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I am not a professional reviewer, and I adore books, and I see reviewing books as a way to “pay” for my addiction to reading. Books are a way of learning more about the world, seeing it from someone else’s perspective, traveling to different places and times, discovering how other people live.

I do try to address the basics, but it usually comes down to what I like or don’t like, which can range from tropes that drive me nuts, stories that have an interesting twist, poor editing, a beautiful way with words, characters whom I adore or despise, how well the author conveyed the sense of the time period, how well the author provided the show versus the tell, and/or if I become irritated with info dumps, ahem.

I only provide honest reviews, so you may not like what I write. And yes, I will post negative reviews if it’s a book I have picked up on my own or through NetGalley. Like I said, I’m honest in my reviews, and if the author believes in his or her book enough to publish it, then they have to accept that not all reviews will be positive.

I believe in authors, and I sympathize with readers. I want to promote the books authors write, and I want to encourage or warn readers. With our economy as it is, many readers don’t have the resources to waste on books they won’t enjoy. If I can help readers to make a better choice on how to spend their money, I will. And it is always up to the reader to choose whether they want to believe what I say.

Every Book Review Includes:

When I review a book, I include:

  • Information on its position within a series
  • A quick hit on who the story revolves around and where the story is based
  • My take, what I think of the story
  • My own summary of the story. I don’t like using the provided book description as I don’t find them accurate all the time nor do I want to waste the space on it — especially since that description already exists *grin*. Unless, I am posting a review for a book provided by an author or author’s agent and that information is part of the promotional material.
  • A list of characters
  • My interpretation of the cover
  • What I believe the title means
  • The title is linked to Goodreads because it provides a central location for readers to choose where to go and purchase the book
  • Other links include references to other books written by the author, series or books of which the author’s writing reminds me

I would appreciate the author or his/her agent provide hard URLs for any graphics they want used for blog tours or launches.

In the future, I plan to include:

  • A link to Amazon to purchase the book
  • The ability to raffle off books, ARCs, contests, etc.

My Book Reviews are Posted To:

I post book reviews to:

I Like to Read:

I enjoy a range of genres as well as a range of target audiences. I also accept self-published or traditionally published books.

Genres and Target Audiences
GENRES Target Audiences
I Accept I Don’t Accept
Adventure Poetry Children’s
Crime / Police procedurals Religious Young adult
Fantasy / Paranormal / Supernatural / Urban fantasy New adult
Fiction Adult
Historical anything
Some horror
Military fiction
Romance, yes, this includes erotica
Science fiction

When Submitting Your Book For Review:

I may not immediately respond to your email request for a number of reasons including my not having read the email yet. I will respond when I can. If it is longer than two weeks, send it again as my Mail program sometimes hiccups.

There is no guarantee I will post your review, as I only post solicited reviews if I can give the book a positive “3” or better; if I rate the book as a negative “3” or less, then I don’t post a review but I do send back a critique.

Acceptable Formats Include:

I accept either a hardcopy or a MOBI format; I do not do PDFs, eBooks, or audio recordings. Once I’ve completed the review (or not), the hardcopy will be either donated to my local library or used as a giveaway on my blog.

The Review Schedule

If you are on a schedule, tell me and I will decide if I can fit a review in for you. There is no guarantee there will be a review posted. That said, the books I read do have a hierarchy: library books and ARCs from NetGalley have precedence. My mood for what I want to read shifts. The number of books in my TBR varies, however, it’s usually in a growth stage. I try to schedule the books as they arrive, which could be anywhere from tomorrow (that mood thing) to months.

Blog Tours

I participate in blog tours, although my review policy on solicited reviews holds true. If I have committed to a date in a blog tour and the review will not be posted, I will include the promotional material on the date for which I signed up.


I would appreciate it if any graphics you wish to have included with the review or the promotional material is in the form of a hard URL(s) (http://www.XXX.ext – either a PNG or JPG file); I do not use images which I have to download.

Guest Posts

I will accept guest posts, subject to my doing a light edit as long as it fits within the idea of my blog which focuses on authors and readers. Please review my Guest Post Policy.

Covers, Teasers, & Trailers

I don’t do covers, teasers, or trailers as they make me nuts when I get them in my inbox. I trash them. I tend to remember the words, and when I do finally receive the ARC, it slows my reading down as I wonder if I’ve already read this. I do like covers as part of the review.

Contact Me

If after all this, you’re still interested in my doing a review, participate in a blog tour, or include a guest post, please submit your request for a book review, blog tour, or a guest post.

Use Review For Promotional Reasons

You’re welcome to use all or part of any review I post for promotional reasons. Just let me know where as it gives me a thrill to know you liked it.

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