Fun With Your Website

As an author, yeah, you need a website. Even if it’s only one page with information about your book and links to wherever your readers can purchase your book(s). And some of the posts will incorporate information that can be used on an eBook.

The best approach to building your website is to use WordPress.COM IF your site will remain small, and you don’t plan on promoting contests or giveaways…essentially, using any widget, code, or menu that requires Javascript. If you even think that you may want to do anything like this, go with WordPress.ORG. It allows for more customization and the ability to use Javascript as well as access to a wider variety of plugins.

Downloading the WordPress software doesn’t cost anything for the .COM version or the .ORG. Where the cost comes in is the hosting. The is hosted for free on WordPress while the must be hosted with a web host. I’m using and have been incredibly impressed with their customer service. They are the most patient people! And it costs a minimum of $4 per month IF you pay for the year upfront, otherwise it’s about $6 per month. And this price only applies for your first year; after the first year, the price slips back up to the standard monthly fee.

From here on down, the suggestions, ideas, possibilities, and tutorials will be a combination of tutorials and posts that can be used on any site. If it can be used on a site, I’ll let you know.

Incorporating CSS and HTML

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About CSS, HTML, and PHP

Long introductions about origins, purpose, blah-blah-blah annoy me when all I want to do is dive in and create. Click the + if you do want to read about it.

Coding in a Nutshell

Posts on HTML and CSS

The posts are still in their infancy, i.e., there aren’t many of them and most of them are for fun.

Adding a Flourish with Drop Caps

I do love the look of a dropped-cap.

Adding a Flourish with Drop Caps” is strictly fun and explains how to create a dropped-cap, a bit of code you can use on a website or an eBook.

Custom Cursors Grab Attention

You’re already experiencing a custom cursor with the pencil. For more information on cursors explore “Custom Cursors Grab Attention” to learn more about default cursors and the different ways you can incorporate them into your own website.

Proper Positioning for <sub> and <sup>

Footnotes serve as a reference code to attribute the origin of the information 3.

Chemical shorthand comes in very handy when speaking of H2O.

The majority of authors are most likely to use superscripts in their work in the form of footnotes or bibliographic references. Some few will use subscripts for scientific or mathematical references. “Proper Positioning for <sub> and <sup>” explains how to set up the CSS code and using it in your website and/or eBook.