Chronological Lists of Complex, Intersected Series

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There are some series that drive me so mad (I am so very OCD in some respects) that I needed to put together a list (or three!) to keep track of where the short stories fit in and where the interlocking series and subseries intersected chronologically and not in their publication order, ’cause that’s how I like to read them. The individual title links will take you to Goodreads.

The below is the result of my preoccupation. I had been inserting these into the individual book reviews, but I thought this was an easier way to update the lists — it certainly does give the list more room(!) and I imagine that the reviews will also breath easier without the list box crowding its space.

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Revised as of: 12 August 2017
Ilona Andrews
Kelley Armstrong
Patricia Briggs
MelJean Brook
Jim Butcher
Orson Scott Card
Kate Douglas
Jennifer Estep
Janet Evanovich
Christine Feehan
John Flanagan
Jeaniene Frost
Diana Gabaldon
Cindy Gerard
Laurell K. Hamilton
Charlaine Harris
Kim Harrison
Thea Harrison
Emma Holly
Faith Hunter
Craig Johnson
Robert Jordan
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lynn Kurland
Mercedes Lackey
Lora Leigh
Anne McCaffrey
Seanan McGuire
Tamora Pierce
Sir Terry Pratchett
Nora Roberts
Steven Saylor
Nalini Singh
Thomas E. Sniegoski
S.M. Stirling
Carrie Vaughan
David Weber
Timothy Zahn

While there aren’t many authors listed here, I’m sure it will grow as I encounter more authors who confuse me with their short stories scattered throughout their novels or that have a variety of series that dip into other series by the same (or another) author. The lists are under the author’s name; click the name of the series to open its listing.

Are there any series with a difficult chronology that drives you mad?

Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels

The POVs are free, short snippets that present different characters’ points-of-view.

    0.5. “A Questionable Client” is found in Dark and Stormy Knights and Magic Graves

  1. Magic Bites
  2. Free, Curran’s POV: “Fernando’s

  3. Magic Burns
  4. Magic Strikes
  5. Free, Curran’s POV: 3.25. “Hot Tub

    3.5. Must Love Hellhounds: “Magic Mourns”

    Free, Curran’s POV: 3.75. “Kate’s Daddy”, a.k.a., “Kate’s Origin”

  6. Magic Bleeds
  7. Free, Curran’s POV: “On the Day of the Panty Dinner”, part 1 (at the beginning of Magic Bleeds), a.k.a., “Naked Dinner”

    Free, Curran’s POV: “Fathers and Sons”, (end of Magic Bleeds when Curran wakes from his coma and lashes out)

    4.5. “Magic Dreams

  8. Magic Slays
  9. 5.3. “Magic Gifts

    5.4. An Apple for the Creature: “Magic Tests”

    5.5. Gunmetal Magic

    5.6. Hex Appeal: “Retribution Clause”

    5.8. “An Ill-Advised Rescue” (an outtake)

  10. Magic Rises
  11. 6.5. Night Shift: “Magic Steals”, 6.5

  12. Magic Breaks
  13. Magic Shifts
  14. 8.5. Magic Stars (Gray Wolf, 1)

  15. Magic Binds
  16. 9.5. “Iron and Magic” (October 2017)

  17. Magic Triumphs (May 2018)
Gray Wolf

This spin-off series features Derek Gaunt.

  1. Magic Stars
Free: Curran (POV) Vol 1 includes:

  1. When Curran first meets Kate at Unicorn Lane in Magic Bites
  2. Curran scoops Kate off her bathroom floor as Julie cries and the poison does it’s best to kill Kate in Magic Burns and Curran feeds her chicken soup
  3. We find out how Curran gets out of the loup cage in Magic Strikes
  4. The encounter at Bernard’s when Saiman taunts Curran with Kate in Magic Bleeds

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Kelley Armstrong

Darkest Powers

    Free PDF – 0.01. “Kat” (Originally published in The Eternal Kiss.)

    0.2. “Hunting Kat” (Continues Kat’s story in an independent eBook OR as part of an anthology, Kisses from Hell.)

    0.5. “Dangerous” * (an eBook)

  1. The Summoning
  2. 1.5. Divided *

  3. The Awakening
  4. 2.5. “Disenchanted” *

  5. The Reckoning
  6. 3.5. “Belonging” **

    3.6. “Facing Facts” ** (Can be found in Enthralled: “Paranormal Diversions”.)

* These three shorts are bundled into Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1.

** These two shorts are bundled into Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2.

Darkness Rising

This series is a sequel to the Darkest Powers series.

  1. The Gathering
  2. 1.1. “The New Guy

    FREE 1.2. “The Invitation

  3. The Calling
  4. The Rising

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Patricia Briggs


Since the Alpha & Omega and the Mercy Thompson stories intermix, this is a chronology for both.

    0.00001 Shifting Shadows: “Silver”

    0.5. Mercy Thompson: “Homecoming” (Graphic novel)

    0.6. Home Improvement: Undead Edition: “Gray”

    0.7. Shifting Shadows: “Fairy Gifts”

    0.8. Shifting Shadows: “Seeing Eye” (also found in Strange Brew)

  1. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, 1)
  2. 1.1. Shifting Shadows: “Alpha & Omega” (Alpha & Omega, 0.5; also found in On the Prowl)

  3. Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, 1)
  4. Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, 2)
  5. 3.5. Shifting Shadows: “Star of David” (Mercy Thompson, 1.5)

  6. Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, 2)
  7. Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, 3)
  8. Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, 4)
  9. 6.5. Shifting Shadows: “Roses in Winter” (Alpha & Omega, 2.5)

  10. Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, 5)
  11. 7.5. Shifting Shadows: “In Red, with Pearls” (Mercy Thompson, 5.5; also found in Down These Strange Streets)

  12. River Marked (Mercy Thompson, 6)
  13. Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, 3)
  14. Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, 7)
  15. 10.25. A Fantastic Holiday Season: “Unappreciated Gifts” (Alpha & Omega, 3.5)

    10.5. Shifting Shadows: “Redemption” (Mercy Thompson, 7.5)

  16. Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega, 4)
  17. Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, 8)
  18. 12.5. Shifting Shadows: “Hollow” (Mercy Thompson, 8.5)

  19. Fire Touched
  20. Silence Fallen (coming March 7, 2017)

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Meljean Brook

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Jim Butcher

The Dresden Files

The tentatively titled Brief Cases has a planned publication date of December 31, 2020 and is intended as a sequel anthology to Side Jobs.

