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There are two sections to Author Resources: a freely accessible area for authors interested in self-editing (including the Writing Opportunities below) and an upcoming subscription area.

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Ack! It’s too much. There is too much. Too many things to learn, to find! First there’s all the tricks to pay attention to in writing from character and plot arcs to conflict to protagonist vs antagonist, themes, symbolism, WRITING…! Research, style guides, editing,

Then there’s the book layout. Running heads, copyrights, info pages, forewords… Do you need an index? What about a table of contents? Are you doing print? In hardcover or paperback? Which paper binding do you choose? What about eBooks? Which software program is best? How do they compare? The cover! Ack!! The cover. What needs to be on the cover? The back!?!

Publishing-wise, who…what…where…back to that what! Do you need an agent? What are the benefits of self-publishing or traditional publishing? Smashwords? What do you need to consider for yourself, your comfort levels, your book!

Then there’s that marketing thing!? Ick! Are you a passive or assertive marketer? How do you start? For that matter, when do you start? Blogs? Author platforms? Social media? Tweeting…there’s so much…

This is what the subscription-side of Author Resources intends to answer. Just as soon as I get my website and blog merged into one…

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Opportunities for Writers

I’ve been working on a couple of static pages for writers: Conferences & Convention Opportunities and Writing Opportunities.

Conferences and Convention Opportunities

Conferences & Convention Opportunities is a [not-always updated] list of recurring author and/or publisher gatherings. It’s intended to provide writers a quick glimpse at when what’s happening in what part of the world. Just in case that trip out of town coincides with something happening where you’re going. Opportunities. Tax write-offs. Networking.

Writing Opportunities

Writing Opportunities is about recurring workshops, events, submission deadlines…

This research along with exploring other aspects of writing and editing is leading to a new section: Author Resources, the public side of which will provide surface information for authors on the process of writing, book layout and covers, publishing, and marketing.

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