Book Review: Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Should’ve Been a Cowboy

Posted November 3, 2015 by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews

I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Should’ve Been a Cowboy

Should've Been a Cowboy


Vicki Lewis Thompson

It is part of the Sons of Chance #4, series and is a contemporary romance in Paperback edition that was published by Harlequin on May 24, 2011 and has 216 pages.

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Fourth in the Sons of Chance western romance series and revolving around the ranching Chance family in the Jackson Hole region in Wyoming. The couple focus is on Tyler O’Connelli and Alex Keller.

My Take

It’s cute as per Lewis’ usual, although there is quite the emphasis on sex in this one compared to the others.

The prologue gives us some background on how the Chance family segued into the cutting horse market while Lewis gets around the insta-love trope by with Alex and Tyler already having had an encounter.

Should’ve Been a Cowboy is sweet and cozy with a supportive family that takes things in stride. They’re also protective of anyone they consider family. And Sarah is a fabulous role model. Only one of the Chance sons is hers by blood, and she considers all three of them her boys.

It’s an interesting career for Tyler. One that makes up for, in her mind, her parents’ vagabond hippy lifestyle of hand-me-down clothes and no concern for appearances. She and her sister do, however, appreciate that the values they learned from their parents are good ones. Tyler simply wants to look nicer these days, lol. I hear that! Pretty clothes and a trip to the beauty salon are nice treats!

The alternative ideas Tyler cooks up for herself are great, although I do have to wonder how well they’d go over in the real world. Thank god for fiction, lol.

Naturally there are conflicts. Some are realistic and others are a bit too manufactured for my taste, but it does get the “job” done. It’s nice that Alex is so understanding and supportive, but it’s too bad their communication skills are so messed up.

The Story

It’s a disaster. And it’s Alex’s first big event for the Last Chance, and he really wants to make a good impression — for himself as a marketing professional who can get things done AND for the Chance ranch.

It’ll be a godsend when Tyler O’Connelli shows up; she’s had a lot of experience in dealing with events facing disaster.

But can she work with Alex and the doomed feelings they have for each other?

The Characters

Tyler O’Connelli is Morgan’s younger sister and a cruise director with ambitions.

Alex Keller was a radio announcer with a degree in marketing in Chicago and has hired on with the Chances as their marketing man. Doozie is the horse he rides; Hornswaggled is Doozie’s companion goat. Crystal is Alex’s party-lovin’ ex-wife.

Sarah Chance is the matriarch; she had married Jonathan who died recently. Josie Keller, Alex’s sister, married Jack Chance, the oldest son. Josie owns a haunted bar in town, Spirits and Spurs. Gabe is married to the eight-month pregnant Morgan, who’s into real estate. Nick is married to Dominique, a photographer. Butch and Sundance are the Chance dogs. Gold Rush had been Jonathan’s paint.

Mary Lou Simms is the Chance cook and friend. Watkins is one of the hired hands and one heck of a guitar player with a good voice. Jeb is another one of the ranch hands. Pam Mulholland owns the Bunk and Grub B&B in town and is dating Emmett Sterling, the Chance Ranch foreman. Clay Whitaker recently graduated with a degree in animal science and wants Jack to hire him for a stud program.

In the prologue, Archie Chance purchased Scout for Johnny’s birthday (Jonathan Chance Sr.). She’ll be the basis for the Last Chance ranch’s future. It’s Eleanor‘s diary we’re reading to learn all this. I think her nickname is Nelsie.

The Cover and Title

The cover is of a hunky Alex in his Stetson, his off-white button-down shirt flared open so we can appreciate that muscled chest and well-fitting jeans. He’s got his hands on some rope that he appears to be testing, ahem, inside a vintage barn, daylight shining through the boards.

The title is perfect, as Alex completes the transformation and obviously Should’ve Been a Cowboy by how easily he slides into the role.