    0.00001. Brief Cases: “A Fistful of Warlocks”)

    0.2. “A Restoration of Faith” (also found in Side Jobs)

    0.5. “Welcome to the Jungle” (a graphic novel)

  1. Storm Front
  2. Fool Moon
  3. 2.5. “B is for Bigfoot” (Bigfoot Trilogy, 1; also found in Under My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron and Brief Cases)

  4. Grave Peril
  5. Summer Knight
  6. Death Masks
  7. 5.5. “Vignette” (also found in Side Jobs)

  8. Blood Rites
  9. Dead Beat
  10. 7.25. Blood Lite III: Aftertaste: “I Was A Teenage Bigfoot” (and Bigfoot Trilogy, 2; also found in Brief Cases)

    7.5. My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding: “Something Borrowed” (also found in Side Jobs)

  11. Proven Guilty
  12. White Night
  13. 9.2. Many Bloody Returns: “It’s My Birthday Too”

    9.5. My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon: “Heorot”

  14. Small Favor
  15. 10.3. Blood Lite: “Harry’s Day Off”

    10.4. “Backup

    10.5. “The Warrior” (also found in Side Jobs or Mean Streets)

    10.6. Strange Brew: “Last Call”

    10.7. Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy: “Curses”

    10.11. “AAAA Wizardry” (also found in Brief Cases)

  16. Turn Coat
  17. 11.4. Hex Appeal: “Bigfoot on Campus” (Bigfoot Trilogy, 3; also found in Brief Cases)

    11.5. “Love Hurts” (also found in Side Jobs or Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love)

    11.6. Dark and Stormy Knights: “Even Hand” (also found in Brief Cases)

  18. Changes
  19. 12.1. Side Jobs: “Aftermath”

  20. Ghost Story
  21. 13.5. Dangerous Women: “Bombshells” (also found in Brief Cases)

  22. Cold Days
  23. 14.5. Shadowed Souls: “Cold Case” (also found in Brief Cases)

  24. Skin Game
  25. 15.1. “Jury Duty” (also found in Brief Cases)

    15.5. “Working for Bigfoot

    15.7. Unfettered II: “Day One” (also found in Brief Cases)

  26. Peace Talks (coming ?? (as of 8/7/2016))
  27. Mirror, Mirror (coming ?? (as of 8/7/2016))

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Orson Scott Card

Ender's Quintet

The Ender’s Game series is sometimes called Enderverse, Ender’s Saga, the Ender Quintet, or the Ender. I know it’s an odd layout for this series information, and Ender’s Saga and Shadow Saga (a.k.a., Ender’s Shadow) take place in parallel.

(This list is in chronological order, not publication order.)

Ender’s Saga Shadow Saga

0.4. Mazer in Prison

First Meetings in Ender’s Universe

0.5. “Polish Boy”

0.6. “Teacher’s Pest”

1. Ender’s Game 1. Ender’s Shadow

1.5. A War of Gifts (during the middle of Ender’s Game)

1.6. Ender in Exile (replaces last chapter of Ender’s Game, expands into its own novel)

1.7. First Meetings in Ender’s Universe: “Investment Counselor”

2. Shadow of the Hegemon

3. Shadow Puppets
4. Shadow of the Giant
2. Speaker for the Dead
3. Xenocide
4. Children of the Mind
5. Shadows in Flight
6 & last supposedly. Shadows Alive (after the conclusion of Children of the Mind)

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Kate Douglas

Chanku = Wolf Tales + Sexy Beast

This series has always confused the heck out of me. I’m OCD about reading a series in chronological order and Kate Douglas has not made this easy. In spite of the lack of originality in the book titles which are the same as the series and Douglas’ providing the number for a reading order, she’s thrown in a combination of Wolf Tales “shorts” and her Chanku novels. Douglas says that “The stories are tightly linked, so if you’re as nuts about reading a series in order as I am, please read in the order [she has] listed … on her website (or as below *grin*). … the books are tightly connected from one story to the next, and the Chanku novellas are very much a part of the overall story arc.”

The xx.5s are how the books are listed under the Wolf Tales series; the Sexy Beast numbering in the parentheses are how they’re listed in that subseries.

  1. Chanku – First Generation: Wolf Tales
    1. Wolf Tales I
    2. 1.5. “Chanku Rising” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 1)

      1.6. “The Gift” (a.k.a., Wolf Tales Interlude)

    3. Wolf Tales II
    4. 2.5. Wild Nights: “Camille’s Dawn” (a.k.a., “Chanku’s Dawn”)

    5. Wolf Tales III
    6. 3.5. “Chanku Fallen” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 2)

    7. Wolf Tales IV
    8. 4.5. “Chanku Journey” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 3)

    9. Wolf Tales V
    10. 5.5. “Chanku Destiny” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 4)

    11. Wolf Tales VI
    12. 6.5. “Chanku Wild“(a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 5)

    13. Wolf Tales VII
    14. 7.5. “Chanku Honor” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 6)

    15. Wolf Tales VIII
    16. 8.5. “Chanku Challenge” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 7)

    17. Wolf Tales 9
    18. 9.5. “Chanku Spirit” (a.k.a., Sexy Beast, 8)

    19. Wolf Tales 10
    20. Wolf Tales 11
    21. Wolf Tales 12
  2. Chanku – Second Generation: Spirit Wild
    1. Dark Wolf
    2. Dark Spirit
    3. Dark Moon
    4. Dark Refuge

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Jennifer Estep

Elemental Assassin

    FREE 0.5. “Spider’s Bargain

  1. Spider’s Bite
  2. 1.5. Web of Death

  3. Web of Lies
  4. FREE 2.5. “Web of Deceit” (GR says this is 0.4)

    FREE 2.6. “Poison” (GR says this is 0.1)

    FREE 2.7. “Wasted

  5. Venom
  6. FREE 3.5. “Tangled Dreams“, Part 1

    FREE 3.7. “Tangled Schemes“, Part 2

  7. Tangled Threads
  8. FREE 4.5. “Spider’s Nemesis

    4.7. The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance: “Haints and Hobwebs”

  9. Spider’s Revenge
  10. 5.5 “Thread of Death

  11. By a Thread
  12. Widow’s Web
  13. Deadly Sting
  14. 8.1. Carniepunk: “Parlor Tricks”

    8.5. “Kiss of Venom

  15. Heart of Venom
  16. The Spider
  17. Poison Promise
  18. Black Widow
  19. Spider’s Trap
  20. Bitter Bite
  21. 14.5. “Unwanted

  22. Unraveled (Aug 30, 2016)
  23. 15.5. “Nice Guys Bite” (Dec 2016)

  24. Snared

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Janet Evanovich

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Christine Feehan

Dark Saga

A.k.a., Dark, Dark Carpathian, Carpathian. Feehan has a preference for presenting her short stories as full numbers in her chronology. Most of the publishing world’s preference is for using the xx.5. To prevent confusion (so to speak), I’ve included Feehan’s numbering in parentheses.

