Book Review: Nalini Singh’s “Wild Night”

Posted April 19, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the author as a free story in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Nalini Singh’s “Wild Night”

"Wild Night"


Nalini Singh

paranormal romance that was published by the author on 2015 and has 8 pages.

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This is a free short story from Nalini Singh’s newsletter that occurs during chapter nine in Kiss of Snow, 10, in the Psy-Changeling paranormal romance series that usually revolves around the allied wolf- and leopard-shifters and their very uneasy alliance with the Psy. In “Wild Night”, the couple focus is on Tai and Evie, a pair of young wolfshifters.

Singh places “Wild Night” at 10.1 in the chronological list. If you’re interested, there is a chronological listing of the Psy-Changeling books on my website.

My Take

“Wild Night” presents Tai’s point-of-view after Hawk has intervened in the bar fight in chapter nine. It’s definitely an oops moment for these young wolfshifters and provides us a peek into Tai’s concerns about his dominant wolf overwhelming the submissive Evie. He wants her to make her own choices.

One of the things I love about Singh’s Psy-Changeling series is the depth and caring of the characters and the layers and layers of plots in the series. There is the primary theme running through the series of the battle of emotion against pure logic. Sub themes provide interest in the interaction between the different shifter groups as they protect their own interests while looking for help against their shared mortal enemy. The battles amongst the Psy are just as fascinating with the mental powers they have and the conflicting interests each of the Psy council members intrigue and fight over. Then there’s the destruction of a core Psy belief and its fallout. Whew…never a dull story.

Providing the individual story plotlines is the focus on a particular relationship which develops into a happily-ever-after by the end of that book. Meanwhile, Singh is building future possibilities for books on down the line, which provides more depth. Yet more depth comes with the shifters’ interaction within their own pack, with others, and with individual Psy.

The warmth and compassion in the stories will grab you and pull you in. Then Singh throws in those moral values of responsibility, loyalty, and friendship, and it’s an eagerly read storyline that promotes those values and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy at the end.

“Wild Night” is a beautiful lesson in responsibility and caring for someone you love. Recognizing their and one’s own weaknesses and wanting to do the right thing.

The Story

Hawke got wind of Sienna’s activities at the bar and the brewing fight that could spin out of control. It’s an unpleasant end to a wild night, and it gives Tai a chance to think over the relationship he wants with Evie.

The Characters

Tai is one of the SnowDancer soldiers and in love with Evie, trying very hard to fight his dominant nature and give her enough space to be sure she’s making her own choices.

Evie may be a submissive wolf, but she has Tai wrapped around her little finger. Indigo is her older sister and one of Hawke’s lieutenants.

Sienna and Cadence and Amos are Evie’s and Tai’s friends.

Hawke is the wolf alpha and fighting his attraction to Sienna.
Riley and Riaz are more of Hawke’s lieutenants.

The Title

The title is a peek at the aftermath of a “Wild Night”.