Changes, They are A’Comin’

Posted December 12, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

Old woman praying, painting by Nicolaes Maes

Image by Nicolaes Maes [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

An Old Woman Praying, an oil-on-canvas, by Nicolaes Maes at the Worcester Art Museum.

Changes. It’s a move I’ve been contemplating for some time and was finally forced into. A part of my second annus horribilis…sigh… Moving last year. Again this year. My old computer dying on its last miserable wheeze. My brand-new computer’s hard drive failing. My computer getting hacked. Yeah.

So, changes. It’s not a bad thing. I probably would have continued to waffle along, so I am grateful for being “forced” into this change. It’s been worse than I had anticipated. And at least I’m doing it. That’s the good side. Another fun aspect is I get to do more research.

I can hear y’all laughing out there. Stop. Go to the bathroom.

Y’ back yet?

Get on with it…

So, changes. I’m blending my old KD Did It website and my free WordPress blog, KD Did It Takes on Books, into one website, KD Did It Edits, with a new host. I hadn’t realized how WordPress’ internal structuring would change how my old navigation and site structure functioned. Nor how WordPress’ search ability would affect the old Author Tools section. So, changes.

The previously posted book reviews and all the Word Confusions are still there. It’ll look a bit messy until I can go back and re-format things — I want everything searchable as well as taking advantage of a cool new plug-in I’m using (Creative Whim’s Ultimate Book Blogger). If you’ve bookmarked anything. Sorry. You’ll need to re-bookmark it. A pain for a bit, but my intention is to provide a better site for everyone.

Deluge of posts on self-editing

I’m asking for patience from y’all for the ton of posts on self-editing I’ll be uploading on Formatting Tips, Grammar Explanations, Properly Punctuated (FGP), and of course, continuing with the Word Confusions.

Why so many self-editing posts in a rush? Because there is so much interlinking in the no-longer accessible FGP pages, and I don’t want you getting frustrated over links that go nowhere. I know it would drive me mad! I’ll be putting link markers everywhere that will go nowhere until I get that particular post uploaded, at which point, I’ll hook those links up (yes, I’ll be keeping a list! If only for my own sanity!!) as soon as it has a destination. The link, not my sanity.

Not to worry about the book reviews, they’ll still be posted per usual.


I’m not sure how the subscription thing works — if you’ll need to re-subscribe. If you do have to re-subscribe, I hope you do. I’ve set up an easy MailChimp subscription in the sidebar on the new site, primarily so they can manage all the legalities involved in keeping things clean for you and sort out people joining and those who later decide they want out. As a bribe, er, um, I mean, an incentive for subscribing, I’m planning an eBook on the Word Confusions which I’ll send to everyone who signs up with MailChimp. Do NOT, however, hold your breath on it. It’s high up on my to-do list (ooh, love that research, lol!), but the website must come first.

And I hope you enjoy what’s to come and that it proves useful. Especially all them comin’ comma rules…lol…