  1. Dark Prince
  2. Dark Desire
  3. Dark Gold
  4. Dark Magic
  5. Dark Challenge
  6. Dark Fire
  7. 6.5. “Dark Dream” (also found in After Twilight: “Dark Dream”. (Feehan’s #7))

  8. Dark Legend (Feehan’s #8)
  9. Dark Guardian (Feehan’s #9)
  10. Dark Symphony (Feehan’s #10)
  11. 9.5. “Dark Descent” (also found in The Only One: “Dark Descent” (Feehan’s #11))

  12. Dark Melody (Feehan’s #12)
  13. Dark Destiny (Feehan’s #13)
  14. 11.5. Hot Blooded: “Dark Hunger” (Feehan’s #14)

  15. Dark Secret (Feehan’s #15)
  16. Dark Demon (Feehan’s #16)
  17. Dark Celebration (Feehan’s #17)
  18. Dark Possession (Feehan’s #18)
  19. Dark Curse (Feehan’s #19)
  20. Dark Slayer (Feehan’s #20)
  21. Dark Peril (Feehan’s #21)
  22. Dark Predator (Feehan’s #22)
  23. Dark Storm (Feehan’s #23)
  24. Dark Lycan (Feehan’s #24)
  25. Dark Wolf (Feehan’s #25)
  26. Dark Blood (Feehan’s #26)
  27. Dark Crime” (Feehan’s #27, is also found in Edge of Darkness)
  28. Dark Ghost (Feehan’s #28)
  29. Dark Promises (Feehan’s #29)
  30. Dark Carousel (Feehan’s #30)

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John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years

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Jeaniene Frost

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Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is an time-traveling historical fiction series involving Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. Gabaldon’s Lord John series is a spin-off involving a gay soldier in His Majesty’s army who fell in love with Jamie.

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Cindy Gerard

Gerard has written three series (so far) that tie into each other: The Bodyguards; Black Ops, Inc.; and, One-Eyed Jacks.

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Laurell K. Hamilton

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Charlaine Harris

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Kim Harrison

The Hollows

This series, a.k.a., Rachel Morgan, is complete, although Harrison has gone back before…the Turn.

    0.1. The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death

    0.11 Into the Woods: “The Bespelled” (also found in Demons: Encounters with the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed and the back of The Outlaw Demon Wails.)

    0.2 Into the Woods: “Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel” (also found in Holidays are Hell.)

    0.5 Into the Woods: “Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil” (also found in Dates From Hell.)

  1. Dead Witch Walking (DDW)
  2. The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (GBU)
  3. Every Which Way But Dead (EWWBD)
  4. A Fistful of Charms (FC)
  5. 4.5. Into the Woods: “Bridges of Eden Park” (also found in the mass market edition of For a Few Demons More.)

  6. For a Few Demons More (FFDM)
  7. The Outlaw Demon Wails (ODW)
  8. White Witch, Black Curse (WWBC)
  9. 7.5. Into the Woods: “Ley Line Drifter” (also found in Unbound.)

    7.9. Into the Woods: “Dirty Magic” (also found in Hotter Than Hell.)

  10. Black Magic Sanction (BMS)
  11. Pale Demon (PD)
  12. 9.5. The Hollows Insider (I’ve heard this is really good and that short story could be “Million Dollar Baby”.)

    9.5. Into the Woods: “Million Dollar Baby” (MDB; an e-release.)

  13. A Perfect Blood (APB)
  14. 10.1. Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond

    10.5. “Trouble on Reserve” (TOR; consider putting this after Ever After in your reading list, as, while Harrison does place “Trouble on Reserve” between A Perfect Blood and Ever After, the dynamics of the Rachel-Trent relationship in “Trouble on Reserve” feels more realistic if you read this after Ever After.)

  15. Ever After (EA)
  16. The Undead Pool (TUP)
  17. The Witch With No Name
  18. 13.1. “Sudden Backtrack

There are four non-Hollows stories in Into the Woods.

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Thea Harrison

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Emma Holly


These are all short stories or novellas — around or under 200 pages.

  1. Hidden Talents (211-page eBook; Ari & Adam)
  2. Hidden Crimes (193-page eBook; Nate & Evina)
  3. Hidden Depths (238-page eBook; Olivia & James)
  4. 3.5. “Date Night” (46-page eBook; Olivia’s husbands give her a reprieve from being queen)

  5. Move Me (108-page eBook; Uncle Lucky has died and left his home to Belle)
  6. 4.5. “The Faerie’s Honeymoon” (Duvall & Belle; the Move Me Duet combines these two stories.)

  7. Hidden Dragons (224-page eBook; Rick & Cass)
  8. Winter’s Tale (116-page eBook; December & Hans)
  9. Hidden Passions (250-page eBook; Chris & Tony)

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Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock

    0.1 “WeSa and the Lumber King” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Have Stakes, Will Travel, and Blood in Her Veins

    0.2 “The Early Years” can be found in Cat Tales, Cat o’ Nine Tales and Blood in Her Veins

    0.3 “Snafu” can be found in Black Water

    0.4 “Cat Tats” can be found in Cat Tales, Cat o’ Nine Tales, and Blood in Her Veins

    0.5 “Kits” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales and Cat Tales

    0.6 “Haints” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Have Stakes, Will Travel and Blood in Her Veins

    0.7 “Signatures of the Dead” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Have Stakes, Will Travel, and Strange Brew

  1. Skinwalker
  2. 1.5 “First Sight” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Jane Yellowrock World Companion, and Blood in Her Veins

  3. Blood Cross
  4. Mercy Blade
  5. 3.1 Easy Pickings

    3.2 “Blood, Fangs, and Going Furry” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Cat Tales, and Blood in Her Veins

    3.3 “Dance Master” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales and Jane Yellowrock World Companion

  6. Raven Cursed
  7. 4.1 “Cajun with Fangs” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Have Stakes, Will Travel, and Blood in Her Veins. As a subseries, I’m calling it Bayou Oiseau, 1.

    4.2 “Golden Delicious” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, An Apple for the Creature, Blood in Her Veins

  8. Death’s Rival
  9. Blood Trade
  10. 6.25 “Devil’s Left Boot” can be found in Kicking It, Blood in Her Veins

    6.3 “Black Water” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales, Black Water, Blood in Her Veins

    6.5 “Beneath a Bloody Moon” can be found in Cat o’ Nine Tales and Blood in Her Veins

  11. Black Arts
  12. 7.1 “Off the Grid” can be found in Black Water, Blood in Her Veins

  13. Broken Soul
  14. 8.5 “Not All Is as It Seems” can be found in Temporally Out of Order and Blood in Her Veins

  15. Dark Heir
  16. 9.5. “Cat Fight” can be found in Blood in Her Veins. As a subseries, I’m calling it Bayou Oiseau, 2.

    9.75 “Bound No More” can be found in Blood in Her Veins

  17. Shadow Rites
  18. Cold Reign

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Craig Johnson

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Robert Jordan

Wheel of Time

    0.5. New Spring, which brings Lan and Moraine together.

  1. The Eye of the World
  2. The Great Hunt
  3. Dragon Reborn
  4. Shadow Rising
  5. Fires of Heaven
  6. Lord of Chaos
  7. A Crown of Swords
  8. The Path of Daggers
  9. Winter’s Heart
  10. Crossroads of Twilight
  11. 10.1 Glimmers simply repeats the prologue to Crossroads of Twilight and is only available as an eBook. It does contain an interview with Jordan and links to resources, but it is NOT new material for the story.

