Book Review: Alex Archer’s Sunken Pyramid

Posted August 9, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Alex Archer’s Sunken Pyramid

Sunken Pyramid


Alex Archer

urban fantasy in Paperback edition on November 5, 2013 and has 320 pages.

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Forty-fifth in the Rogue Angel urban fantasy series revolving around an independent archeologist, Annja Creed. This story takes place in Wisconsin.

My Take

Archer really makes you work for the connection here, starting with a young girl who wants to make her mark and knows better than her elders. A very Clive Cussler beginning to Sunken Pyramid. I am confused about the scene with the pelts; it sounds like she’s added her brother’s “pelt” to her pile?? Nor do I understand what tipped Nahkom off to her new status.

I can’t really blame Greene for wanting Annja out of there. It’s against police procedure and what can she know about proper forensic procedure. He doesn’t know her, what her skills are, so it’s rather annoying that she is so persistent. It doesn’t feel right. Manny’s actions manage to slide in under the wire, barely. I wish Archer had emphasized Manny’s dislike of Greene more, made it more believable.

Garin is somewhat out of character in this. He’s actually considerate of others! That or he needs a challenge and that’s why he’s showing himself off to Annja, lol. Of course, his childish side also shows. Poor Rembert! He wants to be around Annja as little as possible, and here’s Garin telling him to stick close to her if he wants to live!

Interesting connections about the Mayans in Florida and moving into Georgia. I did enjoy Archer’s theory about Lake Mayaimi. Edgar believes the Mayan arrived from the completely opposite direction.

Ambushes, a sting, chases, and a fascinating dive into Rock Lake with its sunken pyramid.

Basically, it’s just a story that adheres to the Rogue Angel storyline because it involves the characters and archeology, otherwise it’s missing the boat in too many ways. If I were to rate this on it being part of the Rogue Angel series, it’d have to be a”2″, still it’s an adventurous story…

The Story

Annja’s here on her dime — she wants no one else to have a say in how she spends her time! — as a speaker in two panels. As for Rembert, he’s free to shoot stuff on the side, and he has an eye for murder.

Lucky, since there is one murder after another in Madison, Wisconsin, right along with groups of smugglers. One of which is after the find Edgar made, the one with which he wanted Annja’s help to prove that the Mayans originated from the North.

Another mystery exists in the young girl with the knife who attacks Annja, again and again.

The Characters

Annja Creed is an independent archeologist who uses the income from her hostess duties with the television show, Chasing History’s Monsters, to finance the digs she loves. Rembert Hayes is a longtime professional when it comes to cameras, and if he didn’t desperately need the money for baby Colton, he wouldn’t be doing this shoot with Annja. Not after that shoot in Avignon. Doug Morrell is the producer for the show, and surprisingly enough, one of her friends.

Garin Braden, a.k.a., Gary Knight, is over 500 years old and was once one of Joan of Arc’s protectors. Now, he’s a very wealthy, remorseless man. Keiko is a waitress he picked up in Chicago; Berdina is a gift shop attendant he picks up in Stuttgart. Roux was the knight he served; they now exist as frenemies with Annja’s existence between them.

Dr. Edgar Schwartz is an old friend and colleague who specializes in the Anasazi. Dr. Peter Chiapont is another colleague and an expert on Egyptian architecture. Dr. LaVerne Steger, Elyse Hapgood, and Dr. Olivia Rouse are also at the conference. Gregor “Papa” Papadopoulos is a local archeologist involved with Edgar in some secret project. His specialty is the indigenous people of Wisconsin and northern Illinois from the 1600s and 1700s.

Lieutenant Arnold Greene is in charge and wants Annja gone. Detective Manny Rizzo is about to retire, and he thinks Schwartz was murdered.

The ruthless Willamar Aeschelman, a.k.a., Dreschler, is participating in the conference, primarily because he’s picking up and auctioning off illegal artifacts. Stephanie “Stevie” Granger is one of his thugs.

Katrina Jacoby is a television news reporter. Robert “Bobby” Wolfe is a professional diver. Joe Stever was a potter; his cousin, Sully, runs a junk shop. George Bamford and Kip are friends of Sully’s and just as fascinated by Her Imperial Snakeship, a.k.a., Mishegenabeg, or Anamaqkiu, which is also the name of the girl with the knife. Sully loans Annja, H.I.S. for her diving adventures. Keesha Donaldson is a big fan of Annja’s, and Mitch is her uninterested friend.

In the prologue
Nahkom is a girl who prefers hunting to chores; Cha-kau-ka is her annoying little brother. The Anamaqkiu are dark spirits of the underworld.

The Cover and the Title

The cover is a night battle at the lake with Annja in her khaki field jacket and jeans, wielding Joan of Arc’s sword while on the run. There’s a bit of wind that night and a full moon overhead.

The title is the treasure here, the Sunken Pyramid.