Book Review: Lorelei James’ Hillbilly Rockstar

Posted June 6, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Lorelei James’ Hillbilly Rockstar

Hillbilly Rockstar


Lorelei James

sexy romance that was published by New American Library (NAL) on August 5, 2014 and has 400 pages.

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Sixth in the Blacktop Cowboys western romance series. The couple focus is on Devin McClain and Liberty Masterson. Most of the story takes place on Devin’s tour bus as they travel cross-country.

My Take

Ooh, baby, Devin puts his foot in it big time right at the start, and Liberty does not allow Devin an inch. She calls him on everything. Harper’s happy, though. She’s been setting sexy clothes aside for Liberty for ages. You’ll love how Harper turns Liberty around and makes Devin eat his words!

James has a good time with her characters snarking back and forth at each other even as they have some lustful thoughts in their minds. They each have their mental conflicts and regrets about that initial meeting.

James brings Devin down to earth and makes him a more rounded character with his insistence on hospital visits and his demands about the after-concert eats. I like that he is man enough to admit when he’s wrong, and his burgeoning romance with Liberty is fun, although James doesn’t do quite enough to make me believe his sudden turnaround. That, or I just don’t understand the male mind and how appearance can switch ’em on and off. Hmmm…

Lest you think it’s all fun and games, Jase and Tay have a conflicted relationship which isn’t helped when Tay realizes she’s pregnant; those fans — the crazy ones and the lustful ones — keep things, um, interesting; the new diva who joins the tour, LOL; that karaoke moment…*more laughter*…; and, the surprise of Liberty’s voice — and what Devin has in mind for her.

You don’t always get along with family, but you don’t screw them over either. And when one of the crew claims he sees Devin and the band as family, well, he’d better pony up on that.

It’s a fun story with a look backstage and behind-the-scenes of a music tour. Devin is a sweet guy, considerate of others, and totally involved in his music. Part of the sweetness of this story is how much Devin loves his “job”. He is serious about it and appreciates what he has. Nor is he afraid of controversy as you’ll understand from his song “What Love Isn’t”. Another sweet aspect of Devin. There’s no great emotional ups-or-downs, just the expected ones. Some sweet sex in this as well.

“‘You can’t bow down to the haters,’ Flynn said. ‘The song is about the writer’s vision, not the listener’s.'”

The Story

A series of mishaps are interfering with Devin’s Heroes and Heartbreakers tour, and management is insisting on a bodyguard after a man is beaten almost to death in Devin’s bed. Only Devin’s worried about his image. How could a man like him need a…a…bodyguard? Especially a female and such an ugly one! It does not help that they’ve decided to introduce her as his personal assistant.

And Liberty, poor Liberty, she doesn’t even like country music, let alone an ego-driven rockstar.

The Characters

Former soldier, Liberty Masterson, is still on probation with GSC Security and loving every minute of it. Partly because she bought herself a new baby, her baby-blue Mustang. Zeke and Spike are bodybuilders (and brothers) who weight-train at GSC and sleep with Liberty at night. Harper Masterson Turner is her sister (Saddled and Spurred, 2) and runs Wild West Clothiers at Renner’s resort, the Split Rock (Wrangled and Tangled, 3). She’s married to Bran, a rancher, and they have two kids: Tate and Jake. Bailey is their little sister who’s also in the army, a med specialist.

Devin McClain is his stage name. Devin McClain Hollister is the ranch kid he was back in Rawlins/Muddy Gap. Renee is his older sister, and she’s married to Chuck. Michelle is the little sister who inspires those hospital visits.

Crash Cavanaugh is his road manager. JT is the usual bus driver; Reg is the backup driver who’ll take over for the rest of the tour; Sarge, a former marine, is in charge of stage setup, the front-of-house merchandise stalls, and roadies; Check handles the band instruments; Boomer; Mike; and, Rick rotates between driving the equipment truck and the band’s bus.

Band members include Odette, his string player and songwriting partner who’s been with Steve, the drummer, these past five years; Jase is lead guitar and hooks up with Tay, the keyboard player and backup singer, whenever they tour; Gage is the bassist; and, Leon plays slide steel. They’ve been with Devin from the beginning.

Rosenthal is with Big Sky Promotions who set up the tour. Carl Carlson is its head honcho. LaGruder Security is providing two men as fill-in until Liberty takes over. Marco is with the company that will go over the bus in Portland.

Lee Stoltz and Eric Hofer are Double Trouble and share a record label with Devin who asked for them as one of his opening bands. The Wright Brothers Band is one of Liberty’s favorites and includes Paxton, the oldest brother who leads the band and does the lead vocals; Flynn, the second oldest brother who is the lead guitar; and, the twins, Easton and Weston, who play drum and bass, respectively. They’re notorious for their bad boy behavior. They’re also fun guys…*grin*… Jesse-Belle is a twenty-year-old pain-in-the-butt diva who needs some maturity laid on her.

Garrett Barker runs a security firm, GSC Security, in Denver. Joe is his second. Tex-Ass is Tanna Barker, Garrett’s sister and a good friend of Devin’s from Turn and Burn, 5. She’s with Dr. August “Fletch” Fletcher, the hot veterinarian.

The groupies include Gretchen, a features reporter for the Kansas City newspaper; Inez Vanderpool was the first crazed stalker; and, Eve is one of five in a line-up in Salt Lake City. China Marquette is a former girlfriend and a nutjob. Daisy Sue Seftner is a reporter with the Tri-City Register. Berle County Officer Mahoney identifies Emil Chartes, a loudmouth jerk. Sean is the lover about whom Liberty has nightmares. Mack LeFabre is the lead singer for Southern Comfort and his experiences caught Devin up. Chelsea Lynn is a favored reporter with Country Music Today, and she’s got a problem for Devin. Waverly O’Brien is a reporter from a religious magazine Song of Solomon. Chumley and Carny are intent bad guys. Jada is the realtor in Denver.

Back in Rawlins/Muddy Gap
Zinnia is back to working part-time for Harper as is Harlow, Tierney’s sister. Buckeye Joe’s is where Sherry tends bar and girls’ night out will happen. It’ll include Celia (One Night Rodeo, 4); Bernice from Beauty Barn (she gave Liberty tips on who to see in Denver); and, the Mud Lilies: Tilda, Miz Maybelle, Pearl, Garnet, and Vivien. Hugh is the foreman at the Split Rock, and Tobin is Renner’s genetics expert.

The Cover and Title

You can’t mistake the cover for anything but a western romance with Devin in a wide-brimmed black cowboy hat, his white button-down shirt open halfway down his yummy chest, sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and tight jeans as he leans against a red pickup, and holds up an acoustic guitar.

The title is all about Devin, ’cause he’s a Hillbilly Rockstar. A bit of a misnomer, really, since Devin is anything but a hillbilly.