  12. Knife of Dreams
  13. The Gathering Storm
  14. Towers of Midnight
  15. A Memory of Light

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Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Hunterverse (DH)

According to Kenyon, the following are all part of the overall Hunterverse. There are some misnumbered entries that will eventually get straightened out; it doesn’t help that Kenyon is inconsistent in how she does number her titles with some short stories being numbered as full volumes and some getting the xx.5 routine. The important thing is that the titles flow one after another.


    0.5. “The Beginning” (A bonus story on Sherrilyn’s web site, at the back of early editions of Sins of the Night, and in its entirety in Acheron)

  1. Night Pleasures
  2. 1.5. “Dragonswan” (Kenyon’s 2; Were-Hunter, 0.5; also found in In Other Worlds and in Tapestry)

  3. Night Embrace (Kenyon’s 3)
  4. 2.5. “A Dark-Hunter Christmas” (Kenyon’s 4; also found in the back of the first edition of Dance with the Devil, DarkHunter: An Insider’s Guide, and in Dark Bites)

  5. Dance with the Devil (Kenyon’s 5)
  6. Kiss of the Night (Kenyon’s 6)
  7. Night Play (Kenyon’s 7; Were-Hunter, 1)
  8. Seize the Night (Kenyon’s 8)
  9. 6.5. “Winter Born” (Were-Hunter, 1.5; also found in Stroke of Midnight)

  10. Sins of the Night (Kenyon’s 9)
  11. Unleash the Night (Kenyon’s 10)
  12. 8.5. “Second Chances” (also found in Acheron and Dark Bites; this is simply an excerpt from Styxx

  13. Dark Side of the Moon (Kenyon’s 11; Were-Hunter, 3)
  14. 9.25. My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding: “A Hard Day’s Night Searcher”

    9.5. Love at First Bite: “Until Death Do Us Part”

    9.75. “Fear the Darkness” (Also found in DarkHunter: An Insider’s Guide)

  15. Devil May Cry (Kenyon’s 11)
  16. Upon the Midnight Clear (Kenyon’s 12)
  17. Dream Chaser (Kenyon’s 3 or 13)
  18. Acheron (Kenyon’s 16)
  19. One Silent Night (Kenyon’s 15)
  20. Dream Warrior (Kenyon’s 18)
  21. Bad Moon Rising (Kenyon’s 19; Were-Hunter, 4; Hellchaser, 1)
  22. No Mercy (Kenyon’s 20; Were-Hunter, 5)
  23. Retribution (Kenyon’s 21)
  24. The Guardian (Kenyon’s 22; Dream-Hunter, 5; Hellchaser, 4; Were-Hunter, 6)
  25. Time Untime (Kenyon’s 23; Hellchaser, 5; Were-Hunter, 7)
  26. Styxx (Kenyon’s 24)
  27. Son of No One (Kenyon’s 25; Hellchaser, 6; Lords of Avalon, 3; Were-Hunter, 8)
  28. Dragonbane (Kenyon’s 26; Hellchaser, 7; Lords of Avalon, 4)
  29. Dragonmark (Kenyon’s 26; Dark-Hunter: Dragon’s Rising Trilogy 1; The Entire Dark-Hunterverse #33; Dark-Hunterverse #27; Lords of Avalon #5)

    0.5. Midnight Pleasures: “Phantom Lover” (also found in Dark Bites; DH, 3.3)

  1. The Dream Hunter (DH, 11)
  2. Upon the Midnight Clear (DH, 13)
  3. Dream Chaser (DH, 12)
  4. Dream Warrior (DH, 15)
  5. The Guardian (DH, 19; Hellchaser, 4; Were-Hunter, 6)

    0.5. “Dragonswan” (DH, 1.5; also found in In Other Worlds and in Tapestry)

  1. Night Play (DH, 5)
  2. 1.5. “Winter Born” (DH, 6.5; also found in Stroke of Midnight)

  3. Unleash the Night (DH, 8)
  4. Dark Side of the Moon (DH, 9)
  5. 3.5. Dead After Dark: “Shadow of the Moon” (DH, 15.6; also found in Dark Bites)

  6. Bad Moon Rising (DH, 16; Hellchaser, 1)
  7. No Mercy (DH, 17)
  8. The Guardian (Dream-Hunter, 5; DH, 19)
  9. Time Untime (DH, 25; Dark-Hunter, 12; Hellchaser, 6)
  10. Son of No One (DH, 29; Hellchaser, 6; Dark-Hunter, 14; Lords of Avalon, 3)
  11. Dragonbane (DH, 23; Hellchaser, 7; Lords of Avalon, 4)
Chronicles of Nick

    0.5. Blood Lite: “Where Angels Fear to Tread” (DH, 15.5; also found in Dark Bites and DarkHunter: An Insider’s Guide)

  1. Bad Moon Rising (DH, 18; Were-Hunter, 4)
  2. DarkHunter: An Insider’s Guide
  3. “The Promise”

    “Second Chances”

  4. The Guardian (Dream-Hunter, 5; Were-Hunter, 6; DH, 19)
  5. Time Untime (DH, 25; Dark-Hunter, 12; Were-Hunter, 7)
  6. Son of No One (DH, 29; Dark-Hunter, 14; Lords of Avalon, 3; Were-Hunter, 8)
  7. Dragonbane (DH, 23; Were-Hunter, 9; Lords of Avalon, 4)
Lords of Avalon
  1. Sword of Darkness
  2. Knight of Darkness
  3. Son of No One (DH, 29; Hellchaser, 6; Dark-Hunter, 14; Were-Hunter, 8)
  4. 3. as well Darkness Within

  5. Dragonbane (DH, 23; Were-Hunter, 9; Hellchaser, 7)
Companion Books

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Lynn Kurland

Kurland does not distinguish between short stories and full-length novels in the numbering.

Nine Kingdoms

  1. Star of the Morning
  2. The Mage’s Daughter
  3. Princess of the Sword
  4. A Tapestry of Spells (I need to re-read this series, as I believe this installment definitely comes before #2 and possibly before #1; another reviewer believes it’s concurrent with #1)
  5. Spellweaver
  6. Gift of Magic
  7. Dreamspinner
  8. River of Dreams
  9. Dreamer’s Daughter
  10. The White Spell

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Mercedes Lackey

Elemental Masters

All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters Anthologies

Elves on the Road

Elves on the Road

Doubled Edge

It begins with an elf as guardian to the young Princess Elizabeth before she became Queen Elizabeth I.

Doubled Edge
  1. This Sceptre’d Isle
  2. Ill Met by Moonlight
  3. By Slanderous Tongues
  4. And Less Than Kind

Bedlam’s Bard

Bedlam's Bard

    xx.5. “The Red Fiddler

  1. Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
  2. Summoned to Tourney
  3. Bedlam Boyz (said to be a prequel to Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, which would mean this is actually 0.5)
  4. Beyond World’s End
  5. Spirits White as Lightning
  6. Mad Maudlin
  7. Music to My Sorrow
  8. Bedlam’s Edge is an anthology of 14 short stories and one essay.

Diana Tregarde

Diana Tregarde

A romance writer and Wiccan with a supernatural job as a Guardian protecting the world.

