ninth in the Bound Hearts erotic romance series. The couple focus is on Cameron and Jaci with Chase as their third.

My Take

Oh, wow. This was a good’un, even if some of the reasoning drove me nuts. Leigh kept me in suspense throughout as to why the congressman and his wife were so intent on destroying Jaci’s life. And it was working right up until someone gets shot, and the couple comes out with their reasoning. Which made no sense. Not for the level of attention this nefarious couple put into following Jaci and all the rumor-spreading.

Considering their worries about their habits getting out, you’d think they’d have been more careful. Unfortunately for them, Cam and Chase Falladay will do whatever they have to, to protect Jaci.

The martyr routine both irritated me and made me cry. I love that Jaci is such an upright, moral person, and yet I can also respect that she refuses to accept help to cope with her problems. But, dang, there are limits! Even if she does have good reason to keep that information from Cam. Although, it certainly ups the tension levels!

I do resent Leigh manipulating the gossip that Kia generated with her mistake. Stick to one story and massage it if necessary; don’t distort it from story to story.

God, the things that aunt did to Cam. Why he didn’t go to someone earlier… Oh, I’d … I don’t what I’d like to do to her. Something truly awful. And then Chase’s worries now. About the darkness eating Cameron; it just makes me want to cry. He’s such a strong man and still so terrified.

The Story

Jaci Wright has been in love with Cam for years, and she’s finally in his arms. Only, she’s shocked to discover Chase’s arms there as well. It’s not what she expected, not something she can handle, and she flees. For years.

It’s Jaci’s career as an interior decorator that brings her to Moriah’s attention and then a rescue in England that brings Jaci to Virginia, to the Sinclair Club where Courtney wants her to redecorate the mansion and opens Jaci up to more than she may be able to handle.

The Characters

Jaci Wright was compassionate as a child and still is. And she’s still much too attracted to Cam.

Cameron Falladay is former Special Forces with a very dominant attitude and a lot of bad memories. Memories he’s managed to keep from his twin brother, Chase. Both brothers work security for Ian Sinclair. Both parents died when the boys were 14, and they were placed in the care of their Aunt Davinda Morris. It took four years before Cam forced her out of their lives. Sheriff Bridges is back in the Falladay’s old hometown, blocking any investigations into Davinda Morris.

Sebastian de Lorents, the manager for the Sinclair Club, and Courtney Sinclair once saved Jaci’s life. Ian Sinclair, Courtney’s husband (Shameless, 7), owns the Sinclair Club, an über secret men’s club with very strict rules about sharing. Matthew is Ian’s butler. Khalid el Hamid Mustafa is one of the members; he has a sister, Paige. Detective Carl Allen with the Alexandria PD is a member and the one they call when there’s a problem.

Marguerite and Dane Mattlaw are Courtney’s parents and how Courtney initially met Jaci. Margaret and Harold Brockheim and their daughter, Moriah, met Jaci when they hired her to redo their vacation cabin. Lenore and Brian Zimmer are friends of the Robertses, and yet they’re interested in hiring Jaci.

Congressman Richard Roberts and his wife, Annalee, Margaret Brockheim’s stepsister, have their own brand of kink, along with their secretary, Margie.

The Cover and Title

The cover is a black and white of Jaci and Cam in the shower — just a sliver unfortunately as almost two-thirds of the cover is taken up with a black vertical band on the right for all the text.

The title is the story, the Wicked Pleasure to which Cameron intends to introduce Jaci.