Book Review: Mandy M. Roth’s Act of Mercy

Posted November 15, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Mandy M. Roth’s Act of Mercy

Act of Mercy


Mandy M. Roth

It is part of the Immortal Ops, series and is a paranormal fantasy, romantic suspense in eBook edition that was published by Raven Books on March 2, 2014 and has 226 pages.

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First in the PSI-Ops paranormal romantic suspense series, a spin-off series to Roth’s Immortal Ops World. This one is revolving around the PSI-Ops teammates with the couple focus on Mercy Deluca and Duke Marlow.

My Take

This was cute, caught my attention right away. Well, I am a sucker for the suspense and black ops…*eye roll*…

Omigod, Mercy is too clueless to be believed. And I mean that in a good way, lol. It takes forever for her to notice that Duke has a gun. Men have crashed through her door, gunshots everywhere, and she’s seen Duke kill several men. She’s already terrified that the Corporation is going to kill her, and what does she do? What does she obsess over? Can Duke change into a werewolf. It’s so scientist-y, so I’m-totally-clueless-about-real-life, lol.

Lordy, ya gotta laugh at this approach to solving a blocked-car problem…
“‘We should take it in the café and ask whose it is,’ said Striker, making their captain laugh more. ‘Then teach ‘em how to actually park.’”

I dunno, can she be any more clueless? She knows she has an anomaly in her DNA. James has told her she smells different, that he thinks she may have some fae in her, and she’s not picking up on it. Not pulling it all together. Granted, she has had her apartment door bashed in and the building almost blown up.

They need Mercy to help bypass the biometric security, but the ops team has been doing pretty good penetrating the Corporation, so why Mercy can’t wait that few minutes to get to Jimmy, I’ll never understand.

There are some weird sentences in here along with misspellings, misused words, missing pronouns and such, but on the whole Roth brought me into the story with lots of laughs.

The Story

PSI and I-Op had been separate, then a few months ago, they merged. A much more pleasant activity than what Dr. Mercy Deluca is dealing with in Paris. Caught in their web before she understood what they were doing, Mercy is terrified that she won’t be able to save Test Subject 87P.

It’s James’ ops team that’s on its way to rescue him.

The Characters

Dr. Mercy Deluca works at Donavon Dynamics Corporation in Paris as a biomedical engineer. She’s beyond genius, thinks outside the box, and has zero social skills. She also knows quite a bit about their security.

Duke Marlow is a full-blooded born werewolf who likes PSI-Ops because it lets him hang with others of his kind. Friends he can keep through the decades, well, he is 250 years old.

Paranormal Security and Intelligence Operatives (PSI-Op)
Dougal “Striker” McCracken is a giant of a man and a werewolf as well. Captain Corbin Jones, a lion shifter, heads up this team. Miles “Boomer” Walsh, a panther shifter with a penchant for explosives, is the current winner of the Asshole of the Week Award. Eadan Daly is one Duke’s friends, Fae, and mated to Inara Nash, a girl James thinks of as a daughter. Malik, a.k.a., King Tut, is part of the team but on leave. James Hagen, a doctor for most of his lives, is another missing part of the team. He’s been missing for years now.

General Jack C. Newman is the director of PSI-Ops. Dr. Thaddeus Green is their tech think-tank. Colonel Ulric Lovett is from London Division Headquarters. Lukian Vlakhusha is the Immortal Ops Team Leader in the U.S.

Donavon Dynamics Corporation is…
…evil. They intend “to create a master race of super humans”. Gaspard is one of the nicest of the guards, though that isn’t saying anything. Dr. Bertrand is a German scientist. Dr. Gisbert Krauss had been a hero in Mercy’s mind, until she learned more.

Test Subject 87P, Brad, and Vic are just some of the prisoners being tortured.

Jinx is a madam who heads up underground paranormal brothels in Seattle. Mrs. Faure is Mercy’s building superintendent in Paris.

The Cover and Title

The cover has a blurry background. I can’t tell if it’s a full moon back there or the skull and bones of past victims. It’s okay, though, there’s some lovely man candy baring his six-pack under that brown leather jacket.

The title is most definitely an Act of Mercy as it’s thanks to Dr. Deluca that the PSI-Ops knows where James is.