    0.3. “Arcanum 101” can be found in Trio of Sorcery

    0.6. “Magic 101

    0.9. “Nightside

  1. Children of the Night
  2. Burning Water
  3. Jinx High
  4. 3.25. “Killer Byte

    3.5. “Satanic, Versus

SERRAted Edge

The first four revolve around elves and their human friends working on race cars by Savannah, Georgia. The library doesn’t have the next four.




(The books are listed chronologically, not in order of publication.)

B.F. – Before the founding of Valdemar.

A.F. – After the founding of Valdemar

  1. Black Gryphon, (1000 BF) Mage Wars 1
  2. White Gryphon, (1000 BF) Mage Wars 2
  3. Silver Gryphon, (1000 BF) Mage Wars 3
  4. Magic’s Pawn, (750 AF) Last Herald-Mage 1
  5. Magic’s Promise, (798 AF) Last Herald-Mage 2
  6. Magic’s Price, (798 AF) Last Herald-Mage 3
    (These three also found in Last Herald-Mage, Last Herald-Mage 1-3.)
  7. Foundation, (850 AF) Collegium Chronicles 1
  8. Intrigues, (850 AF) Collegium Chronicles 2
  9. Changes, (xx AF) Collegium Chronicles 3
  10. Redoubt, (xx AF) Collegium Chronicles 4
  11. Bastion, (xx AF) Collegium Chronicles 5
  12. Closer to Home, (xx AF) Herald Spy 1 & carries on from the Collegium Chronicles
  13. Closer to the Heart, (xx AF) Herald Spy 2 & carries on from the Collegium Chronicles
  14. Closer to the Chest, (xx AF) Herald Spy 3 & carries on from the Collegium Chronicles
  15. Brightly Burning, (1077 AF) The Tale of Lavan Firestorm 1
  16. Oathbound, (1270 AF) Vows & Honor 1
  17. Oathbreakers, (1270 AF) Vows & Honor 2
  18. Oathblood, (1270 AF) Vows & Honor 3
    (These three also found in Vows & Honor, Vows & Honor 1-3.)
  19. Exile’s Honor, (1355 AF) Exile 1
  20. Exile’s Valor, (1355 AF) Exile 2
  21. Take a Thief, (1376 AF)
  22. By the Sword, (1376 AF) Kerowyn’s Tale 1
  23. Arrows of the Queen, (1376 AF) Heralds of Valdemar 1 1
  24. Arrow’s Flight, (1376 AF) Heralds of Valdemar 2
  25. Arrow’s Fall, (1376 AF) Heralds of Valdemar 3
    (These three also found in Queen’s Own, Heralds of Valdemar 1-3.)
  26. Winds of Fate, (1376 AF) Mage Winds 1
  27. Winds of Change, (1376 AF) Mage Winds 2
  28. Winds of Fury, (1376 AF) Mage Winds 3
  29. Storm Warning, (1376 AF) Mage Storms 1
  30. Storm Rising, (1376 AF) Mage Storms 2
  31. Storm Breaking, (1376 AF) Mage Storms 3
  32. Owlflight, (1376 AF) Owl Mage Trilogy 1
  33. Owlsight, (1376 AF) Owl Mage Trilogy 2
  34. Owlknight, (1376 AF) Owl Mage Trilogy 3

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Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh doesn’t believe in half-numbering her short stories, however, you can tell which they are by the TITLE: “Short Story Title”.

Tempting SEALs

Tempting SEALs and Elite Ops intertwine, so I’ve created a single timeline for both.; I’ve also given the Elite Ops an xx.5 chronology to fit within the Tempting SEALs series.

  1. Honk If You Love Real Men (Tempting SEALs, 1)
  2. Dangerous Games (Tempting SEALs, 2)
  3. Real Men Do It Better: “For Maggie’s Sake” (Tempting SEALs, 3)
  4. Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs, 4)
  5. Killer Secrets (Tempting SEALs, 5)
  6. TS 5.25. Wild Card (Elite Ops, 1)

    TS 5.5. Maverick (Elite Ops, 2)

  7. Rescue Me: “Atlanta Heat” (Tempting SEALs, 6)
  8. TS 6.25. Heat Seeker (Elite Ops, 3)

    TS 6.5. Black Jack (Elite Ops, 4)

    TS 6.75. Men of Danger: “Hannah’s Luck” (Elite Ops, 4.5)

    TS 6.8. Renegade (Elite Ops, 5)

  9. Live Wire (Elite Ops, 6)
Nauti Boys and Girls

    0.2. “He is Male Therefore” (more of a 25-page rough draft)

  1. Tempting the Beast (Feline Breeds, 1)
  2. The Man Within (Feline Breeds, 2)
  3. Elizabeth’s Wolf (Wolf Breeds, 1)
  4. Kiss of Heat (Feline Breeds, 3)
  5. Soul Deep (Coyote Breeds, 1)
  6. Hot Spell: “The Breed Next Door”; also found in Overcome (Feline Breeds, 4)
  7. Megan’s Mark; also found in The Breeds Novels 1–6 (Feline Breeds, 5)
  8. Harmony’s Way; also found in The Breeds Novels 1–6 (Feline Breeds, 6)
  9. Tanner’s Scheme; also found in The Breeds Novels 1–6 (Feline Breeds, 7)
  10. Primal Heat: “Wolfe’s Hope” (Wolf Breeds, 2)
  11. Jacob’s Faith (Wolf Breeds, 3)
  12. 11.5. “Barak’s Bargain”

  13. Aiden’s Charity (Wolf Breeds, 4)
  14. Beyond the Dark: “In a Wolf’s Embrace” (Wolf Breeds, 5); also found in Overcome
  15. Dawn’s Awakening; also found in The Breeds Novels 1–6 (Feline Breeds, 8)
  16. Shifter: “A Jaguar’s Kiss “; also found in Overcome (Feline Breeds, 9)
  17. Mercury’s War (Feline Breeds, 10); also found in The Breeds Novels 1–6
  18. Magical Christmas Cat: Christmas Heat”; also found in Too Hot to Touch
  19. Coyote’s Mate (Coyote Breeds, 2); also found in The Breeds Novels 1–6
  20. Bengal’s Heart (Feline Breeds, 12); also found in The Breeds Novels 7–11 and 4 Book Collection
  21. Hot for the Holidays: “Christmas Kiss”; also found in Too Hot to Touch
  22. Lion’s Heat (Feline Breeds, 13); also found in The Breeds Novels 7–11 and 4 Book Collection
  23. Styx’s Storm; also found in The Breeds Novels 7–11 and 4 Book Collection
  24. Primal: “Primal Kiss”; also found in Too Hot to Touch
  25. Navarro’s Promise; also found in The Breeds Novels 7–11 and 4 Book Collection
  26. Tied with a Bow: “An Inconvenient Mate”; also found in Lawe’s Justice; also found in The Breeds Novels 7–11
  27. Lawe’s Justice
  28. Stygian’s Honor
  29. Enthralled: “Devil’s Due” (Wolf Breeds, 5)
  30. Rule Breaker
  31. Bengal’s Quest
  32. Wake a Sleeping Tiger

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Anne McCaffrey


Chronological order.

