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Author Resources intends to be a one-stop practical research site full of tips, tools, timelines, suggestions, ideas, templates, resources, and more for writers who want or need to know about writing their masterpiece from the ground up, book layouts, covers, publishers (or self-publishing), marketing, and, decoding the mysteries of author websites.

There will be two sections to Author Resources: a freely accessible area for writers interested in self-editing and Put Your Best Book Forward, an upcoming subscription area, which expands upon information in self-editing and goes into greater depths of author interest.

The Free Author Resources, a.k.a., Self-Editing Tools for Writers

The free side of Author Resources has been ongoing for a number of years and includes homepages for:

Additional free author resource pages include:

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Conferences and Convention Opportunities

Conferences & Convention Opportunities is a [not-always updated] list of recurring author and/or publisher gatherings. It’s intended to provide writers a quick glimpse at when what’s happening in what part of the world. Just in case that trip out of town coincides with something happening where you’re going. Opportunities. Tax write-offs. Networking.

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Writing Opportunities

Writing Opportunities is about recurring workshops, events, submission deadlines, and more.

This research along with exploring other aspects of writing and editing is leading to a new section: Author Resources, the public side of which will provide surface information for authors on the process of writing, book layout and covers, publishing, and marketing.

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