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Revised as of 31 July 2017

Properly Punctuated arose from my frustration with the lack of commas!!! Yes, I am a comma queen, but it is so frustrating to have to re-read dialogue and paragraphs, trying to suss out who is speaking and to whom.

I’m fairly laidback at the occasional errors, but the more I read and the more mistakes I find, the more I start to look for them. Hence the Properly Punctuated posts, as I do realize that there are so many rules about punctuation, that a central location would be handy for anyone self-editing their work.

Properly Punctuated is…

…all about the periods, commas, semicolons, colons, parentheses, dashes and hyphens, exclamation and question marks, the apostrophes and quotation marks, slashes, backslashes, and more. The posts also explore how punctuation delineates who is speaking or to whom another character is speaking — and the sarcasm or irony levels, lol. I’ll bet you won’t believe the number of ways a period is used!

Explore the current posts on punctuation which confuse many authors. Explore it and reduce or eliminate them from your own publications. For more detail on the “anatomy” of the properly punctuated, see below

Properly Punctuated Posts:

Ellipsis, …
Em, 2-Em, & 3-Em Dashes,
  —, ——, ———
En Dash, –
Exclamation Mark, !

Hyphen, –

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Anatomy of a Properly Punctuated Post

Punctuation is similar to Formatting Tips and Grammar Explanations with its general definitions and general rules with a TOC of the post contents. It also uses a color hierarchy to organize sub-topics while noting style guide specifics, pertinent rules, and examples of how the punctuation is used.

This list is in no way complete, and I’d love it if you’d send your own suggestions and comments…I don’t necessarily promise to include them, but…

If you know someone who could use some help with their own punctuation questions, consider tweeting it to your friends. Subscribe to KD Did It, if you’d like to track this self-editing aid for future updates.

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