I am including Todd McCaffrey’s contributions to the series (TM), but I don’t recommend reading them. If you must, get them from the library.

    0.5. The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall: “The Survey: P.E.R.N.”

  1. Dragonsdawn
  2. 1.1. “The Dolphin’s Bell” (10 years after landing; also found in The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall)

    1.2. The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall: “The Ford of Red Hanrahan” (19 years after landing; )

    1.3. The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall: “The Second Weyr” (28 years after landing; )

    1.4. “Rescue Run” (also found in The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall; 58 years after landing)

  3. Dragonseye
  4. (TM) Dragon’s Kin *
  5. (TM) Dragon’s Fire *
  6. (TM) Dragon Harper
  7. (TM) Dragonheart
  8. (TM) Dragonsblood
    parallels Dragon’s Fire and Dragon’s Kin *
  9. (TM) Dragongirl
  10. (TM) Dragon’s Time *
  11. (TM) Sky Dragons
  12. Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
  13. Nerilka’s Story
  14. 12.5. Legends II: “Beyond Between”

  15. The Masterharper of Pern
  16. Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern, 1)
  17. 14.5. “The Smallest Dragonboy” (also found in A Gift of Dragons)

  18. Dragonquest (Dragonriders of Pern, 2)
  19. Dragonsong (Harper Hall, 1; takes place during Dragonquest with Mennolly appearing in Benden Weyr when the fire lizards are first discovered and Jaxom impresses Ruth)

    Dragonsinger (Harper Hall, 2; takes place during Dragonquest with the drama of Brekke’s queen and F’nor and Canth’s ride to the Red Star)

  20. Dragondrums (Harper Hall, 3; 3 years after Dragonsinger)
  21. The White Dragon (Dragonriders of Pern, 3)
  22. 17.5. “A Time When, Being a Tale of Young Lord Jaxom, His White Dragon, Ruth, and Various Fire Lizards” (Jaxom and Ruth’s hunt for the queen egg)

  23. The Renegades of Pern
  24. 18.5. “The Girl Who Heard Dragons” (also found in A Gift of Dragons)

  25. All the Weyrs of Pern
  26. The Dolphins of Pern
  27. The Skies of Pern

I’m not sure where these fit in chronologically. I suspect anywhere *grin*.

Runner of Pern” (also found in A Gift of Dragons)

A Gift of Dragons: “Ever the Twain”

* I’m whining, but TM is simply providing different PsOV on the same frickin’ incident.

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Seanan McGuire


    0.01. “The Flower of Arizona“; also found in Westward Weird

    0.02. FREE “One Hell of a Ride

    0.03. FREE “No Place Like Home

    0.04. Dead Man’s Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West: “Stingers and Strangers“;

    0.05. FREE “Married in Green

    0.06. FREE “Sweet Poison Wine

    0.07. FREE “The First Fall

    0.08. FREE “Loch and Key

    0.09. FREE “We Both Go Down Together

    0.10. FREE “Oh Pretty Bird

    0.11. FREE “Bury Me in Satin

    0.12. FREE “Snakes and Ladders

    0.13. FREE “Broken Paper Hearts

    0.14. FREE “The Star of New Mexico

    0.2. FREE “The Way Home

    0.21. FREE “The Lay of the Land

  1. Discount Armageddon
  2. Midnight Blue-Light Special
  3. 2.1. FREE “Blocked

    2.2. Glitter and Mayhem: “Bad Dream Girl

    2.3. Games Creatures Play: “Jammed

    2.4. Press Start to Play: “Survival Horror”

    2.5. Hex in the City: “Red as Snow

    2.6. FREE “Black as Blood

    2.7. FREE “White as a Raven’s Wing

  4. Half-Off Ragnarok
  5. 3.1. FREE “The Ghosts of Bourbon Street

    3.2. FREE “IM

    3.3. FREE “Snake in the Glass

    3.4. FREE “Swamp Bromeliad

    3.5. FREE “Waking Up In Vegas

    3.6. FREE “My Last Name

  6. Pocket Apocalypse
  7. Chaos Choreography
  8. 5.1. “Sleepover“; it’s also found in Jim Butcher’s Shadowed Souls

  9. Magic For Nothing
  10. 6.5. “The Recitation of the Most Holy and Harrowing Pilgrimage of Mindy and Also Mork

  11. Tricks for Free (to be published 2018)

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Tamora Pierce

Emelanese Universe
Tortall Universe

The overall series contains various subseries which are the Arabic numbered line items with the stories within the particular subseries in lowercase alpha.

  1. * Beka Cooper takes place in 240 and is about an ancestor of George Cooper’s (George’s mother writes in the year 406):
    1. Terrier
    2. Bloodhound
    3. Mastiff
  2. Song of the Lioness
    1. Alanna: The First Adventure
    2. In the Hand of the Goddess
    3. Woman Who Rides Like a Man
    4. Lioness Rampant
  3. The Immortals
    1. Wild Magic
    2. Wolf-Speaker
    3. Emperor Mage
    4. Realms of the Gods
  4. Protector of the Small
    1. First Test
    2. Page
    3. Squire
    4. Lady Knight
  5. Daughter of the Lioness
    1. Trickster’s Choice
    2. Trickster’s Queen
  6. and others

* Technically, Beka Cooper takes place first in the Tortall series chronologically. It is, however, more independent of the overall series, and I consider it more of a side series that MAY provide more information about George Cooper’s family’s past (he first appears in Song of the Lioness).

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Sir Terry Pratchett

Discworld (DW)


The overall Discworld series includes a number of subseries and companion books, which I’ve labeled (see the table below). I’ve also separated out the subseries into their own lists to cut down on having to hunt through the clutter. Be aware that not all the Discworld books are in a subseries!

Subseries Name Code for the Subseries Discworld Numbering
Ankh-Morpork City Watch AMCW 8, 14.5, 15, 19, 21, 24, 29, 39
DEATH D 4, 10.5, 11, 16, 20, 26
Industrial Revolution IR 10
Moist von Lipwig MvL 33, 36, 40
Rincewind RW 1, 2, 5, 9, 17, 22, 27, 37
Tiffany Aching TA 30, 32, 35, 38, 41
Witches Trilogy W 3, 6, 12, 14, 18, 23, 23.5
  1. The Colour of Magic (RW, 1)
  2. The Light Fantastic (RW, 2)
  3. Equal Rites (W, 1)
  4. Mort (D, 1)
  5. Sourcery (RW, 3)
  6. Wyrd Sisters (W, 2)
  7. Pyramid
  8. Guards! Guards! (AMCW, 1)
  9. Eric (RW, 4)
  10. Moving Pictures (IR, 1)
  11. FREE 10.5. “Death and What Comes Next” (D, 1.5)

  12. Reaper Man (D, 2)
  13. Witches Abroad (W, 3)
  14. Small Gods
  15. Lords and Ladies (W, 4)
  16. 14.5. “Theatre of Cruelty” (AMCW, 1.5)

  17. Men at Arms (AMCW, 2)
  18. Soul Music (D, 3)
  19. 16.5. “Troll Bridge

  20. Interesting Times (RW, 5)
  21. Maskerade (W, 5)
  22. Feet of Clay (AMCW, 3)
  23. Hogfather (D, 4)
  24. Jingo (AMCW, 4)
  25. The Last Continent (RW, 6)
  26. Carpe Jugulum (W, 6)
  27. FREE 23.5. “The Sea and Little Fishes” (W, 6.5)

  28. The Fifth Elephant (AMCW, 5)
  29. The Truth
  30. Thief of Time (D, 5)
  31. The Last Hero (RW, 7)
  32. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
  33. Night Watch (AMCW, 6)
  34. Wee Free Men (TA, 1)
  35. Monstrous Regiment
  36. A Hat Full of Sky (TA, 2)
  37. Going Postal (MvL, 1)
  38. Thud! (AMCW, 7)
  39. 34.5. “Where’s My Cow?

