Grammar: As

Posted December 14, 2014 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

Credit to: Quora
Part of Speech: Adverb, Conjunction, Preposition
Check the Punctuation page for information on comma usage for “as”.
Used in comparisons to indicate the degree of something. The child sang as sweetly as a nightingale.
Indicate examples …large carnivores, as the bear or lion.
Subordinating Conjunction
Indicates degree or extent You’re as sweet as sugar.
Similarity in manner Do as I do.
Confluence in time It happened as I was running home.
Cause I went to bed early, as I was exhausted.
Resulting action She was foolish enough as to think…
Accordance The accommodations were nice as hotels go.
Indicates function or role Acted as a guardian to…
Similarity in manner The group acted as one.

Grammar (a set of structural rules and the principles for any language that determines where words are placed in phrases or sentences as well as how the language is spoken) is an evolving list, and sometimes I run across an example that helps explain better.

Nor are the self-editing pages complete. There’s always a new term someone, somewhere, uses to describe a part of grammar. There’s always a better way to explain it, so it makes quicker and/or better sense, so I would appreciate suggestions and comments from anyone… With which areas of grammar do you struggle?

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