The Terrible News, ahem

Posted October 2, 2014 by Kathy Davie in

Yes, it is terrible news — for me. I got hacked. I downloaded the iOS8 and within a few hours I lost all sorts of things on my phone. Messages were sent out to absolutely everyone and anyone on my contacts list including any sites of which I’m a member.

Somehow these people got access to my WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, and who knows where else. All sites I thought were pretty safe.

I use the Google Authenticator as part of a two-step authorization process. And y’all can see how well that worked.

I still can’t access my email on my phone: sending or receiving. And I’m feeling amazingly paranoid about using my computer on the Internet. I’m cheating at the moment — I’m using a computer at the library until I get things sorted out.

Please check your own computers and passwords. I don’t know how this process works. If they can access your computers through those emails they sent out. Be careful. Be more careful than I was, please!

And, as long as I’m in Kiev, I’m going caviar hunting…ahem… Anyone want a jar?