  40. Wintersmith (TA, 3)
  41. Making Money (MvL, 2)
  42. Unseen Academicals (RW, 8)
  43. 37.5. “A Collegiate Casting-Out of Devilish Devices

  44. I Shall Wear Midnight (TA, 4)
  45. Snuff (AMCW, 8)
  46. 39.5. “The World of Poo

  47. Raising Steam (MvL, 3)
  48. 40.5. “Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook

  49. The Shepherd’s Crown (TA, 5)

The Shepherd’s Crown is the very last Discworld novel written by Sir Terry. There are reports that his daughter will be taking up his mantle.

Ankh-Morpork City Watch

  1. Guards! Guards! (DW, 8)
  2. 1.5. “Theatre of Cruelty” (DW, 14.5)

  3. Men at Arms (DW, 15)
  4. Feet of Clay (DW, 19)
  5. Jingo (DW, 21)
  6. The Fifth Elephant (DW, 24)
  7. Night Watch (DW, 24)
  8. Thud! (DW, 29)
  9. Snuff (DW, 39)

  1. Mort (DW, 4)
  2. FREE 10.5. “Death and What Comes Next” (DW, 10.5)

  3. Reaper Man (DW, 11)
  4. Soul Music (DW, 16)
  5. Hogfather (DW, 20)
  6. Thief of Time (DW, 26)
Moist Van Lipwig

  1. Going Postal (DW, 33)
  2. Making Money (DW, 36)
  3. Raising Steam (DW, 40)
Tiffany Aching
Witches Trilogy

  1. Equal Rites (DW, 3)
  2. Wyrd Sisters (DW, 6)
  3. Witches Abroad (DW, 12)
  4. Lords and Ladies (DW, 14)
  5. Maskerade (DW, 18)
  6. Carpe Jugulum (DW, 23)
  7. FREE 23.5. “The Sea and Little Fishes” (DW, 23.5)

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Nora Roberts

MacGregor Family Saga

    Scotland, 1745

  1. Rebellion (Roberts has it as #0.1)

    American Revolution

  2. In From the Cold (Roberts has it as #0.2)

    Daniel MacGregor’s Children

  3. Playing the Odds (Roberts has it as #1)
  4. Tempting Fate (Roberts has it as #2)
  5. All the Possibilities (Roberts has it as #3)
  6. One Man’s Art (Roberts has it as #4)
  7. Daniel MacGregor woos his wife, and I think, looks back on a 40-year marriage.

  8. For Now, Forever (Roberts has it as #5)

    Daniel MacGregor’s Grandchildren

  9. The MacGregor Brides (Roberts has it as #6)
  10. The Winning Hand (Roberts has it as #7)
  11. The MacGregor Grooms (Roberts has it as #8)
  12. The Perfect Neighbor (Roberts has it as #9)

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Steven Saylor

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Nalini Singh

Singh’s free short stories can be found in her newsletters to which you have to subscribe. If you’re a fan of either series, sign up!

Guild Hunter

    0.4. “Angels’ Dance” (also found in Angels’ Flight and in Must Love Hellhounds)

    0.5. “Angels’ Judgment

    0.6. “Angels’ Pawn” ((also found in Angels’ Flight)

  1. Angels’ Blood
  2. Archangel’s Kiss
  3. FREE 2.5. “Weapons Training

  4. Archangel’s Consort
  5. 3.5. Angels of Darkness: “Angel’s Wolf” (also found in Angels’ Flight)

  6. Archangel’s Blade
  7. Archangel’s Storm
  8. 5.5. “Knives and Sheaths” (Found in Nalini Singh’s newsletter; it’s a series outtake from Chapter 8 in Archangel’s Storm that Singh edited and extended.)

  9. Archangel’s Legion
  10. FREE 6.5. “Zoe’s Workshop” (February 2014 Newsletter)

    6.9. “A Sip of Eternity” (Found in October 2014 Newsletter)

  11. Archangel’s Shadows
  12. FREE: 7.25. “A Walk on the Cliffs (Fits into chapter 6 of Archangel’s Shadows between two minor characters, Sivya and Montgomery)

    FREE: 7.5. “A Small Fairy Tale”

  13. Archangel’s Engima
  14. Archangel’s Heart

    0.5. Wild Invitation: “Beat of Temptation” (Also found in An Enchanted Season)

    0.6. Burning Up: “Whisper of Sin” (While listed as story 8.5 in the series, it takes place chronologically before Slave to Sensation.)

  1. Slave to Sensation
  2. FREE: 1.5. “The Cannibal Princess

  3. Visions of Heat
  4. Caressed by Ice
  5. 3.5. Wild Invitation: “Stroke of Enticement” (Also found in Magical Christmas Cat

  6. Mine to Possess
  7. FREE: 4.5. “A Conversation

  8. Hostage to Pleasure
  9. FREE: 5.5. “A Gift for Kit

    FREE: 5.6. “Movie Night

  10. Branded by Fire
  11. FREE: 6.5. “The Party

  12. Blaze of Memory
  13. FREE: 7.5. “Christmas in the Kitchen

  14. Bonds of Justice
  15. FREE 8.1. “Sunday Morning

  16. Play of Passion
  17. FREE: 9.1. “Wolf School

    FREE: 9.2. “Clean and Dirty

    9.5. Wild Invitation: “Declaration of Courtship”

    9.7. “Home

  18. Kiss of Snow
  19. 10.25. “Wild Night” (a newsletter short)

    10.5. Wild Invitation: “Texture of Intimacy”

    FREE 10.7. “Naya’s Most Important Visitors

    10.8. “Pancakes

    FREE 10.9. “Grocery Shopping

  20. Tangle of Need
  21. 11.1. “Wild Invitation: “Dancing With Cooper” (Supposedly it’s in WI and takes place during Tangle of Need)

    FREE: 11.4. “Making Dinner” (A barely pregnant Mercy and Riley)

