Book Review: Jill Sanders’ Finding Pride

Posted April 7, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the author as a free story in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Jill Sanders’ Finding Pride

Finding Pride


Jill Sanders

contemporary romance in eBook edition that was published by Createspace on October 1, 2012 and has 284 pages.

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First in The Pride romance series and revolving around the Jordan family. The couple focus is on Megan Kimble and Todd Jordan.

This was a free book from the author and was nominated for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for Romance. I can’t imagine why.

My Take

Finding Pride is a cute and cozy romance set in the lovely, warm, welcoming town of Pride. I know the town is wonderful because Sanders told me. Yep, this story is almost all tell. If you don’t mind a lack of character or depth, then you’ll enjoy reading this sweet romance in which we get several happy endings and the set-up for another book in the series.

The major conflict is two-fold: Megan’s abusive ex-husband and her inability to tolerate touch. Unfortunately, Sanders went overboard on the abusive ex and barely touched Megan’s intolerance for touch. Her fear of touch gets, well, touched on at the beginning and is swiftly overcome. Especially at that moment when I got jerked aback when Megan is annoyed that Todd is treating her so gently. Huh? There is no buildup of tension until the very end when we’re suddenly hit over the hand with an anvil. Sanders does nothing to build drama for the penultimate scene. It’s more of a la-la-la read as you coast along wondering when you’ll finish the story.

There’s another opportunity for tension when Iian is interested in Megan, but it goes nowhere. God forbid your heart should race. She gets annoyed that Todd seems to be taking over her life, and he does get a bit stalkerish in his looming over Megan, including some very controlling moments that I expected, falsely, that Sanders would use to create minor conflict. Sanders drops in, at last, a brief note about her father’s treatment of his wife. And it’s another instance lost when tension and drama could have come in.

The romance is very insta on Todd’s part and isn’t written well. Those jealous moments seem lame. Like an attempt at tension. Too bad all it induced was an eye roll.

It reads as if Sanders filled in the outline but forgot to develop the issues, to bring any depth, drama, or tension. There’s no development of the romance. Near as I can remember, the only bit of show Sanders brought to this was the welcoming friendliness and understanding of the townspeople. And please remember that ‘s makes something possessive. A mere s added on to the end of most words or names will make it plural.

The Story

It’s a tragic time in Megan Kimble’s life when her beloved brother dies. A time when Megan regrets decisions made for the wrong reasons.

Now she has a chance to start over, if only she can find herself.

The Characters

Megan Kimble is a whiz at marketing with a desire for a new life. Matt is the brother who raised her when their parents died. Derek is the abusive ex. Boomer is the cat who wanders in.

The Jordans are Megan’s nearest neighbors. Todd Jordan is the oldest brother in the family and has a successful shipping business, Jordan Shipping, in which Matt has an interest. Sara was Todd’s first wife. His brother, Iian, became deaf in an accident and is the chef in the family restaurant, The Golden Oar, while their sister, Lacey, runs it. Chester is a black shire horse. Bernard is Lacey’s yellow Lab.

The village of Pride
Father Michael presided over the funeral service. Patty O’Neil runs the local grocery store. The Henderson sisters — Hanna, Hester, and Henrietta — work at the library. Betty Thomas is a widow, bakes the best cakes, and is the worst gossip in town. Mr. Kent owns the hardware store. Allison Adams runs her mother’s antique shop and paints in the dull moments. Seems there are a lot of dull moments. Dr. Stevens is the about-to-retire town doctor; Dr. Aaron Stevens is his son and will be taking over his practice and the Bells’ house. Mary is the vet. The Bells live down the road from Megan. Nancy Weber is looking for work. Robert Brogan is the sheriff.

Mr. and Mrs. Buckner with their children, Brian and Bobby, are Megan’s first B&B guests.

Mark is a private investigator Todd knows in New York City. Ric Derby owns the Blue Spot Galleries and has worked with Megan in the past. Mrs. Barns is his assistant. Brad Stone is a photographer. Mr. Martin was Megan’s boss; I think he’s also Jose.

The Cover and Title

Megan and Todd are sitting in a golden field and about to kiss under a golden sunset. It’s a gorgeous and peaceful moment, a reflection of Megan and Todd’s lives.

The title is Megan’s discovery, Finding Pride, in the town and herself.