Updating My Progress (thru Tuesday) For the Bout of Books 11.0

Posted August 20, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Challenges




Number of pages read: 1,064

Number of books read: 3

George Hagen’s Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle had me of two minds. It’s a great twist and quite original, but there were a couple of really stupid moves that dragged its rating down. Read my review. Jill Shalvis’ It’s in His Kiss wasn’t kidding. A sweet romance with growth required of both protagonists and typical of Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor series. T.S. Krupa’s Safe & Sound was so sad and so sweet. I wanted to turn around and read it all over again.


Number of pages read: 594

Number of books read: 2

Steve LeBel’s Bernie and the Putty has a great concept aaannnddd needs more work. I think he’s confused about the audience he’s writing for and the primary conflict needs to be more believable. I had a difficult time sleeping Monday night and felt the need of a fluffy romance, so I dipped into Taming the Bachelor by M.J. Carnal (hmmm, think she’s trying to tell us something?) and was appalled. The story idea had promise but had development problems, NObody proofread this — omigod! it was SO distracting! And there were some really weird inconsistencies. For a list of what to be aware of in your own work…or should I say beware of?