    FREE: 11.5. “Poker Night

    FREE: 10.7. OR 11.6. “Stalking Hawke

  22. Heart of Obsidian
  23. 12.1. “Hide and Seek

    12.5. Night Shift: “Secrets at Midnight”

    12.9. “New Year’s Kisses

  24. Shield of Winter
  25. FREE: 13.5. “Housewarming at the Orchard” (A peek in at Ivy and Vasic)

  26. Shards of Hope
  27. 14.6. “Romancing Drew” (in Singh’s May 2016 newsletter)

  28. Allegiance of Honor

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Thomas E. Sniegoski

The Fallen

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S.M. Stirling


  1. The Change, Emberverse I
    1. Dies the Fire
    2. 1.5. Dangerous Women: “Pronouncing Doom”

    3. The Protector’s War
    4. A Meeting at Corvallis
  2. The Sunrise Lands, Emberverse II
    1. The Sunrise Lands
    2. The Scourge of God
    3. The Sword of the Lady
  3. The Montival Series, Emberverse III
    1. The High King of Montival
    2. The Tears of the Sun
    3. Lord of Mountains
  4. The Sacrifice Book, Emberverse IV
    1. The Given Sacrifice (could also be considered the last book of The Montival Series)
  5. Rudi’s Children, Emberverse V
    1. The Golden Princess
    2. The Desert and the Blade
    3. Prince of Outcasts

The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth, an anthology of Emberverse tales.

Island in the Sea of Time

A parallel series with the Emberverse, this explores what happened to Nantucket Island when the EMP hit.

  1. Island in the Sea of Time
  2. Against the Tide of Years
  3. On the Oceans of Eternity
  4. 3.5. The First Heroes: “Blood Wolf”

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Carrie Vaughan

Kitty Norville

    0.005. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Book of Daniel”

    0.01. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “A Princess of Spain”

    Rick – 1. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Conquistador de la Noche” (also found in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

    Rick – 2. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Temptation of Robin Green” (also found in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance

    Cormac – 1. Kitty’s Greatest Hits” “Looking After Family” (This is part of Cormac’s childhood.)

    TJ – 1. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Wild Ride” (also found in Running with the Pack)

    0.9. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Winnowing the Herd”

  1. Kitty and the Midnight Hour
  2. Kitty Goes to Washington
  3. 2.4. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Life is the Teacher” (also found in Hotter Than Hell)

    2.5. “Kitty Meets the Band

    2.75. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Il Est Né” (also found in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe)

    2.x. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Kitty’s Zombie New Year” (This is after the second full-length novel, but before Ben shows up)

    2.x. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Kitty and the Mosh Pit of the Damned” (after #2 but before Ben)

  4. Kitty Takes a Holiday
  5. Kitty and the Silver Bullet
  6. 4.25. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “You’re on the Air”

    4.5. Hex Appeal: “Arcane Art of Misdirection”

  7. Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand
  8. Kitty Raises Hell
  9. 6.5. (Cormac – 03) Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “Long Time Waiting”

  10. Kitty’s House of Horrors
  11. Kitty Goes to War
  12. Kitty’s Big Trouble
  13. Kitty Steals the Show
  14. Kitty Rocks the House
  15. Kitty in the Underworld
  16. Low Midnight
  17. Kitty Saves the World

I’m not sure where these slot in.

Rick – xx.x Down These Strange Streets: “It’s Still the Same Old Story”

Cormac – 2. Kitty’s Greatest Hits: “God’s Creatures” (also found in Dark and Stormy Knights)

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David Weber


Stephanie Harrington

A YA series, it’s also known as Star Kingdom.

I plan to re-read the series and figure out where the short stories fit in; for now I’m only including those I can slot in chronologically.

  1. Worlds of Weber: “A Beautiful Friendship” (also found in More Than Honor)
  2. Fire Season
  3. 2.5. Worlds of Honor: “Stray”

    2.6. Worlds of Honor: “What Price Dreams?”

  4. Treecat Wars
Honor Harrington

A series for adults interested in military science fiction.

Subseries Name Code for the Subseries Honorverse Numbering
Manticore Ascendant MA 1
Honor Harrington HH 1.5, 2.1 – 10, 12, 14, 17 – 18
Wages of Sin WoS 11, 15
Saganami Island SI 13, 16, 19
  1. A Call to Duty (MA, 1)
  2. 1.5. Beginnings: “Beauty and the Beast” (HH, 0.4; how Honor’s parents met)

  3. House of Steel
  4. 2.1. Worlds of Honor: “Queen’s Gambit” (HH, 0.5; king’s assassination & queen’s ascension with Justin’s treecat adoption)

    2.2. Beginnings: “A Call to Arms” (HH, 0.6)

    2.3. Beginnings: “The Best Laid Plans” (HH, 0.7; how 13-year-old Honor was adopted)

    2.4. Worlds of Honor 2: “Hard Way Home” (HH, 0.8; Two stories: Susan Hibson as a 12-year-old and Honor’s run-ins with one of Pavel Young’s cronies)

    2.5. Worlds of Weber: “Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington” (HH, 0.9)

  5. On Basilisk Station (HH, 1)
  6. Honor of the Queen (HH, 2)
  7. 4.5. In Fire Forged: “Let’s Dance” (HH, 3.5)

  8. Short Victorious War (HH, 3)
  9. Field of Dishonor (HH, 4)
  10. Flag in Exile (HH, 5)
  11. Honor Among Enemies (HH, 6)
  12. In Enemy Hands (HH, 7)
  13. Echoes of Honor (HH, 8)
  14. 10.25. In Fire Forged: “An Act of War” (HH, 8.5); a Solarian gets caught in his own web when his plots to scam the Peeps into buying Sol technology backfires)

    10.5. Changer of Worlds: “From the Highlands” (HH, 9.5)

  15. Ashes of Victory (HH, 9)
  16. War of Honor (HH, 10)
  17. 11.5 / 12.5. Crown of Slaves (WoS, 1) This one weaves in and out around with some events taking place before and during War of Honor (Hamish has been adopted; Zilwicki collects the damaging info he’ll use on Georgia in War of Honor). Although, it obviously takes place before Thunderbolt explodes.

  18. Shadow of Saganami Island (SI, 1)
  19. At All Costs (HH, 11)
  20. Storm From the Shadows (SI, 2; takes place during At All Costs)
  21. Torch of Freedom (WoS, 2)
  22. Mission of Honor (HH, 12)
  23. A Rising Thunder (HH, 13)
  24. Shadow of Freedom (SI, 3)
  25. ?? Cauldron of Ghosts (WoS, 3; The Mayan Sector and the Erewhonese are integrating their military forces.)

  26. Shadow of Victory (HH, 13; coming Nov. 1, 2016)
Short Stories That Need Slotting In

Some will fit anywhere, er, -when.

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Timothy Zahn


  1. Cobra (Cobra, 1)
  2. Cobra Strike (Cobra, 2)
  3. Cobra Bargain (Cobra, 3)
  4. Cobra Alliance (Cobra Wars, 1)
  5. Cobra Guardian (Cobra Wars, 2)
  6. Cobra Gamble (Cobra Wars, 3)
  7. Cobra Slave (Cobra Rebellion, 1)
  8. Cobra Outlaw (Cobra Rebellion, 2)

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