Book Review: Melissa Marr’s “Stopping Time”

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Book Review: Melissa Marr’s “Stopping Time”

Stopping Time

on April 23, 2010 and has 36 pages.

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This one is 2.5 in the Wicked Lovely so-very-romantic paranormal series for Young Adults. The couple focus is on Leslie, Irial, and Niall.

My Take

This is so romantic and makes me cry. Makes my heart hurt with all that Irial is giving up.

It irritates me that Leslie wants nothing to do with the Dark Court, and yet she encourages Irial to hang around. She likes the protection of the fairies, but she doesn’t want to give back. I can, however, understand why she doesn’t want to be part of their Court: she’s too attracted to it and worries that she’d succumb. Annnd, okay, the fae do live forever so hanging around “invisibly” for however long Leslie will live is equivalent to a long weekend for them. Still, it bugs me.

Means I have to suspect that Marr intends to bring Leslie back into the fold at some point…*grin*…

“The only monster I see is you.”

I have to love Irial. I know he’s a bad guy. Selfish against humans, but caring very much for his subjects. And he is actually unselfish. He really impresses the hell out of me.

The Story

Leslie may have gone off to college, but she hasn’t really left the Dark Court behind. She wants her cake, even if she doesn’t want to eat it.

I suppose it keeps the Hounds from the Dark Court, the rowan-people from Summer, and the lupine fey from Winter busy as they look in on Leslie. A good thing when she’s taken hostage.

The Characters

Leslie is off to college, but still stealthily “seeing” Irial, the ex-king of the Dark Court, who is back to being a Gancanagh and adviser to the current king. Michael and Jill are some of her human friends at school. Ren is her jerk of a loser brother.

Niall is the new Dark King. And still in love with Leslie, as is Irial. Gabriel is now Niall’s Hound.

The Cover and Title

The cover is quite plain in its brilliant purple background. All the text and Marr’s signature curling vine is in gold.

I imagine the title means one of two things: either Irial and Niall are Stopping Time for themselves as they cater to Leslie or it’s Irial’s trick that he doesn’t want Niall to know about.