Book Review: Kelley Armstrong’s “From Russia, With Love”

Posted August 21, 2012 by Kathy Davie in

"From Russia, With Love"

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The epilogue for Thirteen in the Women of the Otherworld paranormal romance series. It can also be found in an omnibus of short stories, Otherworld Nights.

My Take

This short story ties up the Danvers Pack succession. It’s a quick peek into the Pack’s relaxation and Elena’s required Challenge to take over the Pack from Jeremy.

Very clever and so very Jeremy on how Armstrong handled the Challenge and Vanquish.

Oh, man, I did enjoy Xavier’s discomfiture!!

The Story

Antonio and the rest of the Pack has retreated to Russia with Clay and Elena’s children while all the excitement is happening in Thirteen.

Jeremy has every intention of not being Alpha any longer, but Elena must Challenge and Vanquish him.

The Characters

Elena and Clay have been happily mated for a number of years now and they have two children, twins: Kate and Logan. Elena has been a freelance journalist for years and the Alpha-elect for the Danvers Pack for a much shorter time.

Jeremy Danvers is still the Alpha and has mated with Jaime Vegas, a gifted psychic. Hope and Karl Marsten will be arriving soon with the baby, Nita Elena Adams Marsten born at the end of Thirteen. After his disobedience in Thirteen, Karl knows he’s on probation and he is desperate to be allowed to stay, the protection of the Pack is too important now with his wife and baby.

Nick Sorrentino has charge of the younger werewolves: Noah is Nick’s ward from Elena’s Alaskan adventure, Reese is battle-ready from his and his father’s flight from the Australian Pack, and Morgan is the most restless of the three. Antonio has taken a step back.

Xavier is an Evanidus half-demon who recognizes the bloodthirstiness of Clay’s children. Too funny!

The Cover and Title

It’s included with Thirteen, the collector’s edition.

The title truly is “To Russia, With Love” as Clay and Elena fly over to rejoin their children and their Pack.